News Clips from 2012


Plenty has been written this year about the history of medicine through the lens of the New England Journal of Medicine, which celebrated its 200th anniversary. Two top editors join Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD, in looking forward, at what medicine may look like in the next 100 years. The Boston Globe’s “White Coat Notes”. December 28, 2012.

U.S. children's hospitals, including Boston Children’s Hospital, suggesting that children with complex chronic diseases such as cerebral palsy are taking up an increasingly larger share of hospital resources. Jay Berry, MD, MPH, is interviewed.HealthDay News. December 28, 2012.

Two-year-old Elie Madden and her family are home in Dublin for the holidays after undergoing life-saving surgery at Boston Children’s to 'grow' a new esophagus. The Independent (Ireland). December 26, 2012.

A new study in Pediatrics that found one-third of kids with food allergies said they are targets of bullying. Mark Schuster , MD, PhD, wrote a commentary accompanying the study and says that parents could be more understanding of their kids’ classmates' food allergies because they may unknowingly be encouraging bullying.CBSNews.comReutersU.S. News & World Report (via HealthDay News) and The New York Daily News (via Reuters Health), and WBUR’s CommonHealth blog also speak with Schuster about the study. December 26, 2012.

An opinion column discusses a new commentary by David Ludwig, MD, PhD, which argues that obesity and hunger can simultaneously be reduced by restructuring the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as the Food Stamp Program). The New York Times. December 25, 2012.

Claire McCarthy, MD, reflects about what we can all do in remembrance of the recent Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. “MD Mama” blog. December 21, 2012.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, provides insight about a 2011 survey of parents by Common Sense Media, an organization that provides media education for families, which found that 39 percent of 2-to-4-year-olds have used digital media such as smartphones and iPads. The Washington PostDecember 20, 2012.

Boston Children’s Naomi Fried, PhD, speals about how mHealth innovations can change the healthcare landscape. Blog Talk Radio. December 19, 2012.

Boston Children’s Stuart Goldman, MD, is interviewed about how parents and others can help kids deal with what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. WBUR's Morning Edition. December 19, 2012.

Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart and members of the Boston Pops join vocalist Renese King for a special holiday concert for patients at Boston Children’s Hospital.Fox 25 Boston. WHDH-TV Channel 7, and The Boston Globe also reports on the concert. December 18, 2012.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, speaks about the horrific shooting rampage at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. NECN’s "The Morning Show". December 17, 2012.

Stuart Goldman, MD, shares advice to parents about protecting their kids from the news regarding how parents and mental health workers in schools are responding to their children about the massive school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. USA TodayDecember 17, 2012.

Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD, is interviewed about new research that developed an experimental blood test to detect autism spectrum disorders. CTV News (Canada). December 13, 2012.

A new blood test for autism spectrum disorders developed by Boston Children’s Hospital and recently reported in PLoS ONE is shared. SynapDX, which has the exclusive license from Boston Children’s on the approach, has received $6 million in funding from North Bridge Venture Partners and General Catalyst Partners to support a clinical study of the test. Parents MagazineThe Boston HeraldWBUR’s CommonHealth blog, and GenomeWeb News report on the research. December 11, 2012.

A new study led by Kendrin Sonneville, ScD, RD, LDN, which examined the association between overeating and binge eating in boys and girls between the ages of 9-15, and such health red flags as being overweight or obese, depression, binge drinking, and drug use, is reported.’s “The Chart", Boston.comFOX News(via Reuters), Medscape (subscription required), MedPage Today, The San Francisco Chronicle (via Bloomberg News), and U.S. News & World Report (via HealthDay News) also report on the study. December 11, 2012.

Some 470 businesspeople celebrated the top 100 women-led businesses in the region. Inez Stewart, vice president of Human Resources, took part in a panel discussion at the event. The Boston Business Journal. December 7, 2012.

In a study published December 5 in the journal PLOS ONE, Boston Children’s Hospital researchers have developed a blood test for detecting autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). TIME and The Boston Globe’s “Science In Mind” blog. December 6, 2012.

