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Selected Publications

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In press

Paldino, M.J., Hedges, K., Gaab, N., Galaburda, A.M. & Grant, P.E. (in press). Failure to identify the left arcuate fasciculus at diffusion tractography is a specific marker of language dysfunction in pediatric patients with polymicrogyria. Behavioural Neurology.

Meng, X., You, H., Song, M., Desroches, A.S., Wang, Z., Wei, N., Tian, M., Gaab, N., & Ding, G. (in press). Neural deficits in auditory phonological processing in Chinese children with English reading impairment. Bilingualism: Language Cognition.

Im, K., Raschle, N.M., Smith, S.A., Grant, P.E., & Gaab, N. (in press). Atypical sulcal pattern in children with developmental dyslexia and at-risk kindergartners. Cerebral Cortex.


Langer, N., Benjamin, C., Minas, J., & Gaab, N. (2015). The neural correlates of reading fluency deficits in children. Cerebral Cortex, 25(6): 1441-1453. [View article here.]


Raschle, N.M., Smith S.A., Zuk, J., Dauvermann, M.R., Figuccio, M.J. & Gaab, N. (2014). Investigating the neural correlates of voice versus speech-sound directed information in pre-school children. PLoS ONE, 9(12): e115549. [View article here.]

Shetreet, E., Chierchia, G., & Gaab, N. (2014). Linguistic inability or poor performance: Dissociating scalar implicature generation and mismatch in the developing brain. Developmental Psychology, 50(9): 2264-2275. [View article here.]

Raschle, N. Stering, P.L., Meissner, S. & Gaab, N. (2014). Altered neuronal response during rapid auditory processing and its relation to phonological processing in pre-reading children at familial risk for dyslexia. Cerebral Cortex, 24: 2489-2501. [View article here.]

Zuk, J., Benjamin, C., Kenyon, A., & Gaab, N. (2014). Behavioral and Neural Correlates of Executive Functioning in Musicians and Non-Musicians. PLoS ONE 9(6): e99868. [View article here.]

Shetreet, E., Chierchia, G., & Gaab, N. (2014). When three is not some: On the pragmatics of numerals. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 26(4): 854-863. [View article here.]

Shetreet, E., Chierchia, G. & Gaab, N. (2014). When some is not every: Dissociating scalar implicature generation and mismatch. Human Brain Mapping, 35(4): 1503-1514. [View article here.]


Zuk, J., Ozernov-Palchik, O., Kim, H., Lakshminarayanan, K., Gabrieli, J.D.E., Tallal, P., & Gaab, N. (2013). Enhanced syllable discrimination threshold in musicians. PLOS ONE, 8(12): e80546. [View article here.]

Im, K. Pienaar, R., Paldino, M.J., Gaab, N., Galaburda, A.M. & Grant, P.E. (2013). Quantification and discrimination of abnormal sulcal patterns in polymicrogyria. Cerebral Cortex , 23: 3007-3015. [View article here.]

Saygin, Z., Norton, E., Osher, D., Beach, S., Cyr, A., Ozernov-Palchik, O., Yendiki, A., Fischl, B., Gaab, N., & Gabrieli, J. (2013). Tracking the roots of reading ability: White matter volume and integrity correlate with phonological awareness in pre-reading and early-reading kindergarten children. Journal of Neuroscience, 33(33):13251-13258. [View article here.]

Zuk, J., Andrade, P.E., Andrade, O.V.C.A., Gardiner, M.F. & Gaab, N. (2013). Music, language and reading abilities in early Portuguese readers. Frontiers in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience, 4: 288. [View article here.]


Benjamin, C.F. & Gaab, N. (2012). What’s the story? The tale of reading fluency told at speed. Human Brain Mapping, 33(11): 2572-2585. [View article here.]

Raschle, N., Zuk, J., Ortiz-Manilla, S., Sliva, D.D., Franceschi, A., Grant, E., Benasich, A. & Gaab, N. (2012). Pediatric Neuroimaging in Early Childhood and Infancy: Challenges and Practical Guidelines. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1252: 43-50. [View article here.]

Raschle. N.; Zuk, J. & Gaab, N. (2012). Functional characteristics of developmental dyslexia in left-hemispheric posterior brain regions predate reading onset. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109:2156-61. [View article here.]

Kovelman, I., Norton, E. S., Christodoulou, J. A., Gaab, N., Triantafyllou, C., Lieberman, D. A., Lymberis, J., Wolf, M.,Whitfield-Gabrieli, S., & Gabrieli, J. D. E. (2012). Brain Basis of Phonological Awareness for Spoken Language in Children and Its disruption in dyslexia. Cerebral Cortex, 22:754-64. [View article here.]


You, H., Gaab, N., Wei, N., Cheng-Lai, A., Wang, Z., Jian, J., Song, M., Meng, X., & Ding, G. (2011). Neural deficits in second language reading: fMRI evidence from Chinese children with English reading impairment. Neuroimage, 57(3):760-70. [View article here.]

Raschle, N., Chang, M., & Gaab, N. (2011). Structural brain alterations associated with dyslexia predate reading onset. Neuroimage, 57(3): 742-749. [View article here.]


Benjamin, C., Lieberman, D.A., Chang, M., Ofen, N., Gabrieli, J.D.E., & Gaab, N. (2010). The influence of rest period instruction on the default mode network. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. [View article here.]

Ghosh, S.S., Kakunoori, S., Augustinack, J., Nieto-Castanon, A., Kovelman, I, Gaab, N., Christodoulou, J.A., Triantafyllou, C., Gabrieli, J.D. & Fischl, B. (2010). Evaluating the Validity of Volume-Based and Surface-Based Brain Image Registration for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Studies in Children 4-to-11 Years of Age. Neuroimage, 53 (1): 85-93. [View article here.]


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Schulze, K., Gaab, N., & Schlaug, G. (2009). Perceiving pitch absolutely: comparing absolute and relative pitch possessors in a pitch memory task. BMC Neurosci., 10(1): 106-118. [View article here.]


Gaab, N., Gabrieli, J. & Glover, G. (2008). Resting in peace or noise: scanner background noise suppresses default-mode network. Human Brain Mapping, 29 (7): 858-867. [View article here.]


Gaab, N., Gabrieli, J.D.E., Deutsch, G., Tallal, P., and Temple, E. (2007). Neural correlates of rapid auditory processing are disrupted in children with developmental dyslexia and ameliorated with training: An fMRI study. Restorative Neuroscience and Neurology, 25 (3-4): 295-310. [View article here.]

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