Contact Media Relations

Media relations staff in the Department of Public Affairs are available to assist local, regional, national and international news media in answering questions about the hospital, locating an expert spokesperson, or obtaining more information about a news release or event.

Members of the media who require assistance after hours, on the weekends or holidays should contact Public Affairs through the hospital's 24-hour paging service at 617-355-6369 and ask for the public relations person on call. Please see Media Policy for further information.

Marketing & Communications

Phone: 617-919-3110
Fax: 617-919-3034
Page: 617-355-6369, beeper #1641

Media Relations Staff 

Kristen Dattoli
Senior Manager, Media Relations
Phone: 617-919-3141
E-mail: Kristen Dattoli

Andrea Duggan
Public Affairs Associate
Phone: 617-919-3110
E-mail: Andrea Duggan

Jessica Laurendeau
Senior Social Media Specialist
Phone: 617-919-3114
Email: Jessica Laurendeau

Keri Stedman
Senior Media Relations Specialist
Phone: 617-919-3110
Email: Keri Stedman

Erin Tornatore
Senior Media Relations Specialist
Phone: 617-919-3113
E-mail: Erin Tornatore

Bethany Tripp
Senior Media Relations Specialist
Phone: 617-919-3656
E-mail: Bethany Tripp 


Questions regarding the News Room should be sent to