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Radiology Research

In the Department of Radiology at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), research is focused on innovative radiological imaging aimed at providing the highest quality health care. Research imaging has developed unprecedented capabilities to probe the mechanisms that underlie disease, new imaging techniques that enhance the detection and characterization of disease, and innovative interventions for the treatment of disease. Our research activities span a broad spectrum—from fundamental contributions in basic science through translational research that has brought innovations into everyday practice, to clinical research that is revolutionizing our ability to prevent, diagnose, treat and monitor disease. Research projects sponsored by the members of our Department are numerous. Featured researchers in the Department of Radiology hold faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School.

Research facilities:

Latest Research in Radiology

Ahmad Alomari, MBBS  Interventional Radiology
Stephen D. Brown, MD Ethics and Professionalism
Gulraiz Chaudry, MD  Interventional Radiology
Jason Dearling, PhD  Biomolecules to detect, describe and treat tissue disease 
Judy Estroff, MD Ultrasonography
Frederic Fahey, ScD Pediatric application of PET, SPECT
Ali Gholipour Baboli, PhD Radiology
P. Ellen Grant, MD Newborn Medicine, Radiology

Frederick D. Grant, MD

Pediatric oncology, Neuroendocrine tumor imaging and therapy, Small animal molecular imaging
Edward Y. Lee, MD, MPH MDCT and MRI for pediatric pulmonary imaging
Robert Mulkern, PhD Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, spectroscopy
Darren B. Orbach, MD, PhD Cerebral electromagnetic activity, encephalographic functional magnetic resonance imaging (efMRI)
Alan Packard, PhD Radiopharmaceutical development
Harriet J. Paltiel, MD Ultrasound
Tina Young Poussaint, MD Neuroimaging
Sanjay Prabhu, MBBS 
Raja Shaikh, MD  Vascular anomalies, interventional oncology 
Catherine Stamoulis, PhD   
Ralph Suarez, PhD Radiology
Sridhar Vajapeyam, PhD MR image and data processing, brain tumors and diffusion

Stephan Voss, MD, PhD

Neuroblastoma imaging
Valerie L. Ward, MD, MPH Pediatric body imaging, healthcare services
Simon K. Warfield, PhD Medical image analysis
Shaohui Zhang, PhD  Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Research 
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