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Introduction to Longitudinal Analysis

As part of the Clinical Research Center’s Design and Analysis Education Series, this four-lecture and lab course will allow participants to better evaluate literature and interpret analyses of longitudinal data.  Topics will include:

  • An understanding of when to use different models
  • An understanding of testable hypotheses in longitudinal data

Target Audience: Junior faculty, fellows and nurse investigators who desire further knowledge of introductory biostatistics. Participants should have completed Linear
Regression and Introductory Biostatistics courses. The lab portion of the course will use SAS. 

Lectures/Labs: Thursdays, Junes 8 -June 29, 2017 (4 sessions)

Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm

Where: Training Room 8, One Autumn Street

Registration will be open 3 months prior to start of course.

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