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Biobank for Health Discovery

Many of today’s treatments and cures would not be possible without an understanding of what causes the conditions, diseases and disorders that are seen in patients who visit Boston Children’s Hospital every day.

Research is the key to unlocking our understanding of disease. As a result, the Boston Children’s Biobank for Health Discovery was created to provide a valuable library of human samples for researchers to advance our understanding of health and disease.

The Biobank holds the health information and samples (including blood, tissues and cells) of patients and their families at Boston Children's Hospital. Having everything in one place allows researchers to perform studies more efficiently, increasing their chances of discovery.

 Who can participate?

All patients at Boston Children’s Hospital and their families can voluntarily contribute samples taken during their regular clinical visits as well as information about their health to the Biobank for possible use in future research.

We actively recruit patients throughout the hospital, including the following clinics:

There are NO additional costs to you or your insurance company to participate in the study

What do I have to do to join the Biobank?

All participation in the Biobank for Health Discovery is completely voluntary

Take 5 minutes of your time to review and sign a document saying you would like to participate

Allow researchers to study blood or tissue samples that have already been collected but are no longer needed for your care

You and your child will also have the option to voluntarily contribute a sample of blood which can be added on to your next clinical visit done here at Boston Children’s Hospital

What Happens To The Samples I Contribute?

The samples and health information will be securely stored in the Biobank Core lab at Boston Children’s Hospital

Approved researchers can use the samples for a broad range of studies which include but are not limited to:

–     Identification of biomarkers predicting clinical conditions

–     Examination of tissue under a microscope to better understand disease states

–     Creation of “cell lines” to model certain health conditions

–     Study of genes associated with specific diseases

You will have the option to receive a newsletter from the Biobank with updates on our research as well as the opportunity to be re-contacted for additional data and/or participation in other research studies

How Can I Learn More?

Our research team is ready to answer your questions

Please call us at 1-888-802-4453 or email us at

For questions about the Biobank, please contact Scientific Director Florence Bourgeois, MD via email or at 617-919-4213

Our Research Team:


Florence Bourgeois

Program Manager:

Erin Borglund

Research Assistants:

Angela Paulo

Ryan Adams

Rachel Holder

Christian Ernst


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