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Bischoff Laboratory | Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Joyce Bischoff, Ph.D


Lan Huang, PhD

Colette Bichsel, PhD

Yi Ji, MD, PhD

Jill Wylie-Sears, M.A.

Lab Alumni



 Years  Name and Degree
Position in Lab Current Position
1991 - 1992
 Andrew Budson, MD
 Medical Student
Professor of Neurology,
Boston University Medical Center, Boston, MA
1993 - 1996
 Birgit Kraling, PhD
 Post-doc Business Analyst/Project Manager,
Roche Diabetes Care, Mannheim, FRG
1995 - 1998
 Jianying Luo, PhD
 Post-doc Staff Applications Specialist, GeXP Applications, 
Sciex Separations, Irving, CA
1995 - 1996
 Maria J. Razon, MD
Senior thesis
Harvard College
Physician, Internal Medicine,
Ruskin, FL
1998 - 2004
 Ying Yu, PhD
Post-doc CEO and Founder, CardioPrecision Limited,
Scotland, United Kingdom
1999 - 2000
 Sunjay Kaushal, MD, PhD Post-doc Associate Professor of Surgery, Director, Pediatric
Cardiac Surgery, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD
2000 - 2001
 Ehrin J. Armstrong, MD
Medical Student
HMS thesis
Director, Interventional Cardiology, Denver VA, CO 
2000 - 2001  Tara Sander, PhD Post-doc Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Medical College of Wisconsin,
Milwaukee, WI
2001 - 2003  You Mie Lee, PhD Post-doc Associate Professor, Dean, College of Pharmacy,  
Kyungpook National University, South Korea 
2001 - 2005  Xiao Wu, MD, PhD Post-doc Physician, Boston, MA
2004  Sarah Psutka, MD
Medical Student
Urologist, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
2004 - 2006  Tatianna Bartch
Senior thesis
Harvard College
Pathology Residency, Johns Hopkins University 
School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
2004 - 2007  Zia Khan, PhD
Post-doc Associate Professor, Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
University of Western Ontario, Canada
2004 - 2006  Sailaja Paruchuri, PhD
Post-doc Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Akron,
Akron, Oh . 
2004- 2007  Jeong-Hee Yang, PhD Post-doc Research Professor, University of Ulsan, Seoul, Korea
2005 - 2008  Juan Melero-Martin, PhD Post-doc Assistant Professor, Cardiac Surgery,
Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School,
Boston, MA 
 Arnaud Picard, MD Post-doc Professor, Staff Surgeon, Hospital d’enfants Armand-Trousseau,
Universite Paris, France 
2007 - 2008  Ellen De Obaldia Undergraduate
Senior thesis
Harvard College
Post-doctoral fellow, Rockefeller University, NY, NY  
2007 - 2010  Shoshana Greenberger, 
 MD, PhD
Post-doc Assistant Professor, Staff Physician,
Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel
2007-2012  Patrick Allen Graduate Student  Test Engineer, Integra Life Sciences
2008-2013   Kyu-Tae Kang, PhD Post-doc Assistant Professor, Duksung Women's University, Seoul, S. Korea
2008-2010  Nasreena Bashir, PhD Post-doc Assistant Professor, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia
2009 - 2010
 Camille L. Stewart, MD Medical Student
Sarnoff Fellowship
Resident In General Surgery, Sarnoff Fellowship
University of Colorado, Denver, CO
2010 - 2012  David Smadja, PhD Post-doc   Associate Professor, Paris Descartes University, Paris, France
2010 - 2013  Daniel Lee, MD Graduate Student  Hematology/Oncololgy Fellowship, NIH
2010 - 2013   Kayle Shapero Graduate Student  Medical Student, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA
2012-2015  Guillem Casanovas, PhD   Post-doc  Post-doc, Columbia University Medical Center, NY, NY
2013-2014  Maria Gnarra, MD  Graduate Student   Post-doc, Columbia University Medical Center, NY, NY
2013-2014   Matt Peacock  Graduate Student  Medical Student, Boston University, Boston, MA
2006-2014  Elisa Boscolo, PhD  Post-doc/
 Assistant Professor, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Cincinnati, OH


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