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F.M. Kirby Neurobiology Center faculty, all with co-appointments at Harvard Medical School/University, comprise internationally recognized investigators spanning computational, molecular, cell, and systems biology, working in a highly collaborative environment on different model organisms and with access to state-of-the-art equipment and cores.

Todd Anthony

Genetic dissection of neural circuits that control stress-induced behavioral states

Larry Benowitz

Optic nerve regeneration and CNS reorganization after injury

Chinfei Chen

Synaptic plasticity

Michael Crickmore

Neurobiology of motivational states

Elizabeth Engle

Congenital eye-movement disorders

Michael Do

Regulation of physiology and behavior by light

Michela Fagiolini

Experience-dependent visual plasticity; neurodevelopmental disorders, including Rett syndrome

Gwenaelle Geleoc

Functional development of sensory hair cells in the inner ear

Xi He

Cell-cell communication; early nervous system development; Wnt family of secreted morphogens and signaling; cancer, skeletal and neurologic diseases

Zhigang He

Axon regeneration

Takao Hensch

Critical periods in brain development

Jeffrey Holt

Molecular basis of sensory signals in hearing and deafness

Gabriel Kreiman

Computations in the brain and the functional architecture of neuronal circuits

Wei-Chung Lee  Structure, function, and development of neural circuits

Jonathan Lipton 

Circadian rhythms, neurological disease, translation

Annapurna Poduri

Epilepsy genetics

Scott Pomeroy

Molecular and cellular biology of brain tumors

Paul Rosenberg

Physiology and pathophysiology of glutamate transporters in the central nervous system; molecular mechanisms of brain injury; mechanisms of homeostatic sleep regulation

Alexander Rotenberg      
Noninvasive brain stimulation; epilepsy; traumatic brain injury

Thomas Schwarz

Neurotransmitter secretion, membrane trafficking, synapse development, axonal transport; Parkinson's disease

Mustafa Sahin

Axon development and neurologic disease

Judith Steen

Neurodegenerative diseases, proteomics and bioinformatics

Beth Stevens

Neuron-glia signaling; synapse development and plasticity

Hisashi Umemori

Wiring the functional brain

Clifford Woolf

Pain, formation of neural circuits, regeneration

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