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Clinical Research Center

The Clinical Research Center actively supports one of the core missions of Boston Children’s Hospital, to be the leading source of research and discovery. The CRC directly contributes to the advancement of science and patient care and changes in clinical practice by focusing on clinical research methodology; assisting investigators at BCH with research project initiation and implementation; resources in the CTSU for the conduct of clinical research visits and ancillary services; education on research methods and practices. At the CRC, we have biostatisticians, project managers, research specialists, clinical trials specialists, research coordinators and highly skilled nurses and nurse project managers who work every day to facilitate the many research needs of the BCH community.

Thank you for your interest and please let us know if you have any questions by sending them here:

Request Services from the CRC

The CRC, CRIT (Clinical Research IT), Research Pharmacy and the Department of Psychiatry (Behavioral Science) offers free one-hour consultations from expert staff. We can help guide and direct you if you have a research question or other general clinical research inquiry.

We can also help if you already know the services that you need from one of our cores (biostatistics, survey methodology, health economics, project management, data or study coordination or access to our patient care unit) and would like to develop a scope of work and budget.

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Behavioral Science Core

Research Pharmacy

Of Interest

CRC Annual Report Fiscal Year 2014

CRC Spring Newsletter 2015

Clinical Research Road Map

Clinical Research Coordinator Handbook

Harvard Catalyst Project Management Services

Subsidized hours for Junior Investigators (Assist. Prof. and below) are now available; guidelines below*:

Project Management and Study Coordinator Services
(a mix of RN project manager, non-RN project manager, data manager and study coordinator)

1. Junior Investigators eligible, used only once; 200 hrs of both project management and study coordinator hours, up to 1 year. Please click here for more info.


Note: Data Management Only requests will always be funded by investigator. If paired with a study coordinator or project manager, then the investigator is eligible ; we do not support data entry only requests with study coordinator support

Behavioral Science Core

Housed within the Department of Psychiatry Program in Behavioral Science, directed by Deborah Waber, Ph.D. and co-directed by Michelle Bosquet Enlow, Ph.D., this core will provide two kinds of service: behavioral science consultation for investigators who wish to include behavioral outcomes on grants, protocols and manuscripts; and psychometrician services to collect data for protocols that have neuropsychological, psychiatric, psychological or other behavioral outcomes. Click here for billing rates.

Research Practice Guidelines (RPGs)

Learn more about developing randomization procedures, writing a study protocol or useful guidelines for data collection. Click here. See what others are saying…

“I stumbled on to your website Research Practice Guidelines (the power of google). I must say I am very impressed. I have only looked closely at the Guideline for Developing Randomization Procedures, but this is the first time I have seen such a thorough guideline on this subject. Thank you!" Kathy Williams, Biostatistician & Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

The CRC Education Core

The CRC Education Core has a new email address: Education Core Be on the look-out for announcements about upcoming courses and events. Click here for a current course list.

Clinical Research Database and Web Survey Technologies Tool

Check out the new Clinical Research Database and Web Survey Technologies Tool. Contact Mohamad Daniar with more questions.

About Us

The Clinical Research Center (CRC) at Boston Children's Hospital is an interdisciplinary, academic and service research center that provides assistance and education to the clinical research community at Children's.

Within the Clinical Research Center there are four separate but interrelated cores

  • Design and Analysis Core;
  • Clinical Research Education Core;
  • Development and Operations Core; and
  • Clinical and Translational Study Unit.

Clinical research is scientific investigation that is conducted with human subjects or on material of human origin such as tissues, specimens, cognitive phenomena or other data for which an investigator directly interacts with human subjects or for which material can be directly linked to an identifiable, living individual. Clinical research includes patient-oriented, community, and population-based research studies.

Center Mission

To be a state-of-the-art, dynamic, and integrated clinical research center that provides leadership, infrastructure, and resources to support patient-oriented research studies.

The mission of The Clinical Research Center is to promote excellence and quality in clinical research methods, to encourage best practices in clinical study implementation, and to empower investigators to conduct high quality independent research.


  • Scientific Leadership: To provide scientific leadership and expertise on the design, conduct, analysis, and reporting of clinical research studies.
  • Education and Training: To provide education, training and mentoring to the clinical researcher community on clinical research methods and study implementation best practices.
  • Scientific Collaboration and Consultation: To serve as active scientific collaborators with hospital research initiatives and provide consultation services and/or collaboration in support of the design, conduct, analysis and reporting of clinical research studies.
  • Research: To conduct independent research that serves to innovate and advance methodology in statistical design and analysis, survey and data collection methods, electronic data capture methods, and clinical research information technology.
  • Integration: To provide a formal interdisciplinary home that links faculty members from the Center with various Departments and Divisions throughout the Hospital.
  • Growth: To assist Departments and Divisions throughout the Hospital in recruiting and mentoring faculty members who are engaged in clinical research.
  • Professional development: To support the professional development of our faculty and staff so that they may develop their skills and advance their careers,

The Clinical Research Center is committed to ensuring standardized and consistent best practices in clinical research methods, study conduct, data integrity, and the design of ethical protocols for all human subjects.

The Clinical Research Center is committed to providing a positive and motivational work environment that fosters teamwork, mutual respect, integrity, responsiveness and concern for each research project, with creative interaction at the interface between areas of science.

The Clinical Research Center is committed to fostering a culture of collaborative, interdisciplinary research of the highest quality, respecting the priorities of each contributing discipline while placing priority on excellence in the joint effort.

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