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Molecular Medicine Research

Research in the Division of Molecular Medicine focuses on the manipulation of genes and proteins to create novel therapies for inherited disorders and acquired and infectious diseases. Current projects include:
  • Studies of the mechanism and control of processes critical to antigen-receptor diversity in Fredrick Alt's laboratory.
  • Studies of the structures of viral proteins that mediate entry into cells in Stephen Harrison's laboratory.
  • Investigations of the feasibility of gene transfer for treating certain inherited diseases involving hematopoietic cells and for anti-cancer therapies targeting the tumor vasculature in Richard Mulligan's laboratory.

Featured researchers in the Division of Molecular Medicine hold faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School.

Latest Research in Molecular Medicine:

Frederick Alt, PhD
Genomic instability
Bing Chen, PhD
Molecular mechanisms of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) entry
Philip R Dormitzer, MD, PhD
Rotavirus infection
Stephen Harrison, PhD
Viral structure
Richard Mulligan,PhD Gene transfer
Thorsten Schlaeger,PhD Stem Cell Program
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