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Registration for 2017 Training

CEU (Continuing Education Units) from the University of Massachusetts Amherst now included in NBO Training 

The Newborn Behavioral Observations system (NBO)™ Training Program

The NBO training program provides participants with the theoretical foundations and clinical principles necessary to enable them to use the Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) system in their clinical practice. NBO workshops are open to all professionals who have the opportunity to work with infants and their families in both low-risk and high-risk setting. 

During the two-day training program, participants will first be exposed to current research on neurobehavioral development and the early parent-child relationship. Then, using film and/or live demonstrations, the workshop will introduce participants to the kinds of observational strategies necessary to identify newborn behavioral patterns and how to use the NBO as a way of sensitizing parents to the competencies and individuality of their newborn. Clinical guidelines on relationship-building will be discussed and demonstrated, while the workshop will also examine the use of the NBO in anticipatory guidance and demonstrate how this guidance can be provided in a way that is developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive. After the workshop, on-line mentoring will be offered to all participants to enable them to complete the training. A certificate of completion will be offered when participants have completed all the requirements for certification. 

There is also an Advanced Level II NBO training program for people who have already been trained in the NBO and wish to enrich their practice by deepening their understanding of this approach through reflective practice and by reflecting on underlying clinical and research themes in greater detail.  See below for details of the May 22-23 Advanced Level II NBO Training at Harvard Medical School.

Target Audience

Workshops are designed for up to 30 practitioners, including physicians, nurses, psychologists, infancy specialists, lactation consultants, home visitors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, early intervention specialists, social workers and other allied health and education professionals. The NBO workshops are held at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School. The Brazelton Institute also offers workshops off-site (please read section on Off-Site NBO Training Workshops).

NBO system Training Process:

The NBO training is an interactive learning process. Lectures on newborn behavior and development, live baby demonstrations with families and group discussions are included in the training sessions. On-site workshops are conducted at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School. The Brazelton Institute offers off-site workshops across the country and abroad* (See below for further information on off-site training). The NBO Handbook, NBO kits and reading materials will be provided and are included in the cost. 

There are five training phases. These phases are: 

  1. Attend the NBO workshop.
  2. Study the Handbook and readings and participate in the distance learning (including on-line mentoring with Brazelton Institute faculty). 
  3. Continue to practice the NBO in order to become familiar with the administration and recording. 
  4. Then complete five NBO sessions with five infants and their families. Return the completed forms (including the Parent Questionnaire) to the Brazelton Institute.
  5. Forms are examined and reviewed and if satisfactory, the NBO certificate is awarded. 
(Below are photos of NBO training in Hong Kong and Boston)

Objectives of the NBO Training

  1. Participants will become familiar with current findings on neurobehavioral development, the transition to parenthood and early parent-infant relationship development and the theoretical foundations on which the NBO is built.
  2. Participants will become familiar with the content and uses of the NBO
  3. Participants will learn how to administer the NBO to make behavioral observations of newborn behavior and identify newborn behavioral patterns
  4. Participants will learn how to interpret these observations from a developmental point-of-view and will learn how to communicate this information to parents as a form of support and guidance in a way that is individualized, non-judgmental, non-prescriptive and culturally sensitive
  5. Participants will learn to use the NBO in the context of relationship-building.


  • Yvette Blanchard, Sc.D., P.T., Professor, Sacred Heart University, Hartford, Conn.
  • Kristie Brandt, CNM, MSN, DNP, Director of the Parent-Infant & Child Institute, Napa, CA.
  • Nancy S. Deacon, D.O., F.A.A.P, Shore Touch Pediatrics, Toms River, NJ
  • Claudia M. Gold, M.D. Austen Riggs Center, Stockbridge, MA.
  • Lise Johnson, M.D., Director, Well Newborn Nurseries, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston and Harvard Medical School
  • Constance Keefer, M.D., Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
  • Beth McManus, P.T., M.P.H., Sc.D. Department of Health Systems, Management & Policy, School of Public Health, University of Colorado.
  • Susan Minear, M.D., Boston Medical Center and Boston University School of Medicine.
  • J. Kevin Nugent, Ph.D., Director, Brazelton Institute, Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
  • Claudia Quigg, B.A., M. Ed., Director, Baby TALK, Decatur, ILL.
  • Jayne Singer, Ph.D., Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School.
  • Ann C. Stadtler, RN, CPNP, DNP, Director, Touchpoints Site Development and Training, Boston Children's Hospital
  • Aditi Subramaniam, LMHC, R-DMT, The Trauma Informed Collaborations for Families with Young Children, Boston Public Health Commission


NBO Training Fee - $595/person. To register, please click on the NBO Registration Form (see below).  Please send the registration form with full payment to:

The Brazelton Institute
1295 Boylston Street, Suite 320
Boston, MA 02215

Pending participant level, training may be rescheduled. BI will confirm dates one month prior to training. The Brazelton Institute welcomes questions about the NBO Training Program.  Please call Mai Nguyen 857-218-4354 or email us at

NBO 2017 Training Dates at Harvard Medical School

April 20/21: Click here to register:

May 22/23: The Advanced Level II NBO training has been postponed until the Fall (See below for further information). 

June 15/16: Click here to register: 

August 21/22: NBO for professionals working with at-risk infants (with Yvette Blanchard and Beth McManus).  To register for this course, please click here:

October 5-6, 2017: NBO registration link:
November 9/10th: NBO registration:

*****Advanced Level II NBO Training will be scheduled for the Winter*****

The Advanced Level II NBO program is an enrichment program for professionals who have been using the Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) system in their work with infants and families.  The multidisciplinary certification program will synthesize knowledge about theories and research relevant to the NBO and is designed to enhance NBO practitioners' understanding of the complex developmental and dynamic aspects involved in parent-infant mental health and early parenting competence.

The specific aim is to enable practitioners to refine their expertise in the use of the NBO and to be re-certified in the NBO at an advanced level. Building on the lessons learned from over a decade of NBO training, research and practice, the Advanced Level Program will provide a setting for practitioners to critically analyze their practice by providing them with an opportunity to reflect on their professional practice and to re-evaluate their assumptions and feelings about their practice with infants and families. The course will therefore be collaborative and participatory so that participants can interact with an engaged community of NBO-practicing colleagues and be mentored by course faculty in an atmosphere of mutual support and validation. 

For further information on NBO training please call Mai Nguyen at 857-218-4354 or email us at



Off-Site NBO system Training Program

The NBO Off-Site Training Program is designed for 25-30 participants interested in having Brazelton Institute Faculty members travel to their work setting. The requirements for off-site training are as follows:

  1. There must be between 20-30 participants.
  2. The group hosting the training must pay for the travel expenses (including airfare, transportation, and hotel accommodations) of The Brazelton Institute Faculty.
  3. If you are interested in off-site NBO training, please contact the Brazelton Institute to discuss possible dates:

Off-site NBO Trainings 2017

February 6-7th - Alameda County California Home Visitors Training. 

March 2-9th - ROOT Medical Research and Development, Shanghai, China. 

March 23-24th - Napa Parent-Infant Mental Health Fellowship in Napa, CA., UC Davis Extension.  For further information please click on:

April 8-9th - Austen Riggs Center, Stockbridge, Mass. 

May 11th - Introduction to the NBO, Finland Association for Infant Mental Health Conference, Helsinki, Finland 

Sept 7-8th - Infant, Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Capstone Certificate Program, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

Sept 16-17th - Lowell Community Health Center, Lowell, Mass.

September 22-24th - The Møller Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge, UK..

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