The Arts at Boston Children's Hospital | Team

Our Leadership

Kirsten Getchell is the Clinical and Program Manager for the Child Life Department at Boston Children’s Hospital. In her role, she oversees Music Therapists, Artists-in-Residences, Child Life Art Cart Staff and Seacrest Studio Staff. In addition, Kirsten works closely with the Laughter League Clown Program to ensure programming reach patients and families in inpatient settings, clinics, and throughout the hospital.

Elisabeth Gordon is the Art Program Manager at Boston Children’s Hospital. In her role, she oversees the many paintings, sculptures, and multi-media installations that brighten the lobbies, corridors, and patient rooms at Boston Children's Hospital. She especially enjoys helping patients and visitors find fun and meaningful ways to interact with the artwork.

Creative Arts Team

Joanna Bereaud
Music Therapist
Joanna Bereaud has been a Music Therapist at Boston Children’s Hospital since 2002. She graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy in 1999. She had her internship at the Kennedy Day School of the Franciscan Hospital for Children in Brighton, MA. Joanna is a NICU trained music therapist. Joanna supervises Berklee practicum and intern students at the hospital. Her specializations include the neonatal intensive care unit, cardiology, neurology settings and children with special needs. Joanna grew up in Poland where she studied classical voice and music education.

Nicole Cutinella
Production Assistant, Seacrest Studios
Nicole is the Production Assistant for Seacrest Studios at Boston Children's Hospital. She helps to create and run 20+ hours of live programming each week for the patients and families to enjoy. She has been at Boston Children’s since Fall 2017. Nicole is a graduate of Emerson College, where she studied Media Production and Nonprofit Management. Nicole is also a classically trained lip sync-er.

Tim Estiloz
Tim has an Associate Degree in Illustration and Graphic Design from the Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh. His illustrations and cartoon work have been published in The Boston Phoenix, NH Telegraph, El Planeta, Bay State Banner, NOW Comics and numerous other publications, as well as by a variety of greeting card and comic book companies. He is a published children's book illustrator where his skill with traditional hand-rendered art has been highlighted. Tim is also very active in the comic book art community; often exhibiting and creating his artwork at comic book conventions throughout New England for a growing following of fans of his illustrations. His artwork and gallery showings have raised money to benefit various charities and organizations including Boston Children's Hospital's Milagros Para Ninos; as well as various outside charities such as the Global Deeds Foundation and other youth empowerment groups. Tim also teaches freelance cartooning and art classes.

“My goal is to engage and entertain patients at their bedside via drawing vibrant art and telling stories to boost their mood and spirits. Together, we make their imaginative suggestions come to life on paper. For children interested in taking a more active role, I also teach them art techniques and strive to foster their active participation and growth in the art”

Try this! Everything is based on a general shape, for example: cars and cats. To draw a car, start with a rectangle. Add some circles as wheels to the bottom. Then add square windows inside the rectangle. Now you have the makings of a car. To draw a cat’s face, begin with a circle. Add two eye circles inside and black dots inside of them. Use a letter “U” for the mouth and two triangles for ears. See the cat? The world is shapes! Experiment by combining basic shapes to form other objects, animals, or even people. Let your imagination rule the drawing.

Brian Jantz
Music Therapist
Brian Jantz, MT-BC, NMT, has been part of the Music Therapy Program at BCH since 2001. As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, Brian supervises Berklee students during internship and practicum experiences at the hospital and is currently on faculty as Assistant Professor in the Music Therapy department at the college. Brian has worked with patients throughout the Greater Boston area, including other Longwood area hospitals such as Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Brian's specializations include adult and pediatric psychiatric settings, neurology and oncology settings, and music in special education.

Ginny Lewis
Artist in Residence
Ginny is a writer and a local educator. She holds a BA in English and romance languages from Georgetown University, and an MA in child development from Tufts University. In addition to her 15 years of experience as a classroom educator, Ginny is a certified child life specialist and is currently working towards a certification in narrative medicine through Columbia University. She has 4 years of previous experience facilitating hospital-based writing and storytelling opportunities—she created original, award-winning writing and publishing programming for a local pediatric hematology-oncology program. Ginny is a member of the advisory board for Fundacíon PLAY, an early education initiative within Andalusia and Spain. She is also the founder and executive director of Writers Incorporated, a nonprofit dedicated to providing hospital-based writing and book publishing opportunities to patients and families.

Ana Linares
Collage, Drawing, and Jewelry
Making Ana is an artist, musician, and salsa dancer from the multicultural metropolis of Miami, FL. She earned a BA in Visual Art Studies and Art History at the University of Florida in 2011 and an MS in Arts Administration from Boston University in 2014. Since joining the Artist-in-Residence team, Ana continues to work as a practicing artist, creating graphite portraits, digital drawings, original jewelry, letterpress prints, and digital collages made with photos and documents from her family history. Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions at the University of Florida, Lasell College, Boston University, Carrollton School, as well as independent galleries in Florida and Massachusetts.