A segment on two local brothers who have a rare form of progeria, a genetic disease that speeds up aging is featured. Dana-Farber/Children’s Hospital Cancer Center’s Mark Kieran, MD, PhD, speaks about the results of the first clinical trial for progeria, recently published in Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesWPVI-TV(Philadelphia). December 5, 2012.



The Board of Trustees of Boston Children's Hospital announced the selection of Sandra L. Fenwick, President and Chief Operating Officer of Boston Children’s, as the hospital's next Chief Executive Officer and President. The Boston Globe (subscription required), The Boston Business Journal's "Morning Buzz", The Boston Herald's"BizSmart" and The Commonwealth Institute also report on the announcement. November 29, 2012.

Ben Warf, MD is a 2012 MacArthur grant award winner. AANS Neurosurgeon. November 28, 2012.

An article on probiotics is featured and Esi Lamousé-Smith, MD, PhD, speaks about the community of bacteria that exist in the body and describes how by age 3 these bacteria, sometimes referred to as our gut or intestinal microbiome, are more or less set. The Wall Street JournalNovember 26, 2012.

Shire PLC, an Irish drug company that runs its Human Genetic Therapies division from Lexington, and Boston Children’s Hospital will collaborate on researching treatments for rare pediatric diseases. The Boston Globe’s “Business Updates” and Boston Business Journal’s “Morning Buzz” report on the story. November 20, 2012.

Boston Children’s Basil Darras, MD, and the family of a Boston Children’s patient enrolled in a Phase I clinical trial of a new treatment from Isis Pharmaceuticals, are interviewed. Nature Medicine. November 19, 2012.

The results of Boston Children's Hospital's Children's Leadership Award for the Reliable Interpretation and appropriate Transmission of Your genomic information, or CLARITY, are announced. GenomeWeb. November 16, 2012.

A Boston Children’s patient developed precocious puberty and had a hormone blocker implanted into her arm to slow down the process. Boston Children’s Jessica Smith, MD, and David Diamond, MD, are interviewed. NECN. November 15, 2012.

Jonathan Finkelstein, MD, MPH, is interviewed on new research that is looking at questions about the complex effects of antibiotics. The New York Times' “Well” blog. November 13, 2012.

Clas Linnman, PhD, finds research that looked at search engine queries and Twitter posts mentioning “migraine” or “headache.” which found that headache mentions peaked on weekdays, hitting their high early in the week and receding on’s “Science in Mind” blog. November 12, 2012.

The results of Boston Children’s CLARITY Challenge, a genomic sequencing standards contest are shared and Catherine Brownstein, MPH, PhD, David Margulies, MD, and Alan Beggs, PhD, comment on CLARITY’s history, response and results.GenomeWeb Daily News (subscription required), Bio IT World, and Nature Medicine. November 9, 2012.

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Margaret Coughlin’s presents at this year’s Content Marketing World Health Summit in Cleveland. MedCity News. November 9, 2012.

“Flu Near You,” which was created by the Healthmap team at Boston Children’s Hospital, eBay billionaire Jeff Skoll’s nonprofit Skoll Global Threats Fund, and the American Public Health Association provides a comprehensive real-time visualization of flu activity, news and other resources. ForbesNovember 9, 2012.

One of the families who participated in the CLARITY Challenge is profiled. Time Magazine and The Boston Globe’s “Science In Mind” blog. November 8, 2012.

Lois K. Lee, MD, is interviewed about reports that found U.S. states with laws requiring kids to ride in car booster seats have had fewer child deaths in accidents, especially among 6- and 7-year-olds. Reuters. November 8, 2012.

Mininder Kocher, MD, MPH, shares his insight about young athletes running. The New York Times. November 8, 2012.

Boston Children’s research finds booster seats save lives, and so do state laws requiring young children to ride in them. Los Angeles Times’ “Booster Shots” blog. November 8, 2012.

Dan Nigrin, MD, MS, is interviewed about hospitals nationwide, including Boston Children's Hospital, that are turning to informatics to streamline care processes, improving both the efficiency and safety of patient care. FierceHealthIT. November 8, 2012.




