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Ongoing studies

dyslexia reading research

What happens in our brains as we learn how to read?

How can we diagnose dyslexia early on in order to intervene more effectively?

Here at Gaab Lab we are working to shed light on such questions and many more through a variety of ongoing studies.

Our laboratory focuses on developmental cognitive neuroscience. We study cognitive processes such as auditory perception, language or reading and their neurological bases in the developing human brain. The majority of our studies involve functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) but we also employ experimental behavioral studies and structural brain measurement techniques. Our main research areas we investigate right now include:

  • the neural correlates of reading and reading development (e.g.; does learning to read change your brain?)
  • the relationship between auditory processing disorders and reading impairments
  • the neural correlates of auditory and language processing in developmental dyslexia and specific language impairments
  • the development and evaluation of remediation programs for language and reading impairments 

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