Yinyuan Wu

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Research Fellow

Yinyuan received her PhD in Biology from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China in 2011. She joined the lab in March 2011 and is currently studying key regulatory components of the Wnt signaling pathway, with a focus on the Axin complex. 

Selective Publications:

  • Yinyuan Wu, Dianjun Wang, Xiaodong Wang, Yinyin Wang, Fangli Ren, Donald Chang, Zhijie Chang and Baoqing Jia, Caspase 3 is activated through caspase 8 instead of caspase 9 during H2O2-induced apoptosis in HeLa cells. Cell Physiol Biochem. 2011:27(5):539-46.
  • Yanquan Zhang, Fang Wang, Liang Han, Yinyuan Wu, Shan Li, Xi Yang, Yinyin Wang, Fangli Ren, Yonggong Zhai, Dianjun Wang, Baoqing Jia, Yongjing Xia, Zhijie Chang, GABARAPL1 negatively regulates Wnt/β-catenin signaling by mediating Dvl2 degradation through the autophagy pathway. Cell Physiol Biochem. 2011:27(5):503-12.
  • Yinyuan Wu, Yanquan Zhang, Haiwei Zhang, Xi Yang, Yinyin Wang, Fangli Ren, Huitu Liu, Yonggong Zhai, Baoqing Jia, Jun Yu, Zhijie Chang. p15RS attenuates Wnt/β-catenin signaling by disrupting β-catenin-TCF-4 interaction, J Biol Chem.2010,285,34621-631.
  • Caroline Romestaing, Xianlin Han, Yuan Li, Xinbao Hao, Yinyuan Wu, Chao    Christopher J Lynch, Huayan Wang, Yuguang Shi. Cardiolipin remodeling by ALCAT1 links oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction to obesity. Cell Metab.2010, 12(2):154-65.
  • Yinyuan Wu, Yinyin Wang, Yang Sun, Liying Zhang, Dianjun Wang, Fangli Ren, Donald Chang, Zhijie Chang and Baoqing Jia, RACK1 promotes Bax oligomerization and dissociates the interaction of Bax and Bcl-XL, Cellular Signalling.2010,22(10), 1495-501.
  • Yinyuan Wu, Da Xing, Lei Liu, Bo Gao, Regulation of Bax Activation and Apoptotic Response to UV Irradiation by p53 Transcription-dependent and-independent Pathways, Cancer Letter.2008, 271(2), 231-239.
  • Yinyuan Wu, Da Xing, Wei R. Chen and Xichao Wang, Bid is not required for Bax translocation during UV-induced apoptosis, Cellular Signalling.2007,19(12), 2468-2478. 
  • Yinyuan Wu, Da Xing, Lei Liu, Tongsheng Chen and Wei R. Chen Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Analysis of Bid Activation in Living Cells during Ultraviolet-induced Apoptosis, Acta Biochem. Biophys. Sinica.2007,39 (1), 37-45. 
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