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Patents and Licensing Overview

The mission of the Technology and Innovation Development Office (TIDO) is to help translate the laboratory and clinical research excellence and innovations at Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) into products that enhance quality of life for the public benefit.

The TIDO team works closely with investigators and clinicians within the Boston Children's community to promote, support and develop life science research, healthcare technology, and clinical innovations through the protection and licensing of intellectual property (Biomedical Patent and Licensing), investing in Boston Children's technologies (Technology Development), and establishing strong research and development partnerships and collaborations with the healthcare and life science industry throughout the innovation to product life cycle (Business Development).

This multi-faceted approach includes:

1. Evaluating new innovations and discoveries (Medical Devices, Therapeutics, and Healthcare Information Technology) (Report an Invention)
2. Protecting hospital intellectual property (Learn about Intellectual Property Protection)
3. Marketing and licensing hospital technologies to industry (Patents and Licensing)
4. Advancing the stage of development of Children’s technologies (Technology Development)
5. Establishing collaborations with diagnostic, pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech and IT companies (Business Development)
6. Fostering and supporting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship (Highlights)

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