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Orthopedic Surgery Research

For more than a century, orthopedic surgeons and investigators at Boston Children's Hospital have played a vital role in the field of musculoskeletal research, pioneering treatment approaches and major advances in the care and treatment of ailments such as scoliosis, polio, tuberculosis, hip dysplasias and traumas to the hand and upper extremities.

Our pioneering research helps answer the most pressing questions in pediatric orthopedics today—providing children with the most innovative care available.

The Orthopedic Center takes great pride in our basic science and clinical research leaders, who are recognized throughout the world for their respective achievements. Our orthopedic research team includes

  • five full-time basic scientists
  • 28 clinical investigators
  • a team of research coordinators and statisticians

Clinical Effectiveness Research Center

The Clinical Effectiveness Research Center (CERC) helps coordinate research and clinical trials to improve the quality of life for children with musculoskeletal disorders. This collaborative clinical research program is unique in the nation and plays an instrumental role in establishing—for the first time—evidence-based standards of care for pediatric orthopedic patients throughout the world.

Major areas of focus for the CERC include

Orthopedic Basic Science Laboratories

Working in our basic science laboratories are some of the leading musculoskeletal researchers in the nation. Our orthopedic labs include

Latest Research in Orthopedic Surgery



Matthew Harris, PhD

Orthopedics: skeletal development

Peter V. Hauschka, Ph.D.

Orthopedics: molecular and cellular processes of bone growth

James Kasser, MD

Orthopedics: Limb fracture

Lyle Micheli, MD

Orthopedics: sports medicine

Martha Murray, MD

Orthopedics: sports medicine

Frederic Shapiro, MD

Orthopedics: bone deformities

Matthew Warman, MD

Orthopedics: structure and function of tissues and organs

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