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Innovestment Grant

A seed needs nutrients to grow. An idea needs funds to bring it to life. The Innovestment Grant Program infuses necessary resources to move innovations through the innovation life cycle.

From rapid assessments and feasibility studies to prototypes and commercial development, Innovestment Grants help innovators at Boston Children’s Hospital construct prototypes, collect data and test solutions.


In addition to funds, the IAP provides strategic guidance to help innovators navigate the development pathway, connect with prototype developers and potential collaborators, and pursue patenting and licensing opportunities with the Technology & Innovation Development Office.

Projects are selected because of their potential to improve clinical care in the near term. Several Innovestment projects have potential cost-savings implications, while others may increase hospital revenue through licensing agreements. Many are cross-departmental with the potential to impact care delivery in multiple areas of the hospital. In addition to supporting and stimulating early prototypes and pilot development, the IAP also helps transition successful pilot projects to the next phase of development. Projects funded through Innovestment Grants have been successfully licensed for commercial use and operationalized within Children's Hospital. 

Contact InnovationForum@childrens.harvard.edu for more information.

2013 Recipients

  • Dr. Marc Ackerman & Mike Super, PhD
  • Michele DeGrazia, PhD
  • Jason Kahn, PhD, Peter Ducharme, LICSW, Dr. Alexander Rotenberg & Dr. Gonzalez-Heydrich
  • Dr. Kohane, Rong Tong, PhD & Megan Barrett, MPH
  • Dr. Joseph Madsen
  • Dr. Nira Pollock
  • Dr. Melissa Putman, Dr. Brian Snyder, Eugene Goldfield, PhD, Danny Miranda, PhD & Dr. Rusty Jennings

2012 Recipients:

  • Tomer Anor, PhD & Dr. Sanjay Prabhu
  • Dr. Patrick Codd
  • Dr.Camille Gomez & Dr. Gerhard Wolf
  • Moti Freiman, PhD & Dr. Kirsten Ecklund
  • Dr. Anne Fulton, Dr. Matt Bronstad, and Professor Eli Peli
  • Dr. Gena Heidary
  • Dr. Michael Manfredi
  • Dr. David Mooney
  • Dr. Sanjay Prabhu & Dr. Nilesh Mehta
  • Craig Smallwood, RRT
  • Dr. Fred Wu, Dr. Jonathan Rhodes, and Dr. Bartolome Celli

2011 Recipients:

  • Dr. David Casavant
  • Dr. Gulraiz Chaudry
  • Jason Kahn, PhD
  • Dr. Kai Matthes
  • Dr. Nilesh Mehta & Craig Smallwood, RRT
  • Dr. Stephen Sanders & Dr. Sanjay Prabhu
  • Dr. Fred Wu

2010 Recipients:

  • Dr. Michael Agus
  • Dr. Henry Cheng & Dr. Sitaram Emani
  • Dr. Anne Hansen, Dr. Dario Fauza & Dr. Rusty Jennings
  • Dr. David Harrild & Ed Marcus, MSc
  • Dr. Heung Bae Kim
  • Dr. Joseph Madsen
  • Dr. Hiep Nguyen
  • Karen Sakakeeny, RN


FastTrack Innovation in Technology (FIT) Award

The FastTrack Innovation in Technology (FIT) Award provides Boston Children’s Hospital innovators who submit clinical software ideas with dedicated, skilled software development support, business analysis and deployment expertise.


Aggregated Local Information Collected Electronically (ALICE)

Courtney Cannon, MBA Director for System Operation

ALICE replaced existing, static, dry-erase boards on inpatient units with electronic smart boards integrated with Boston Children’s clinical systems to intelligently organize and provide up-to-date information. Based on pilot success, ALICE was launched in an enterprise deployment across Boston Children’s Hospital.



Gastroenterology Procedure Unit (GPU) Occupancy Tracker

Kate Donovan, PhDc, BS, AGST Educational Innovation Technology Coordinator for Medical Patient Services

Dennis Gotto, BFAVC Application Development Specialist in the Information Services Department

GPU tracker is an electronic replacement for the current paper-based processes for measuring and tracking efficiency in the unit. The software integrates with the electronic medical record to access relevant information and simplify the data collection process throughout the patient procedure to improve efficiency by decreasing delays and shortening wait times for patients and their families.  


Bidirectional Electronic Alert Patient-centered Provider Encounter Record (BEAPPER)

Debra Weiner, MD, PhD Attending Physician in the Department of Medicine, Division Emergency Medicine

Inspired by Twitter, BEAPPER is a transformative mobile solution to help improve the multi-disciplinary teams’ communication challenges in a busy emergency department. The mobile software organizes patient demographics, collects clinical information from the clinical systems and displays pictures and details of the clinical team to improve the timeliness of information flow and enhance communication through real-time texts, a.k.a BEAPs.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hxz3UHjHjf0




Marilyn Moonan, RN, MSN, CPN, CCTN Education Coordinator, Surgical Programs

MyPassport is improves the inpatient experience for patients and their guardians by providing organized and personalized access to their medical information, their care delivery team and comprehension of the care and plan during their stay at Boston Children’s Hospital. After a successful paper based pilot demonstrating significantly improved satisfaction, MyPassport was re-designed and enhanced as a mobile app and piloted on an inpatient floor with great results. Plans are in place to expand MyPassport at Boston Children’s Hospitals.