Michael O’Brien, MD, is interviewed about the results of a first-of-its-kind survey completed by 164 schools, nearly 3,000 Massachusetts students suffered a concussion or other head injury while playing sports during the last school year. The Boston GlobeOctober 31, 2012.

J. Wesley Boyd, MD and John R. Knight, MD, are two doctors who have been involved with the Massachusetts physician health program which helps doctors with substance-abuse problems get the care they need. The Boston Globe (subscription required). October 31, 2012. 

Jason Kahn, PhD, and Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich, MD, design a video game that helps children with serious anger management problems hones their ability to regulate their emotions. BBC News. October 25, 2012.

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, is included in a piece in about his recent study that looked at the effects on weight in children and adolescents when sugar-sweetened beverages were substituted with non-caloric beverages. The New York Times’ “Well” blog. October 24, 2012.

David Margulies, MD, speaks about the need for better interpret sequencing results and the CLARITY initiative launched by the hospital to make genetic and genomic insights more accessible. TIME Magazine. October 24, 2012.

Tthe first of a five-part series on genome sequencing in kids explains genome sequencing and speaks with David Miller, MD, PhD. TIME Magazine. October 22, 2012.

A recent study from Cara Ebbeling, PhD, and David Ludwig, MD, PhD, that shows adolescents who eliminated sugar-sweetened beverages for one year gained less weight than those who didn’t, sheds light on an effective intervention to help combat adolescent obesity. NPR’s “Morning Edition.” October 22, 2012.

Research from Margaret Sheridan, PhD, and Charles Nelson, PhD, about the effects poverty has on the brain suggests that severe psychological and physical neglect produces measurable changes in children’s brains. Psychology Today. October 22, 2012.

Claire McCarthy, MD, shares helpful tips for parents about potty training.“MD Mama” blog. October 22, 2012.

Umakanth Khatwa, MD, notes that it is surprising was how little sleep extension could affect functioning on a day-to-day basis for kids. Reuters. October 17, 2012.

Susan Saleeb, MD, notes that the types of evidence used by physicians to make a diagnosis might not be contained in databases Watson will scan. Research led by James Lock, MD, found that nearly 80 percent of decisions made by children’s heart doctors weren’t grounded in already published data, and less than 3 percent referenced a specific study. Wired. October 17, 2012.

Katherine Lemon, MD, PhD, is interviewed about the surprising benefits of bacteria in the human body, and why eradicating those microbes could be damaging to our health. The New Yorker (subscription required). October 17, 2012.

George Daley, MD, PhD, provides insight after the high of a Nobel prize for Japan's Shinya Yamanaka, the pioneer of cellular reprogramming, events took a turn when a little-known researcher – Hisashi Moriguchi – which claimed to have already run a clinical trial in which similarly reprogrammed cells were injected into people. New Scientist. October 15, 2012.

Naomi Fried, PhD, is one of the 12 featured women who are making waves not just in their respective sectors but on social media as well. MedCity News. October 15, 2012.

Daniel Kohane, MD, PhD, is interviewed about his nanoelectronic scaffold project.The Boston Globe (subscription required). October 15, 2012.

President and COO, Sandra Fenwick, was among those honored as a “Heroes in Health Care” by the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston.’s  “Names Blog.” October 15, 2012.

Andrew MacGinnitie, MD, PhD, talks about the increase of food allergies in children and how to better protect them when trick-or-treating this Halloween. FOX 25 News. October 12, 2012.

Christopher Baird, MD, talks about caring for Boston Children’s patient, Lucas McGowan, who was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. WCVB-TV Channel 5. October 11, 2012.

Gregory Goodwin, MD, talks about diabetes. Fox 25 Morning Show. October 11, 2012.

Lynda Schneider, MD, is interviewed about the flu vaccine. Chicago Tribune. October 11, 2012.

Mark Kieran, MD, PhD, principal investigator on the first-ever clinical drug trial for children with progeria, a rare, fatal “rapid-aging” disease, puts the trial in perspective and speaks about its encouraging results. PLoS' "DNA Science Blog." October 11, 2012.

