Meet Our Team

Meet the team of Child Life Services

Child Life Team

Our child life specialists are available to support patients and families at Boston Children’s Hospital in both inpatient and outpatient areas. Seven day a week coverage is available on inpatient units and in the Boston Children’s Hospital Emergency Department.

Click Here for the Creative Arts team and here for the Laughter League clowns.

Director Beth Donegan Driscoll MS, CCLS***  
Education & Program Coordinator

Suzanne Graca MS, CCLS ***

Child Life Administrative Associate 
Kelly Politica  
Computer Support Tech
Ryan McAskill
Creative Arts Manager
Child Life Art Specialist

Michelle Dean-Onabajo MS, CCLS

Lynne Long BA, CCLS, CEIM

Media Program Specialist Maxwell Svec  
Trust, Marketing, Special Events

Boston Children's Hospital Simulator Program (SIMPeds)

Kirsten Getchell MS, CCLS ***

Brianna J O’Connell, MS, CCLS**

Volunteer Services

Hale Family Center for Families

Hale Family Center for Families / Pawprints Program

Jessica Slayback MEd, CCLS

Sarah Sullivan MS, CCLS**

Lynn Belkin MS-CL, CCLS

Inpatient Units
6 Northeast - Inpatient Oncology Annika Stout MS, CCLS  
6 West - Stem Cell Transplant Brittany Metcalf BS, CCLS  
7 West - Medicine Patient Service Lauren Wilson BS, CCLS  
7 South - Surgical Intensive Care Megan Leibovitz MS, CCLS  
7 North - Neonatal Intensive Care Darlene Salvatore BS, CCLS**  
8 East and West - Cardiology Shelby Pustis MS, CCLS
  Emily Springer MS, CCLS
Erin Connelly MS, CCLS  
8 South - Cardiac Intensive Care Kate Huyler MS, CCLS
9 Northwest - Neurology Andrea Lerude MS, CCLS  
9 East - Medicine Patient Services Kristen Priven MS, CCLS  
9 South - Medicine Patient Services Jennifer Nguyen MS, CCLS
10 East - Infant/Toddler Surgery Leanne Rotman MS, CCLS
10 Northwest - Surgery Theresa Rankin MS, CCLS  
Laurel Anderson MS, CCLS  
10 South - Surgical & Solid Organ Transplant Alison Burns MS, CCLS  
11 South - Medicine Intensive Care Unit/Intermediate Care Program Jamie Crosby MS, CCLS  
Weekend Program
6th Floor - Inpatient Oncology Mary Malley MS, CCLS**  
7 South/7 North - Surgical Intensive Care Unit/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Mariah Mazzucco MS, CCLS

7 West/11 South - Medicine Patient Services/Medicine Intensive Care Unit/Intermediate Care Program
8th Floor - Inpatient Cardiology Michelle Morgan MS, CCLS
9th Floor - Inpatient Neurology & Medicine Kellyn Mahan MS, CCLS

10th Floor - Inpatient Surgery

Outpatient Clinics
6 South - Cardiac Catheterization Lab/Cardiac/Cardiac Pre-Op Maureen Abramson MS, CCLS***  
CAT/CR- Infusion Center Jill Twomey-McLaughlin BS, CCLS**  
Gail Windmueller MS, CCLS
Dialysis LaKeisha Garcia MS, CCLS   
Dialysis and Cleft Lip and Palate Craniofacial Clinic
Robyn Snyder MS, CCLS   
Pre-op Holding 2/ PACU
Milagros Lopez Ramirez MS, CCLS
Autism Spectrum Center Kristin Diezel MS, CCLS  
Emergency Department Dafne Saavedra-Preskins MS, CCLS**   
  Cami Polfuss MS, CCLS   
  Emi Layok MS, CCLS   
  Samantha Swankowski MS, CCLS
Phlebotomy/Pre-Op Admitting

Erin Whooley MS, CCLS

Gina Pizzano BS, CCLS
Pre-Op Holding/PACU Carrie Card MS, CCLS**   
Childrens Hospital Primary Care Center Addie Rosenstock MS, CCLS**  
  Fiorella Downey MS, CCLS   
Nuclear Medicine Trisha Ashe BS, CCLS**  

Angela Franceschi MEd, CCLS**  

Catherine Verow MS, CCLS
Martha Eliot Hayley Sorensen MS, CCLS**  
  Christine Dumais MEd, CCLS

Chelsea Ballard MS, CCLS
Waltham Infusion

Waltham Surgery

Colleen Daly MS, CCLS** 

Katie Ward MS, CCLS

Sara Kumin MS, CCLS