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Areas of Focus


Cynthia Adams, MD

Soft tissue infections, Ultrasound

Richard Bachur, MD

Appendicitis, Pneumonia, UTI, Clinical Prediction Rules

Marc Baskin, MD

Infectious diseases, Febrile infants, Apparent Life Threatening Events (ALTE)

Florence Bourgeois, MD, MPH

Pediatric drug approval and regulation, Validity and bias in biomedical evidence

Marisa Brett-Fleegler, MD

Medical education, Simulation, Debriefing, Trauma team training

Michelle Burns, MD, MPH

Pediatric toxicology, Pharmacogenomics

Andrew Capraro, MD

Information technology

Vincent Chiang, MD

Inpatient services, quality improvement

Sarita Chung, MD

Pediatric disaster preparedness response, EMS

Kate Dorney, MD

Cervical spine injuries, Trauma, Simulation, Medical Education

Karen Dull, MD


Matthew Eisenberg, MD

Concussion, Quality improvement, Sepsis and video laryngoscopy, Airway management

Karen Farbman, MD

Anaphylaxis, Network Education Series, Network Simulation Training

Andrew Fine, MD, MPH

Epidemiology, Clinical prediction models, Retail health clinics, Clinical decision support, Quality improvement, Use of novel data sources to improve clinical prediction, Clinical decision analysis

Eric Fleegler, MD, MPH

Social determinants of health, Health IT for chronic disease management, Injury prevention, Firearms, Disparities in health, Geographic information systems

Megan Hannon, MD

Cervical spine injury(PHIS Cervical spine injury), Decision analysis (Cervical spine injury in blunt trauma), Medical education

Marvin Harper, MD

Information technology

Bruce Horwitz, MD

Inflammation, appendicitis, sepsis

Joel Hudgins, MD

 Quality Improvement, Large Databases, Knowledge Translation, Conflicts of Interest and Drugs

Amir Kimia, MD

Acute neurologic syndromes, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Retrospective studies, Data mining, Injury Prevention (collaborative)

Baruch Krauss, MD, EdM

Procedural sedation, Non-pharmacological management of acute anxiety and pain, Capnography

Lois Lee, MD, MPH

Pediatric trauma care, Injury prevention, Disparities in medicine, General Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Effectiveness of Public Policy and Medicine

Jason Levy, MD, RDMS

Point-of-care Ultrasound, Dehydration and rehydration, ED efficiency and flow

Joyce Li, MD, MPH

Input into pediatric emergency departments, Pediatric interfacility transfers, Relationship between PCP and Peds ED

Galina Lipton, MD

Shared decision making, Incorporating families/parents’ preferences into decision making in the pediatric ED

Todd Lyons, MD

Aseptic Meningitis, Lyme Disease, Skull Fractures, Status Epilepticus, HSV, Febrile Infants, Health Information Exchange

Kenneth Mandl, MD, MPH

Biomedical informatics, Population health informatics, Creating an App Store for Health model of EHRs (, Large-scale multi-site networked, EHR-based research across dozens of hospitals, Big data projects across massive payor datasets, Medication management, Study of hepatitis C therapies, Pharmacogenomics

Rebekah Mannix, MD, MPH

Trauma, Intracranial injury

Elliot Melendez, MD

Severe sepsis and shock, Quality improvement Science, Diversity recruitment and retention

Michael Monuteaux, ScD

Research methodology, Intentional injury/abuse, Firearm injuries

Joshua Nagler, MD

Advances airway management, Medical education

Kyle Nelson, MD, MPH


Mark Neuman, MD, MPH

Pneumonia, Large databases, Variation in ED care

Michelle Niescierenko, MD

Trauma, Global Health, Humanitarian Aid, Medical Education in the Resource Limited Setting, Resuscitation Training, Emergency  Care Setting Infection Control, Public Health and Emergency Care 

Lise Nigrovic, MD, MPH

Meningitis, Lyme disease, Minor blunt head trauma, Clinical prediction rules

Catherine Perron, MD

Patient Safety, Faculty Performance, Informing Practice: Diagnostic Accuracy, Revisits (Bounce), Case Review (M&M) 

Rachel Rempell, MD

Emergency ultrasound, disparities in healthcare

Sara Schutzman, MD

Head trauma, Predictors of intracranial injury

Sonal Shah, MD

Pneumonia, Diagnostic utilization, Simulation

Anne Stack, MD

Quality improvement, Variation in care, Disparities in care

Rebecca Vieira, MD, RDMS

Emergency ultrasound, Medical education

Mark Waltzman, MD

Resource utilization, technology applications/introduction of new technologies in the ED, operational improvements

Debra Weiner, MD, PhD

Technology Development and Integration of Technology into Medical Education and Patient Care, Disaster Medicine, Simulation Training, ED Utilization, Access to Care, Personalized Medicine for PEM patients, Sickle Cell, Croup 

Sarah Wingerter, MD

Urinary tract infection, pneumonia




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