Lynda Schneider, MD, speaks about a new study that offers more reassurance that kids with egg allergies can be safely vaccinated against influenza. Reuters. October 9, 2012.

David Miller, MD, PhD, shares his expert insight on the topic of genomes. Technology Review. October 9, 2012.

Southcoast Health System and Boston Children's Hospital have announced the medical leadership for a new regional pediatric program based at St. Luke's Hospital.SouthCoast Today. October 9, 2012.

Katie McLaughlin, PhD, is interviewed about research that found nearly two-thirds of adolescents admitted to having anger attacks that involved destroying property or threatening or engaging in violence and one-in-12 of those adolescents meet criteria for Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED). New England Psychologist. October 9, 2012.

The Immune Disease Institute Inc. of Boston has officially merged into Boston Children’s Hospital, effectively ending its near 60-year run as an independent nonprofit focused on molecular medical research. Boston Business Journal. October 2, 2012.

Chief Innovation Officer, Naomi Fried, PhD, who leads the hospital’s Innovation Acceleration Program is interviewed. Clinical Innovation+Technology. October 2, 2012.

Ben Warf, MD, has been named a 2012 MacArthur Foundation Fellow, one of four Boston-area recipients of the “genius grant.” The Boston GlobeThe New York’s “Culture Desk” blog, and Harvard GazetteOctober 2, 2012.

Mark Kieran, MD, PhD, of the Dana-Farber/Children's Hospital Cancer Center speaks about Boston Children's progeria research and the drug used in the first trial. CBC. October 1, 2012.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, shares his insight about exposure to background television.The Huffington Post. October 1, 2012.




Mark Kieran, MD, PhD, of the Dana-Farber/Children's Hospital Cancer Center comments on the first-ever clinical trial for progeria patients which took place at Boston Children's Hospital. September 27, 2012.

George Daley, MD, PhD, provides insight on a 24-year-old man who has endured 350 surgeries since childhood to remove growths that keep coming back in his throat and have spread to his lungs, threatening his life and now doctors have found a way to help him, through a scientific coup that holds promise for millions of cancer patients.Associated Press (via The Boston Globe). September 27, 2012.

Dana-Farber/Children’s Hospital Cancer Center patient, Avalanna Routh, lost her fight with atypical teratoid rhabdoid, a rare brain cancer, and many of herfans including Justin Bieber, remember Routh’s courage and grace. The Boston Globe and Boston Herald. September 27, 2012.

Asim Ahmed, MD, is interviewed about ways to protect yourself from the West Nile virus. Boston Magazine. September 27, 2012.

Boston Children’s Hospital’s Vector blog pulls together several studies from Gabriel Corfas, PhD, that detail the various levels of damage that can be done to children’s brains when they are subject to trauma, neglect and social isolation. WBUR’s “CommonHealth” blog. September 27, 2012.

Mark Kieran, MD, PhD, of the Dana-Farber/Children's Hospital Cancer Center, finds that progeria patients who used a farnesyl transferase inhibitors called lonafarnib were able to improve their cardiovascular health and increase their weight gain, problems usually associated with the condition. CBSNews.comFOX News, and USA Today. September 26, 2012.

John Brownstein, PhD, and his team are tracking reported cases abroad of a new virus identified this week as being from the same family of viruses that cause common colds and serious acute respiratory syndrome, the infection better known as SARS that killed hundreds around the world in a 2003 outbreak. The Boston Globe(subscription required). September 26, 2012.

The results of the first clinical trial for children with progeria, led by Mark Kieran, MD, PhD, found that a drug first developed for cancer is promising as a treatment for the disease and may have implications in treating cardiovascular problems associated with normal aging. A Wall Street Journal online photo gallery features one of the trial participants. The Wall Street Journal (subscription required), The Boston Globe,Boston Business JournalCNN.comBoston HeraldNational Public Radio’s “All Things Considered,” Scientific AmericanScienceWBUR’s CommonHealth blog, and WCVB-TV. September 25, 2012.

