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Lab Pictures

In November, we had a lab baby shower for Nadine!

July 1, 2014, marked the Gaab Lab's 7th anniversary, which we celebrated with a picnic at Griggs Park.

Our collaborators, Paulo and Olga Andrade, paid us a visit from Brazil!

The lab enjoyed a goodbye brunch to celebrate Sara and Barbara.

Jenny, Barbara and Danielle at the 2014 CNS meeting

Nadine, Nora and Bryce at the 2014 CNS meeting

March 2013

Jenny and Nora's anatomically correct brain cake!


The Gaab Lab's 4th Anniversary


The Gaab Lab's 2nd Anniversary

Annual Brain Cake

The Gaab lab and friends/family in summer 2008

Maria and Nora at the Dr. M. Judah M. Folkman Research Day

Maria and Nora discussing some cool results!

Joanna and Nadine at the Gaab Lab's 1st anniversary celebration

Maria, Nadine and Monica celebrate the lab's first anniversary.

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