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Neurobiology Program

Neurobiology research at Boston Children's Hospital spans multiple departments and disciplines, integrating basic studies of the nervous system with translational and clinical research endeavors. Researchers are investigating key processes in nervous system development, function and repair, with the primary goal of applying this knowledge to disorders of the nervous system that affect children. Much of their work is carried out in conjunction with the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Center (IDDRC) at Boston Children's, funded by the National Institutes of Health.

The Neurobiology Program at Boston Children’s includes the F.M. Kirby Neurobiology Center faculty and the following researchers from other departments and multidisciplinary programs:

Mark Andermann (BIDMC Endocrinology)
David Clapham (Cardiology)
Kathryn Commons (Anesthesiology)

Mike Costigan (Anesthesiology)
Max Heiman (Genetics and Genomics)

Lou Kunkel (Genetics and Genomics)

Maria Lehtinen (Pathology)
Joe Majzoub (Endocrinology)
Xianhua Piao (Medicine)

Yang Shi (Medicine)
Hanno Steen (Pathology)

Christopher Walsh (Genetics and Genomics)

Tim Yu (Genetics and Genomics)

This vibrant neurobiology community has major ongoing collaborations with the following departments:

•    Division of Genetics and Genomics
•    Developmental Medicine
•    Neuroradiology
•    Psychiatry
•    Anesthesiology
•    Informatics Program
•    Cardiology
•    Pathology
•    Ophthalmology
•    Stem Cell Program

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