David Ludwig, MD, MPH, is interviewed about a new study that finds adolescents who eliminated sugar-sweetened beverages for one year gained less weight than those who didn’t, shedding light on an effective intervention to help combat adolescent obesity. NBC Nightly NewsTIMECBS NewsThe New York TimesBloomberg Business Week, and Daily Mail. September 24, 2012.

ion Harris, PhD, CPH, and John Knight, MD, provide insight on the topic around the legalization of marijuana and what kind of damage that could mean for America’s youth. The Boston Globe’s "G section". September 24, 2012.

Gabriel Corfas, PhD, and his team found that mice raised in isolation not only behave differently, but they have thinner insulation around brain cells in a key region of the brain. The Boston Globe (subscription required). September 24, 2012.

Boston Children’s patient Avery Toole, who was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome at one day old and who later received a heart transplant is profiled of her journey as well as that of the organ donor, a little boy from Texas. Avery’s mom Cheryl Toole, RN, MS, speaks of the close bond the families have developed. People Magazine’s “Heroes Among Us”. September 21, 2012.

William Meehan, MD, talks about fall sports injury prevention. Fox 25 Boston. September 21, 2012.

Dan Nigrin, MD, MD, and Marvin Harper, MD, speak to the hospital’s electronic health record system and HIMSS Stage 7 status. Naomi Fried, PhD, and Shawn Farrell, MBA, discuss three Telehealth initiatives at the hospital, including one spearheaded by Bob Nguyen, MD, involving a robot sent home with patients who have had urological surgery and require monitoring. A Q&A with Nigrin about the hospital’s health IT endeavors is also featured. Healthcare IT News. September 17, 2012.

A testimonial from medical reporter Rachel Zimmerman, about the treatment her daughter received from Baruch Krauss, MD, is shared. WBUR’s “CommonHealth” blog. September 17, 2012.

Boston Children’s injury prevention tips for athletes are shared. WBZ-TV Channel 4. September 17, 2012.

Gabriel Corfas, PhD, found changes in the brains of mice that were isolated at a young age may help explain the profound behavioral problems of severely neglected children. The mouse experiments suggest that neglect during a specific developmental window irreversibly stunts brain development. The Huffington Post,CBSNewsAmerican Association for the Advancement of ScienceScienceNews,, and Live ScienceSeptember 14, 2012.

Six key strategies forward-thinking hospitals and health systems are using to achieve population health management and other quality and cost goals, including Boston Children’s Hospitals collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts are reported. Becker’s Hospital Review. September 12, 2012.

Claire McCarthy, MD, is interviewed about the importance of protecting children from poisoning by keeping laundry detergent capsules out of sight. Fox 25 Morning News. September 12, 2012.

Elsie Taveras, MD, MPH, shares expert insight about the childhood obesity epidemic.Harvard Gazette. September 12, 2012.

Boston Children’s Hospital patients sang with Andy Grammer during his visit to the hospital over the weekend. The Boston Herald’s “Inside track”. September 12, 2012.

Umakanth Khatwa, MD, comments on a new study, using behavioral training to help babies fall asleep doesn't seem to harm them emotionally or developmentally years later, but it doesn't benefit them long-term either. also spoke to Dennis Rosen, MD, about the study. Reuters. September 10, 2012.

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, is interviewed about his recent study that found a low-glycemic diet may be preferable for those trying to achieve lasting weight loss. NPR’s “Morning Edition”. September 10, 2012.

Michael Agus, MD, found tightly controlling blood sugar levels after young children's heart surgery doesn't reduce the risk of infection, length of hospital stay or death.Healthday News and MedPage Today. September 10, 2012.

Boston Children’s Hospital received the 2012 Lantern Award from the Emergency Nurses Association. Fran Damian, RN, MS, NEA-BC, and Diana Volpe, RN, BSN, discuss what it means to receive the honor. September 10, 2012.

According to a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study, in the past decade, the proportion of children who have high cholesterol has fallen and Sarah de Ferranti, MD, MPH, shares her insight in an editorial that accompanied the study. The Chicago Sun Times. September 10, 2012.

