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Cowan Laboratory

Douglas B. Cowan, PhD

Title Associate Professor of Anaesthesia
Institution Boston Children's Hospital
Department Anesthesiology
Address Boston Children's Hospital
Anesthesiology (Enders 312.1)
300 Longwood Ave 
Boston MA 02115
Phone (617) 919-2655

Lab Overview

Our laboratory studies the cardiovascular system with an emphasis on combining tissue engineering and stem cell biology to improve heart function.

Current projects in our laboratory include the following:

  • Cardiac Conduction through Engineered Tissue – We are engineering tissues to act as electrical conduits for use in pediatric patients with complete heart block. Ultimately, we hope to provide a realistic alternative or accessory treatment to conventional cardiac pacemaker implantation in children.
  • Adult Stem Cell Culture – We are developing methods to expand and control the fate of tissue-specific stem cells to determine their regenerative potential for the treatment of cardiac and skeletal muscle disorders. Our studies are designed to advance cell-based therapies for a variety of human diseases.
  • Mitochondrial Transplantation – This collaborative project is focused on providing a clinically-relevant treatment for myocardial infarction in adults. Accordingly, we and our colleagues are injecting autologous mitochondria into the heart to decrease the extent of damage and enhance functional recovery.


 Molecular Biology

Cell Biology 

 Confocal Microscopy

 Cardiac Physiology


 Fluorescence Microscopy


Stem Cell Biology 

 Electron Microscopy

 Cell Culture


 Protein Chemistry

 Optical Surface Mapping

Cardiovascular Surgery

 Tissue Engineering 

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