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Meet the Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Robert N. Husson, MD (contact Robert Husson)

Research Fellows

Xavier Carette, PhD (contact Xavier Carette)

Xavier received his B. Sc. in Genetics & Microbiology and B. Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille in France. He obtained his PhD degree from the University of Law and Health at Lille, France. During his PhD, he studied the improvement of ethionamide, a second line antituberculous treatment. TB is a very peculiar disease which is not easily diagnosed nor treated. In some cases, with the development of drug resistance strains, we have to use second line compounds which are less effective than first line and bear much more severe side effects. Those effects are dose related so it was proposed to decrease the dose of ethionamide without losing its activity. This is possible because ethionamide is a compound that needs to be activated by the mycobacteria. His research in the molecular pathways in which this activation occurred permitted the development of compromising compounds in collaboration with several leading teams in drug development.

Interested by the molecular mechanisms of metabolism pathways, he decided to pursue his research in the laboratory of Dr Robert Husson as a post doctoral trainee. His research focuses on the study of two Ser/Thr kinases: PknA and PknB. These two essential kinases are highly implicated in regulating cell wall synthesis, cell division, cell envelope lipid synthesis, stress responses and central carbon metabolism. Currently, his goal is to decipher the implication of these two kinases in these pathways using lipidomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics and proteomics in collaboration with leading teams in each platform.

Lakshmi Prasad Potluri, PhD (contact Lakshmi Prasad Potluri)

Atul Singh, PhD (contact Atul Singh)

Ju-Mei Zeng, PhD (contact Ju-Mei Zeng)

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