Behavioral Health

Goal Setting

Abigail Seibert, PhD, Psychologist, OWL Behavioral Medicine

  • Whether making a new change or keeping up with a routine, it helps to know where you are going.  Having goals can create the background for staying onsoccer-net track. You will discover that your plan can save you stress and money.
  • First think of all the areas you would like to have different at the end.  These might include physical fitness, a healthier way of eating, a routine that works, more or better quality sleep, healthier blood test results, increased energy, less hunger, or others.
  • Keep your ultimate long-term vision in mind.  Different aspects of health may be important for you to focus on first, while others will come along a bit later.  In the end, it all comes together and feels natural!
  • Speak with your OWL providers about what areas you might be ready to begin with.  We will help you break that down into smaller parts that you feel able to do at home.