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Christian von Hehn MD PhD

Research Fellow

Having graduated from medical school in 2003 at Kiel University, Germany, I worked with Dr. Leonard Kaczmarek. In 2004, I went on to the neuroscience graduate program at Yale University, and received my PhD in 2009 studying nociceptive TRP channels with Dr. Sven Jordt.

Research Interests
I am interested in the interaction between the peripheral nervous system and the immune system during acute and chronic inflammation. Using electrophysiological and imaging methods, my aim is to elucidate signaling molecules and cell types involved in sensory neuronal sensitization and immune cell activation.

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Kaczmarek L.K., Bhattacharjee A., Desai R., Gan L., Song P., von Hehn C.A., Whim M.D., Yang B. Regulation of the timing of MNTB neurons by short-term and long-term modulation of potassium channels. Hear Res. 2005; 206(1-2):133-45.

Bhattacharjee A., von Hehn C.A., Mei X., Kaczmarek L.K. Localization of KNa1.2 (Slick), a novel Sodium-dependent Potassium Channel, in the Rat Central Nervous System. J. Comp. Neurol. 2005; 484(1):80-92.

von Hehn C.A.*, Bhattacharjee A.*, Kaczmarek L.K. Loss of Kv3.1 tonotopicity and alterations in CREB signaling in central auditory neurons of hearing impaired mice. J. Neurosci. 2004; 24(8):1936-40.

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