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Kunkel Laboratory | Lab Members

Current Lab Members

Louis Kunkel, PhD

Matthew Alexander, PhD

Matt joined the lab in July 2008. He works on microRNAs 
that are dysregulated in muscular dystrophies. His goal is
 to understand the function of these microRNAs in normal 
and diseased muscle in hopes that manipulating expression 
that can ameliorate muscular dystrophy associated symptoms.
 When not in the lab, he enjoys movies, trivia contests, 
and the occasional run.

Dick Bennett, BSEE, MBA

Dick joined the Kunkel lab in July 1992 as a Research
  Technician I. Since January 2012, he has been 
managing  the Genetics and Genomics Division's IDDRC 
Flow Cytometry Core Facility and the IDDRC Molecular
 Genetics Core Facilities within the Kunkel lab. Before that,
 he was an individual contributor technician in the Kunkel
 lab working on developing diagnostic techniques for
diagnosing, in patients, the molecular causes of 10 types 
of Muscular Dystrophy.

Elicia Estrella, MS, CGC, LGC

Fedik Rahimov, PhD

Marielle Thorne, BS

Ally Eran, PhD

Jamie Marshall, PhD

Angela Lek, PhD

Natassia Vieira, PhD

Jeffrey Widkick, PhD


Lily Rodriguez

Alan Rice

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