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Post-Doctoral Fellows

1993-1999            Raymond See
                             Research Consultant, Vancouver, Canada

1994-1996            Ricky Johnstone
                             Associate Professor, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Australia

1995-1996            Tobias Bauknecht
                             CEO, Med. Mol. Diagnostics, Bonn, Germany

1995-1996            Xiaolin Zhang
                             Vice President, AstraZeneca Innovation Center, China

1996-2001            Mary Donohoe
                             Director of Cellular Therapies/Assistant Professor
                             Medical Research Institute/ Weill Cornell Medical College

1997-1998            Muhammed Afaq Shakir
                             Research Fellow, Baylor College of Medicine, TX

1997-1999            Isabelle Dussault
                             Director of Oncology Research, Amgen Inc., Los Angeles

1997-2000            Dominica Calvo
                             Teacher, Spain

1997-2001            Pascale Dufourcq
                             Laboratoire de biochimie, UFR Sciences Pharmaceutiques,
                             Université Victor Ségalen, France

1997-2001            Martin Victor
                             Senior Scientist, Project Leader, EleGene AG, Germany

1998-1999            Rani George
                             Attending Physician, Pediatric Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer

1998-2000            Peng Yin
                             Director, Scientific Affairs, Abbott Laboratories, Chicago

2000-2005            Guangchao Sui
                             Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University

2001                     Julián Cerón
                             Madrigal Bellvitge Institute for Biomedical Research(IDIBELL), Spain

2001-2003            Nathan Wall
                             Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Microbiology Center for Health
                             Disparities and Molecular Medicine, Loma Linda University

2001-2005            Yujiang Shi
                             Assistant Professor, Endocrinology Division, Brigham and Women

2001-2006            El Bachir Affar
                             Assistant Professor, Hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, Montreal

2002-2006            Frederique Gay
                             Scientist, Novartis Biomedical Research Institute, Cambridge, MA

2002-2007            Johnathan Whetstine
                             Assistant Professor of Medicine, MGH East Cancer Center,
                             Harvard Medical School

2003-2008            Peter Mulligan
                             Post-doctoral Fellow MGH, Boston, MA

2003-2011            Huifei Liu

2004-2011            Hank H. Qi
                             Assistant Professor, University of Iowa

2004-2008            Maite Haute
                             Assistant Professor CIMA Institute, University of Navarra, Spain

2006-2012            Shigeki Iwase
                             Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

2007-2011            Xiaodong Li
                             Staff Scientist, Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP, Boston, MA

2007-2012            Nima Mosammaparast
                             Assistant Professor of Pathology and Immunology,
                             Washington University in St. Louis

2009-2011            Sebastian Dango
                             Physician, University Medical Center, Freiburg, Germany

Visiting Researchers

2009                     Dennis Plenker
                             Phd student, Max-Planck-Institute for Neurological Research,
                             Cologne, Germany

2010                     Marco Geigges
                             University of Constance, Germany

2011-2012            Chun Ma
                             Fudan University, China

Research Assistant/Laboratory Managers

1999-2005           Margaret Po-Shan Luke

2010                     Varenka Rodriguez
                             Associate Scientist, Pfizer Inc, Cambridge, MA

Graduate Students

1992-1996            Jeng-Shin Lee
                             Deputy Director, Harvard Gene Therapy Initiative, HMS, Boston, MA

1992-1997            Katherine Galvin
                             Senior Scientist, Millennium Co, Boston, MA

2002-2008            Su Wu
                             Post-doc, Jaenisch Lab Whitehead Institute, Cambridge, MA

2003-2008            Fei Lan
                             Scientist, Constellation Pharma, Cambridge, MA

2005-2011            Amanda Nottke
                             Monitor, CA

Undergraduate Students

2010-2012            Yuying Luo  BS, Harvard University

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