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Endocrinology Research

The Division of Endocrinology comprises more than 50 basic science and clinical researchers who are attempting to unravel the genetic and biochemical underpinnings of the endocrine system. They are investigating:

  • New means for preventing premature births
  • Improved methods of diabetes management
  • Obesity control
  • New treatments for growth and development disorders


Featured researchers in the Division of Endocrinology hold faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School.

Latest Research in Endocrinology:

Gerard Berry, PhD Metabolism Program
Sudha Biddinger, MD, PhD Diabetes and Atherosclerosis
Laurie Cohen, MD Endocrine sequelae of cancer
Catherine Gordon, MD, MSc Bone density
Joel Hirschhorn, MD, PhD Obesity genetics, Complex trait genetics
Nada Kalaany, PhD Mechanisms of obesity/type 2 diabetes and cancer
Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD Bioinformatics
David Ludwig, MD, PhD Obesity
Joseph Majzoub, MD Neuroendocrinology
Daniel J. Nigrin, MD, MS Informatics
Umut Ozcan, MD The molecular biology of ER stress and its relation to insulin and leptin resistance.
Nicholas Stylopoulos Metabolism, Diabetes, Weight regulation, Novel therapeutics for metabolic diseases
Morris White, PhD Molecular biology of diabetes
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