Special Events

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The Office of Fellowship Training offers several events throughout the year to provide fellows with career development events, as well as opportunities to meet one another in an informal setting and network and establish collaboration across disciplines.

Dr. M. Judah Folkman Research Day


On the 9th annual Research Day at Boston Children's Hospital (2008) Research Day was named in memory of Dr. M. Judah Folkman, who passed away on January 14, 2008. Dr. Folkman, former Director of the Vascular Biology Program at Boston Children's Hospital, provided a beacon of light in pediatric surgery, vascular biology, angiogenesis, and cancer research.

Each year over 100 basic science and clinical research residents, fellows, and instructors submit abstracts, with submissions from over 25 departments at Children's, ranging in topic from "Upregulation of VEGFR-1 Prevents Adaptive Capillary Growth in Hypertrophied Myocardium" to "Risks, Trends, and Outcomes among Pregnant Adolescents and Young Adults," some of which are selected for oral presentation, and all of which are selected for poster presentation. Research Day comprises an entire day. Everyone is invited to attend and there is no charge to do so.


Fellows' Appreciation Dinner


In recognition of the fine work done by Fellows at Children's Hospital, the Office of Fellowship Training invites Children's Hospital fellows to a dinner in conjunction with Children's Hospital Dr. M. Judah Folkman Research Day. This is usually a topic that is not covered during the academic year – something that incorporates the history of medicine or social or public health aspects of medicine.


Imaging Seminar: 3-Part Series


This seminar is led by  Beth Beighlie, Digital Imaging Coordinator, Research Imaging Solutions, Harvard Medical School.

RESEARCH IMAGING SOLUTIONS (RIS) workshops and seminars are based on the unique ways that researchers use proprietary scientific applications, Microsoft Office and a variety graphics programs to create, acquire and edit images that are included in grant applications, journal articles and presentations to the scientific community. Imaging Made Easy Lunchtime Seminars cover topics including poster making, proper PowerPoint techniques and Photoshop tricks.

Beth Beighlie has been creating images at Harvard Medical School since 1987. Over the years she has worked as a photographer, imaging instructor and medical and scientific illustrator. She is currently doing Desktop Computer Support at the School of Dental Medicine and Research Imaging Support for the Dental & Medical Schools, as well as their affiliated institutions. Beth is also a regular columnist for the medical and scientific imaging quarterly magazine, Digital Insights. Visit her website.



International Day


The Office of Fellowship Training (OFT) at Boston Children's Hospital co-sponsors this event with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to bring the cultures of our two hospitals together for an extravaganza of food, performance and prizes.ballroom dancers

Jillian Smith and Jason Wallace, of the MIT Ballroom Team, perform a Standard/Smooth Ballroom Dance to “Pirates of the Carribean” (International)

salsa dancers

Liliana Jimenez and Ulrich Inge perform a Salsa Dance (Puerto Rico)


chinese hammer

Linda Qin performs "Festival at Mount Tian" on the Hammer Dulcimer ("Yang Ching" - Chinese Percussion Instrument) 


The future of pediatrics will be forged by thinking differently, breaking paradigms and joining together in a shared vision of tackling the toughest challenges before us.”
- Sandra L. Fenwick, President and CEO