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Innovation Acceleration Program (IAP)

Innovation is at the core of Boston Children’s Hospital. Embedded in the culture and the mission is the drive to do things more efficiently, more effectively, do it better. Innovation is how we get there. By trying out new ideas, testing new systems and extending curiosity to the furthest limits, our exceptional employees and staff embrace innovation and find solutions. There is no guarantee of success when innovating—in fact, risk and uncertainty are inherent. However, by committing to continuously innovate, we increase our chance of succeeding and reaching our institutional potential.

Since its inception in the summer of 2010, Boston Children’s Innovation Acceleration Program (IAP) has been a mentor and guide for the hospital’s best and brightest innovators. Formed upon the recommendations of the Task Force for Clinical Innovation (a 14-member cross section of hospital leadership) and with the support of executive leadership, the IAP has defined the path for innovation at all levels of the institution.

Led by John Brownstein, PhDCarla E. Small, MBA, and Pedro Del Nido, MD, the IAP embraces a three-pronged mission to enhance the innovation culture:

  • identify, catalyze and support new opportunities for innovation
  • promote and facilitate grassroots innovation
  • collaborate on and support strategic initiatives at the institutional level

The IAP has set new standards for innovation at Boston Children’s, and the results have been impressive. Over the past three years, the IAP has removed many previous barriers to innovation, educated hospital staff and employees about the innovation process, and nurtured a culture that encourages and supports ideas from throughout the hospital. Ideas that historically emanated from—and remained at—the department level are now being discussed, enhanced, and tested across departmental lines and implemented institution-wide.


To learn more about IAP contact us

333 Longwood Avenue, Suite 445
Boston, MA 02115
Telephone: (857) 218-5471

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