Video: http://youtu.be/vQpn-OnkL0Y



Care Transition: Patient Follow up After Discharge - DisCo

Dr. Vincent Chiang, MD Chief Children's Hospital Inpatient Service (CHIPS) Director

Jayne Rogers, RN, MSN, NEA-BC Director of Inpatient Nursing

Kelly Dunn, MS RN CPNP

Fabienne Bourgeois, MD MPH

After discharge, patients and their families often experience challenges during the transition of care processes after a hospitalization. The DisCo product offered the patient/guardian, through their either text or email, an automated post-discharge follow up message. Based on their response, a clinician from Boston Children’s would follow up with the family and help with discharge to home issues. The pilot successfully demonstrated the usefulness of DisCo to improve communication and coordination after discharge from Boston Children’s Hospital. Plans are in place to expand the DisCo at Boston Children’s Hospital.



Real Time Collaborative Task List for Residents

Timmy Ho, MD Fellow in Neonatology

Ken Michelson, MD Fellow in Emergency Medicine

Fabienne Bourgeois, MD, MPH

A secure, mobile solution to replace the current paper processes for clinical team members’ managing and sharing task related to patient care. The paper versions can be cumbersome to manage, keep up to date and share across the team. The collaborative mobile software solution retrieves basic patient data from the electronic medical record to organize, track and manage the care for the patients while an inpatient at Boston Children’s Hospital. Collaborative Task Lists enhances how task lists are managed across a distributed team to improve cross team coordination and improve security by replacing paper and improve access to real time information.  


Catalyst Consulting Award: Wayfinding App for Mobile Devices- MyWay

James Smith  Department Manager Parking and Commuter Services, Support Services

Simplifying the experience for patients and their families to navigate within the walls of Boston Children’s, a wayfinding mobile app was built to help visitors to find their way to clinic or other areas within the hospital. The FIT team consulted on the technology specifications and design of this pilot. Consulting is complete and the internal pilot of the wayfinding app was built and successfully deployed by Marketing and Communications to the patient/family community.



RN Safe

Stephanie Altavilla, MSMI, RN, Team Lead, Nursing Informatics  

Sara Gibbons MSN, RN-BC, CPN Clinical Education and Informatics Specialist

Jennifer Taylor M.Ed, BSN, RN, CPN Informatics Nurse

Jowell S. Sabino, RN, MSN, CPNP Informatics Nurse

RN Safe is focused on in-patient administration of high-risk medications that, when given in incorrect doses or frequency, can cause severe adverse reactions or even death. Before nurses can administer these medicines, they are required to have a second nurse conduct a double check of both patient and medication.


Computerized OR Paging

David Mooney, MD

This solution is focused on ways to save time in the pre-operative surgical workflow.


Innovators' Forum

The Innovators' Forum is a monthly meeting for innovators and people interested in innovation at Boston Children's Hospital. The Innovators' Forum builds and educates a community of innovators who can support each other. Both established guest speakers and innovators looking for input will present their ideas and solicit feedback.


Innovators looking for resources and help, engineering groups with solutions looking for a problem, regulatory and IRB experts, as well as intellectual property and commercialization experts are all welcome to join.

Healthcare innovation can stem from years of research. Most innovators, however, will tell you their ideas are inspired by their passion to help their patients and are triggered at patients' bedsides.  Since the Forum launched in October 2010, presenters have shared stories of inspired collaborations and “aha” moments that snowball into a paradigm shifting solution.  The Children's community learned about novel medical devices, digital software solutions, robotic surgery, drug development and innovative ways of delivering pediatric care.


Innovation Boot Camp

“Boot Camp” is a two-hour “crash course” to empower Boston Children’s Hospital employees to create change in their clinical areas.


Boot camp starts with an introduction to the innovation lifecycle and resources available at Boston Children’s to support innovation. Experienced innovators share their learnings and participants take part in interactive exercises to develop innovative solutions to clinical problems.

To learn more contact the Innovation Acceleration Program.


Social Platform for Accelerating Resources and Connections (SPARC)

SPARC is Boston Children’s Hospital’s internal social networking website designed to foster communication and collaboration resulting in continued innovation across Boston Children’s.


The Innovation Acceleration Program team - with contributors from across the hospital - implemented an internal virtual collaboration platform for Boston Children’s Hospital employee: Social Platform for Accelerating Resources and Connections or SPARC! 

The goal of our social networking project is to foster communication and collaboration resulting in continued innovation across our enterprise. Members of the Children’s community are able to form and join groups, search for experts and resources, broadcast announcements and hold conversations within this user-friendly website.




Colleague 2 Colleague Ideation Team (C2Ci)

Idea coaching for innovations in clinical care

The Colleague 2 Colleague Ideation Team (C2Ci) is a program designed to provide a safe and confidential environment for an independent assessment and feasibility review of new ideas.


C2Ci is committed to facilitating open discussions and feedback on early-stage ideas.  The team is led by a diverse group of clinicians and researchers and is sponsored by the Innovation Acceleration Program.

To learn more, contact the Innovation Acceleration Program.


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