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Lab Members

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Daniel Chinnapen, PhD 
Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Affiliated: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry

Current Chinnapen Lab members:

Elisha Fielding, PhD – Senior Scientist
Ph.D. – Boston College
Postdoctoral Fellowship - Scripps Institute, CA

Michele Pacheco – Research Assistant
BS, Biochemistry - Northeastern University, MA

Paul Mykos – COOP Research Assistant

Valerie Kahkezian – Harvard University Student

Daniel Maria Garcia-Castillo, PhD – Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD, Molecular & Cellular Biology - Institut Curie, France

Xiaoling Chen – Research Assistant
BS - University of Massachusetts

Former group members

Alexander Losher – Research Technologist
MS, Chemistry - Belarus State University

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