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Gastroenterology and Nutrition Research

The basic research program focuses on the study of epithelial cell function and mucosal immunology in infection, inflammation, host defense, and development of the gastrointestinal tract.
We address three related fields: 1) epithelial cell and developmental biology, 2) innate and acquired mucosal immunology, and 3) microbial pathogenesis and host-microbe symbiosis.

Our research focus reflects the emerging concepts that the cellular and molecular biology of the polarized epithelium, and its dynamic relationship with the mucosal environment and the immune system, defines much of the physiology and pathophysiology of the intestine.

Our group is located in the Gastrointestinal Cell and Mucosal Immunology Biology laboratories of the Enders Research building.

The clinical research program focuses on: 1) intestinal and nutritional epidemiology, 2) outcomes research, 3) inflammatory bowel disease, and 4) motility and “functional” disorders. We have smaller programs in liver, celiac, and some clinical trials of novel therapeutics.

The NIDDK-funded P30 Harvard Digestive Diseases Center grant is based in the GI divisions at Children's and Brigham and Women's Hospital with Drs. Lencer and Blumberg as Directors.

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