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Lehtinen Laboratory | Data

Here you will find data sets associated with our lab's publications.

Chau, KF, Springel, MW, Broadbelt, KG, Park, H-Y, Topal, S, Lun, MP, Mullan, H, Maynard, T, Steen, H, LaMantia, A-S, Lehtinen, MK, 2015. Progressive differentiation and instructive capacities of amniotic fluid and cerebrospinal fluid proteomes following neural tube closure. Developmental Cell 35, 789–802.

Table S1 - Differentiating AF-CSF proteomes

Table S2 - Differentiating AF proteome

Lun, MP, Johnson, MB, Broadbelt, KG, Watanabe, M, Kang, Y-J, Chau, KF, Springel, MW, Malesz, A, Sousa, AMM, Pletikos, M, Adelita, T, Calicchio, ML, Zhang, Y, Holtzman, MJ, Lidov, HGW, Sestan, N, Steen, H, Monuki, ES, Lehtinen, MK,, 2015. Spatially heterogeneous choroid plexus transcriptomes encode positional identity and contribute to regional cerebrospinal fluid production.  J Neuroscience, 35(12): 4903-4916.

Microarray Data

Mouse e18.5 CSF - Mass Spectrometry Data

ChP Secretome data

Mouse e18.5 ChP-CM Mass Spectrometry Data

RNA-seq data

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