Van Dam, RN, explains her career path that started with a SCOOP internship and continued with nursing school before getting a nursing job on 10NW. The Boston Globe. September 10, 2012.

Hiep Nguyen, MD, comments on the study that finds cranberry juice rich in certain antibacterial substances may help prevent repeat urinary tract infections in kids.Reuters. September 7, 2012.

Claire McCarthy, MD, discusses a study that shows professional football players are at higher risk of death from diseases that damage cells in the brain. “MD Mama” blog. September 6, 2012.

Mark Schuster, MD, PhD, shares perspective on toxic chemicals in school supplies, whooping cough and the dangers of marijuana. The Boston Globe (subscription required). September 3, 2012.

Boston Children’s CLARITY Challenge, a competition to interpret the genomes of three patients, which has attracted entries from 30 teams around the world, is reported. The Foundation for Genomics and Population Health. September 3, 2012.




Michael Rich, MD, MPH, talks about the innovative approach he is taking to addressing violence in the media. Boston Public Radio. August 30, 2012.

Daniel Kohane, MD, PhD, and colleagues at MIT and Harvard University, found a method for embedding a three-dimensional network of functional, biocompatible, nanoscale wires into engineered human tissues. The Boston Herald's "BizSmart". August 29, 2012.

Three siblings who are being treated at the Dana-Farber/Children’s Hospital Cancer Center for myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) are profiled and Michelle Lee, MD, PhD, and nurse Julie Waitt, were interviewed about thesiblings’ treatments at Dana-Farber/Children’s Hospital Cancer Center. ABC News. August 28, 2012.

Daniel Kohane, MD, PhD, and colleagues at MIT and Harvard University, which shows a method for embedding a three-dimensional network of functional, biocompatible, nanoscale wires into engineered human tissues. EETimesThe Harvard Gazette, Fierce Health IT, R&D Magazine and Mass High Tech. August 27, 2012.

A Q&A with Alan Beggs, PhD, about the CLARITY Challenge launched by the hospital, its current status and how a panel of judges will evaluate the results of the contest, is featured. GenomeWeb’s BioInform, August 27, 2012.

Mark A. Schuster, MD, PhD, and his team found that black and Latino fifth graders in the United States are more likely than white students to be obese, to get too little exercise, to witness violence and to ride without seatbelts and bike helmets - all signs of significant disparities that could put their health and safety at risk. MSNBC,HealthDay, Los Angeles Times, WBUR’s “CommonHealth” blog, WBUR’s "All Things Considered", Family Practice News, ScienceDaily, MyHealthNewsDaily,MedicalXpress, Science Codox, and Alabama Live LLC. August 24, 2012.

Hiep Nguyen, MD, Elizabeth Woods, MD, MPH, and Jean Connor, DNSc, RN, CPNP, are named 2012 Champions in Healthcare. The Boston Business Journal. August 24, 2012.

David Ludwig, MD, MPH, shares tips about preparing kids for healthy school lunches.The Boston Globe. August 24, 2012.

The Top 10 Online Influencers in pediatrics maintain an active online presence across diverse interactive channels placing Claire McCarthy, MD, in the #1 spot. Healthcare IT News. August 22, 2012.

John Kheir, MD, found an infusion of microparticles into animals with low blood oxygen levels restored blood oxygen saturation to near-normal levels within seconds.Technology Review. August 21, 2012.

The work being done at Boston Children’s around health information technology and informatics is featured and Dan Nigrin, MD, MS, Jonathan Bickel, MD, Marcie Brostoff, MS, RN, NE-BC, and Jennifer Taylor, RN, speak about their roles at the hospital and various initiatives to improve clinical and research efforts. Boston Herald. August 20, 2012.

Naomi Fried, PhD, provides her insight about new health care devices that are being built by start-ups in the Boston area and the challenges they will face distributing their products. The Boston Globe (subscription required). August 20, 2012.

Boston Children’s Hospital has announced that 30 academic and commercial organizations have entered the CLARITY Challenge, a contest to identify the putative disease-causing mutations in three young patients currently being cared for at the hospital. Bio-IT World, Science 2.0 and FierceBiotechIT. August 20, 2012.

