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Internal Funding Opportunities

Boston Children’s Hospital: Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine: 

The Anesthesia Executive Research Committee

In January, 2012 the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine formed The Anesthesia Executive Research Committee (AERC). The AERC is composed of a group of faculty with a variety of expertise and research interests and is charged with directing efforts to improve and strengthen research endeavors of the department.  The members are charged with examining research activities, providing guidance and recommendations for future work, and rendering its professional judgment about the quality and importance of contributions from research programs of clinical departments at Boston Children’s Hospital—specifically with a focus on clinical and basic research in neuroscience. 

A priority of the Committee is to increase communication and collaboration between members of the department and to enhance the research experience and training of junior faculty and postdoctoral fellows.  Two initiatives are currently being pursued: first, periodic monthly research presentations and meeting are being organized, and second, a funding mechanism is being established to seed research projects. 

To allow to fund smaller projects and as a seed money Dr. Hickey committed $250,000 annually.

The Committee is currently seeking applications for funding of research projects and pilot studies.  The goal of funding is to improve knowledge relevant to the practice of Anesthesiology, Perioperative Medicine, Pain Medicine, and Critical Care with the primary purpose of fostering the growth of research within the department.  This funding is aimed at projects that will yield data suitable for presentation at national and international meetings, peer-reviewed publication, and provide data for NIH or Foundation award applications.

Executive Research Committee Members



Adrienne G. Randolph, MD.

Critical Care Medicine

Charles B. Berde, MD, PhD.

Pain Medicine, Perioperative Anesthesia

Constance S.  Houck, MD.

Perioperative Anesthesia

Daniel S. Kohane, MD, PhD.

Perioperative Anesthesia, Critical Care Medicine

David Borsook, MD.

Pain Medicine

Douglas Cowan, PhD.

Cardiac Anesthesia, Anesthesiology

Gregory P.  Priebe, MD.

Critical Care Medicine

James DiNardo, MD.

Cardiac Anesthesia

John H. Arnold, MD.              

Critical Care Medicine, Perioperative Anesthesia

Kathryn  G.Commons, PhD.

Pain Medicine 

Mary Ellen McCann, MD, MPH.

Perioperative Anesthesia

Robert C.  Tasker, MBBS, MD.

Critical Care Medicine, Neurology, Anesthesia

Robert D, Truog, MD.

Critical Care Medicine, Perioperative Anesthesia

Sulpicio G. Soriano, II, MD.

Perioperative Anesthesia


Kathryn Commons, PhD.

Robert Tasker, MBBS, MD.


Pain Medicine

Critical Care Medicine, Neurology, Anesthesia

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