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Anesthesia Clinical Research Unit

Mission Statement

The Anesthesia Clinical Research Unit is committed to supporting the hospital’s mission for world changing research, one study at a time. We strive to be the leading source of research and discovery for anesthesiology, perioperative and pain medicine. Our work is characterized by the joint values of efficiency, ethics, and excellence.

ACRU Model

The Integrated Clinical Research Team Model was developed in 2009 at Boston Children’s Hospital in order to create the necessary infrastructure for the Anesthesia Clinical Research Unit (ACRU). The model provides the framework to guide an integrated research team in conducting excellent, ethical, and efficient clinical research. The Integrated Clinical Research Team Model was founded on three cornerstones: interdisciplinary collaboration, communication, and research integrity.

Anesthesia Clinical Research Unit Director: Izabela C Leahy, RN, BSN, MS

Anesthesia Clinical Research Unit Clinical Coordinator : Vanessa Young, RN, BA

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