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Lab News

On July 10, Nadine Gaab and John Gabrieli welcomed State Secretary of Education Matthew Malone to discuss their current research on reading disabilities and to discuss educational policy on early identification of children at-risk for language-based learning disabilities. 

Welcome to:

Talia Raney, our new Research Assistant, Aileen Gabriel, our new Northeastern Co-op, and Sara Powers, our Harvard Med Summer Intern.

Congratulations to:

Sara Smith, Ph.D., whom we said goodbye to in May and who will be starting as an Assistant Professor of Human Development at California State University East Bay.

Barbara Peysakhovich, whom we said goodbye to in June and who is starting a Masters program at Universitaet Tuebingen/International Max Planck Research School.

Meaghan Mauer, who worked with us for the past year as our undergrad RA and has now stepped into the role of full-time RA!

Exciting News!

The Gaab Lab has had several publications this year! Please check out our Selected Publications page.

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