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Cowan Laboratory

Douglas B. Cowan, PhD

Title Associate Professor
Institution Boston Children's Hospital
Department Anesthesiology
Address Boston Children's Hospital
Anesthesiology (Enders 312.1)
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston MA 02115
Phone (617) 919-2655

Lab Overview

Our laboratory is developing cell-based therapies to treat heart disease in humans. Currently, we are focused on the following pre-clinical research projects:

  1. engineering autologously-derived tissue to function as a permanent atrioventricular (AV) electrical conduit as an alternative to pacemaker implantation in children with complete heart block
  2. designing methods to expand and direct the differentiation of stem cell populations to determine their regenerative potential for treatment of cardiac disease
  3. assessing non-invasive, imaging modalities to serially track the retention, distribution, and function of transplanted cells in experimental therapeutic trials
  4. transplanting mitochondria to the heart to decrease the extent of damage following a heart attack and enhance functional recovery


 Molecular Biology

Cell Biology 

 Confocal Microscopy

 Cardiac Physiology


 Fluorescence Microscopy


Stem Cell Biology 

 Electron Microscopy

 Cell Culture


 Molecular Imaging

 Optical Surface Mapping

Cardiovascular Surgery

 Tissue Engineering 

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