“I strive to empower every patient during our art interactions so they can continue to call themselves artists long after their stay at the Hospital. Through the process of conceiving and manifesting a creative idea, we deem ourselves creators in our own lives, lending an element of control that is often lost during a hospital stay." Try this! Flip through a magazine and pick out one word. Reflect on the word and think about all the different meanings and contexts of this word and all the ways it could be interpreted. Go back to the magazine and cut out some images that relate to the word in any of the ways you just brainstormed. Layer the images in the center of the sheet and then place the initial word in the center of the composition—or anywhere in the composition that you choose!

Jaleh Mostaghim
Child Life Specialist
Jaleh is a certified Child Life Specialist and has been working at Boston Children's Hospital since 2015. Jaleh visits inpatient and outpatient units at the hospital, where she strives to normalize the hospital environment by providing developmentally appropriate and therapeutic art activities to patients and families. She also plans hospital-wide events such as art parties, which give patients and families opportunities to create art in a social atmosphere. Jaleh works on Wednesday, Friday, and every other Thursday. Jaleh holds an MS in Child Life and Family Centered Care from Wheelock College.

Michelle Dean-Onabajo
Child Life Specialist
Michelle is a certified Child Life Specialist and has been working at Boston Children's Hospital since 2012. Michelle plans and implements developmentally appropriate therapeutic art activities for patients. The activities are provided at bedside and in the playroom in inpatients units, outpatient clinics and the emergency department. Michelle works on Mondays, Tuesdays and every other Thursday. Michelle has an MS in Child Life and Family Centered Care from Wheelock College.

Dana Osterling
Music Therapist
Dana Osterling, MT-BC, NMT has been a full-time member of the Music Therapy Program at Boston Children's since 2014. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Dana has worked throughout Massachusetts and New York State, most recently for Seasons Hospice in Newton and The Children's Aid Society in Manhattan. Dana primarily works in Oncology/Hematology, but dedicates time to various other inpatient floors and outpatient clinics and specializes in Neurologic Music Therapy.

Maxwell Svec
Media Program Specialist, Seacrest Studios
Max is the Media Program Specialist for Seacrest Studios at Boston Children's Hospital. Max has a BA in Film, Video, and Interactive Media from Quinnipiac University and is currently working on his MS in Nonprofit Management at Northeastern University. He has been programming for children and teens in healthcare settings since 2011. Along with the studio team, Max manages all aspects of the studio program including developing content, equipment maintenance, scheduling and coordinating guest visits, facilitating patient and family involvement, and supervising interns. His favorite thing about working at the studio is having the privilege of creating opportunities for patients and families to smile, laugh, be silly, and feel a sense of normalcy while they’re in the hospital. Max’s favorite studio show is The Bracket Challenge and he loves calling bingo!

Laki Vazakas
Video Making
Laki is a video maker and an Artist in Residence at Boston Children’s Hospital and Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital. He has been instrumental in developing the digital storytelling process with patients and families at both locations. He has also created collaborative video projects with women in recovery, refugees and returning veterans. His videos have been screened at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the San Francisco Cinematheque and the Venice Biennale's Retrospetiva.

“I enable the patient to be the director of his or her personal story, by giving them choices and control over the form and content of their video expression. I also help children and families create journey videos that reflect on challenges and defining moments while helping to build resilience.”

Try this! For “Planet Hospital” videos, I ask patients to take 15 to 20 different shots of their environment, holding each shot for 5 to 10 seconds. Then we transform the footage by utilizing special effects and sound effects in iMovie. The result is a new way of looking at the hospital.

Eva Marija Vukich
Music Therapist
Eva Marija Vukich, MA, MT-BC joined the Music Therapy Program at Boston Children’s Hospital in 2019. Following her internship at Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center, Eva received her Bachelor’s degree and credential in Music Therapy at Temple University of Philadelphia in 2013. She provided music therapy at the Center for Neurological and Neurodevelopmental Health in New Jersey and Philadelphia, working in various clinical settings including special education, residential care, neurology clinic, and community arts performance. Eva's personal and professional experience of resilience among migrant communities led her to pursue a Master’s Degree in 2016 at the University of East London, focusing on refugee and migrant health. After graduation, Eva worked alongside transborder humanitarian initiatives in the Balkan region and Southwest United States. At BCH, she is passionate about creating inclusive therapeutic spaces that honor the patient’s musical culture, language, and intersecting identities. Eva's preferred musical instruments include: piano, guitar, accordion, and harp.

Lauren Wilson
Child Life Specialist, Seacrest Studios
Lauren is the Child Life Specialist for Seacrest Studios at Boston Children’s Hospital. She has a degree in Human Development from Wheelock College and is a Certified Child Life Specialist. Lauren has been at Boston Children’s Hospital since 2010- she worked for 7 years as the Child Life Specialist on a general medical inpatient unit and joined the Seacrest team in June 2018. Lauren helps to run & create live programming, ensures that all shows are developmentally appropriate and brings a child life focus to the studio environment. Lauren's favorite show is The New Best Friends Challenge & she loves T. Swift!