Alyna Chien, MD, MS. shares her expert insight into the idea of ‘pay-for-performance.’Fox News and Chicago Tribune. August 15, 2012.

Maureen Jonas, MD, found children with hepatitis C who are treated with peginterferon alpha might experience growth-related side effects from the therapy.Health Magazine (via HealthDay News). August 15, 2012.

Boston Children’s patient Leanna Healey, attended this year’s Children’s Hospital Association Family Advocacy Day event in Washington, DC, to advocate on behalf of Boston Children’s. The Hingham Patch. August 15, 2012.

Boston Children’s Hospital OWL Program is featured in a piece about the struggle many parents experience to give kids nutritious food, help them resist junk and get them to be more active and David Ludwig, MD, PhD, shares his insight. Parents Magazine (subscription required). August 13, 2012.

New England Revolution's Zak Boggs was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study medical sciences at England’s Leicester University. Boggs, the recipient of the 2011 MLS Humanitarian of the Year award for his ongoing volunteer work at Boston Children’s Hospital in Marsha Moses’, MD, research laboratory, helped in the attempt to find proteins in the body that would more clearly identify someone who has cancer from someone who does not. Moses’ lab received a $5,000 donation from MLS W.O.R.K.S. on behalf of Boggs. August 13, 2012.

The New England Journal of Medicineshares a study which compared the outcomes of 48 children who received a ventricular assist device called the Berlin heart to those of children who received ECMO in the past. Christopher Almond, MD, is the senior author of the study, and speaks about Boston Children’s patient Avery Toole and her experience with the device. Avery’s mother Cheryl Toole, RN, MS, nurse manager of Boston Children’s NICU, comments on Avery’s experience and progress since using the Berlin heart to bridge her to the time she received a heart August 10, 2012.

Norman Spack, MD, and his years of work treating transgender children as co-founder of the Boston Children’s Gender Management Services (GeMS) Clinic is profiled. The Boston Phoenix. August 10, 2012.

According to a new U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study, in the past decade, the proportion of children who have high cholesterol has fallen and Sarah de Ferranti, MD, MPH, shares her insight in an editorial that accompanied the study.Associated Press, Wall Street Journal (subscription required), Reuters, Fox News,Los Angeles Times, Chicago TribuneThe Boston Globe and New York Daily News. August 8, 2012.

The remarkablerecovery of Boston Children’s patient Alannah Shevennell, who had six organs transplanted last fall - the most organs ever transplanted into one person in the New England Area. Earlier this week, the Portland Regency Hotel invited Alannah and several of her friends for a complimentary tea party. The Portland Press Herald. August 8, 2012.

Kate Madden, MD, and colleagues found vitamin D deficiency is common among patients admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit and is associated with more severe illness. WebMD. August 7, 2012.

Blaise Bourgeois, MD, writes a piece that focuses on the best way to diagnose spells that might mimic epilepsy. Pediatrics News. August 7, 2012.

Umakanth Khatwa, MD, notes that new research that finds preschoolers seemed to sleep better when their parents were encouraged to cut kids' exposure to violent or age inappropriate videos throughout the day shows the media children consumed throughout the day had an impact on their sleep. Reuters and USA Todayand Dennis Rosen, MD, shares insight. August 6, 2012.

Two Boston Children’s patients who have undergone brain surgery to treat their epilepsy and Blaise Bourgeois, MD, Joseph Madsen, MD, and Tobias Loddenkemper, MD, are included in the story. The Boston Globe’s “G” section (subscription required). August 6, 2012.

Boston Children’s Hospital is ranked in the Top 25 of The Scientist’s Best Places to Work 2012. Digital Journal. August 2, 2012.

A 30-part series called "Game Changers," investigates the most remarkable advancements in science, energy and health and how they will impact the way we live. Included is research from John Kheir, MD, that finds an infusion of microparticles into animals with low blood oxygen levels restored blood oxygen saturation to near-normal levels, within seconds. Business Insider’s. August 2, 2012.

