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Selected Publications

In press

Im, K., Raschle, N.M., Smith, S.A., Grant, P.E., & Gaab, N. (in press). Atypical sulcal pattern in children with developmental dyslexia and at-risk kindergartners. Cerebral Cortex.

Raschle, N.M., Smith S.A., Zuk, J., Dauvermann, M.R., Figuccio, M.J. & Gaab, N. (in press). Investigating the neural correlates of voice versus speech-sound directed information in pre-school children. PLoS ONE.

Shetreet, E., Chierchia, G., & Gaab, N. (in press). Linguistic inability or poor performance: Dissociating scalar implicature generation and mismatch in the developing brain. Developmental Psychology.

Langer, N., Benjamin, C., Minas, J., & Gaab, N. (in press). The neural correlates of reading fluency deficits in children. Cerebral Cortex.


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