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Scope of Services

The CRIT provides IT services to a wide variety of clinical investigators, core program and administrative groups. The team offers both standard and non-standard services.

Standard services include systems for clinical trials data management, subject randomization, Web-based survey research and study coordination. We also provide data warehousing for enhanced analytics as well as content management support to facilitate study Web site creation (see below).

Free informatics consultation is always available. Custom software applications development is offered too, but must be pre-approved through ISD channels. Please contact the CRIT for more information regarding software development activities.

Team Collaboration Workspaces

  • Products: Microsoft Sharepoint Services

  • The CRIT will assist teams in the design and development of SharePoint team sites for conducting clinical research. This may include constructing custom Web pages, lists and Web parts to facilitate research operations or integrate pre-existing parts or services.

Patient Recruitment Tools and Web Sites

  • Products: BCH Connect, BCH Content Management System, Checkbox Solutions™, BCH CHQuery

  • The CRIT has several products and services that may be employed separately or in concert to increase patient recruitment and retention. These include patient recruitment Web sites, clinical data warehouse queries and prescreening, volunteer registries.

Randomization Schemes and Software

  • Products: CHB Scientific Randomization System (SciRan)

  • The CRIT provides full support of software used to create and distribute randomization schemes. Based on project requirements, the team will author custom reports or views of data to research teams, as well as integrate randomization methods directly into EDC/CDMS technologies for real-time clinical operational support.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Clinical Data Management Systems (CDMS)

  • Products: Phase Forward InForm ITM™, REDCap, Internal Systems

  • The CRIT will implement systems, in collaboration with the Clinical Research Program, using standard BCH EDC software technologies. These systems provide full data management functionality to collect, manage and report data on IRB-approved research protocols.

Web Surveys

  • Products: Checkbox Solutions™, REDCap Survey

  • The CRIT will implement systems, in collaboration with the BCH Survey Core, using Web-based software. This software permits investigators to safely collect data from participants over the Internet or through secure kiosks in the clinic setting.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

  • Products: Business Objects Enterprise, Microsoft Reporting Services, I2B2, SAS, Oracle Systems

  • The CRIT team will assist directly or indirectly with providing tools and technologies that facilitate the data extraction, transformation and loading of research data for discovery, archival or analysis.


  • The CRIT offers free consulting services to BCH investigators. The team will assist with technology evaluations, developing system integration strategies and grant proposal authorship.

Custom Applications Development

  • Supported by institutional, departmental or externally grant funded research, the CRIT is available to architect and develop custom Web, Windows or Smart Client applications for specific research and informatics projects.
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