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Neurology Research

The goal of the Department of Neurology is to develop programmatic areas of relevance to the developing brain and to integrate clinical and basic neuroscience. Research areas within our department include clinical departments:

  • Developmental Neurophysiology Laboratory (through the Division of Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology)
  • Electromyography (EMG) Laboratory
  • Neuromuscular Program
  • Center for Pediatric Epilepsy Research (through the Division of Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology)


Basic science research primarily takes place within the laboratories of the Division of Neuroscience and in the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC).

Featured researchers in the Department of Neurology hold faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School.

Latest Research in Neurology

Irina Anselm, MD Mitochondrial disorders and general neurology
David Bellinger, PhD CNS toxicity
Chinfei Chen, MD, PhD Synaptic plasticity
Gabriel Corfas, PhD Neuron-glia interactions and their roles in development and disease
Michael Costigan, PhD Pain and regeneration
Basil Darras, M.D. Neuromuscular disorders
Michael Do, PhD Regulation of physiology and behavior by light
Elizabeth Engle, MD Congenital eye movement disorders
Michela Fagiolini, PhD Experience-dependent visual plasticity; neurodevelopmental disorders, including Rett syndrome
Zhigang He, PhD, BM Axon regeneration
Xi He, PhD Cell-cell communication; early nervous system development; Wnt family of secreted morphogens and signaling; cancer; skeletal and neurologic diseases
Takao Hensch, PhD Critical periods in brain development
Frances Jensen, MD Epileptogenesis, Neonatal seizures, Perinatal Brain Injury
Peter Kang, MD Genetics of neuromuscular disorders
Walter Kaufmann, MD Rett syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, Down syndrome and other genetic disorders associated with intellectual disability and autism
Sanjeev Kothare, MD Neurology
Carole Landisman,PhD Electrical and chemical signaling in the thalamus and cortex
Alan Leviton, MD Epidemiology of brain damage in preterm newborns
Tobias Loddenkemper, MD Outcome in status epilepticus, epileptic encephalopathies
Scott Pomeroy, MD, PhD Molecular and cellular biology of brain tumors
Michael Rivkin, MD Cognitive disorders and brain development
Paul Rosenberg, MD, PhD Physiology and pathology of glutamate transporters in the central nervous system; molecular mechanisms of brain injury; mechanisms of homeostatic sleep regulation
Alexander Rotenberg, MD, PhD Noninvasive brain stimulation; traumatic brain
Mustafa Sahin, MD, PhD Axon development and neurologic disease
Thomas Schwarz, PhD Neurotransmitter secretion, membrane trafficking, synapse development, axonal transport; Parkinson's disease
Janet Soul, MD Brain injury in premature infants
Beth Stevens, PhD Neuron-glia signaling, synapse development, and plasticity
Nicole J. Ullrich, MD, PhD Dr. Ullrich?s research focuses on the neurologic effects of neurofibromatosis, systemic cancer and brain tumor treatment in children, and on translating her findings into cutting-edge therapies for this vulnerable population.
Joseph Volpe, MD Brain injury in premature infants
Clifford Woolf MB, BCh, PhD Pain, Formation of neural circuits, Regeneration
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