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Jon Hubbard MD, PhD


College: University of Arkansas

Graduate: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Phd in Pharmacology

Medical School: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine

Residency: Boston Children's Hospital Combined Residency

Research Mentor: Richard Blumberg, MD

Research: The roles and mechanisms of IgG processing in regulating innate and adaptive immune responses in the intestines, and how these processes can contribute to local and systemic autoinflammatory diseases such as Crohn's and Reheumatoid Arthritis.

Awards: Chancellor's Scholarship, University of Arkansas; Maurer Fellowship for Physics Research, University of Arkansas; Phi Beta Kappa Society induction; SILO Advisory Council Undergraduate Research Fellowship, University of Arkansas; Sturgis Honors Scholars Undergraduate Research Grant, University of Arkansas; Eagle Scout Award; National Eagle Scout Scholarship


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2. Hubbard JJ, Wild T, Yang J, Lempicki RA, Wahl SM, Asmuth DM, Murphy RL, Pollard RB, Kottilil S. Host gene expression changes correlating with anti-HIV-1 effects in human subjects after treatment with Pegylated interferonalpha 2a. The Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2012 Mar; 205(9): 1443-1447. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 22454462.

3. Hubbard JJ, James LP. Complications and outcomes of brown recluse spider bites in children. Clinical Pediatrics. 2011 Mar; 30(3): 252-258. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 21307081.

4. Hubbard JJ, Laurenzana EM, Williams DK, Gentry WB, Owens SM. The fate and function of therapeutic anti-addiction monoclonal antibodies across the reproductive cycle of rats. The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. 2010 Oct; 336(2): 414-422. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 20962030.

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