Boston Children’s patient Joey Ellison was at Monday night’s Red Sox game thanks to the Make-A-Wish Massachusetts and Rhode Islandorganization. Joey and his Little League team arrived at Fenway early in the afternoon for a tour of the ballpark and a chance to meet Joey’s favorite player, Dustin Pedroia. CBS Boston. August 1, 2012.




Jane Newburger, MD, MPH, is interviewed about new guidelines published by the American Heart Association which call for children with congenital heart disease to be screened early and regularly for a variety of cognitive and developmental deficits. The Wall Street Journal (subscription required). July 31, 2012.

Chief Innovation Officer Naomi Fried, PhD, and her co-panelists shared their tips for mhealth innovators on July 25 at the 4thannual mHealth World Congress. CMIO. July 30, 2012.

Leslie Higuchi, MD, MPH, found that compared to people who have never smoked, former smokers have a higher risk of developing two inflammatory bowel diseases: Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. The Chicago Tribune. July 30, 2012.

Beth Stevens, PhD, met President Barack Obama at the White House after being named one of 96 researchers to receive the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the highest honor bestowed by the federal government on science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their independent research career. In a separate piece, the newspaper notes the pride of Brockton High School in Stevens’ accomplishments, and how the school has the potential to steer talented students toward science careers. The Brockton Enterprise. July 30, 2012.

Stephen Voss, MD, PhD, and colleagues found computed tomography (CT) is overused in the routine surveillance of children with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Medscape Medical News (subscription required). July 27, 2012.

Florence Bourgeois, MD, MPH, and Kenneth Mandl, MD, MPH, found while children account for almost 60 percent of those with several common medical conditions, only 12 percent of clinical trials of drugs for those conditions examined their effects on pediatric patients. HealthDay News. July 26, 2012.

Margaret Sheridan, PhD, and Charles Nelson, PhD,that found that kids who are neglected, growing up without normal emotional and social interaction, have measurably different brain structure from other kids. The study is part of the ongoing Bucharest Early Intervention Project (BEIP). Parents Magazine’s “goody blog”, TIME,The Los Angeles Times, WBUR’s “CommonHealth” blog,,, Medical News Today, PsychCentral, and DailyRx. July 24, 2012.

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, and Cara Ebbeling, PhD, published the recent study inJAMA. Michael Rogers, PhD, a research scientist at the hospital, says it has been a life changer. Since the study ended he has kept the weight off, taken up long-distance running and shifted to eating steel-cut oats and whole wheat bread. The Boston Globe. July 24, 2012.

CEO, James Mandell, MD is interviewed about Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program, healthcare reform and what it all means for children's hospitals going forward. Becker’s Hospital Review. July 20, 2012.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, says if people are outsourcing daily tasks they once enjoyed because it’s easier, they are letting go of activities that make their life more meaningful. The Wall Street Journal. July 19, 2012.

Boston Children’s Hospital is one of eight recipients of the Emergency Nurses Association’s (ENA) second annual 2012 Lantern Awards. Fran Damian, MS, RN, explains what this award means for Boston Children’s Hospital. Healthcare Finance News. July 18, 2012.

Boston clinicians traveled to Butaro Hospital in Rwanda to help with the opening of the first cancer ward in rural East Africa. Molly Jo Moore, MD, cared for pediatric patients while in Rwanda. The Boston Globe (subscription required). July 18, 2012.

Three Boston Children’s Hospital innovations including the VGo Robot, Physician-Physician Virtual Consultation and ER physician-to-ICU physician connection are featured. MedCity News and The Potsdam eGovernment Comptetence Center. July 18, 2012.

Life Technologies also recently announced a collaboration with Boston Children's Hospital to develop next-generation sequencing workflows in a CLIA and CAP certified laboratory. GenomeWeb Daily News. July 17, 2012.

Brian Labow, MD, found thatfor many teen girls, an overly large cup size may not be such a good thing, with many reporting serious discomfort both physically and emotionally because of their large breasts. For some, these issues are troubling enough for them to seek breast-reduction surgery. HealthDay News. July 16, 2012.

Anne Stack, MD, explains the possible danger associated with the “salt and ice challenge.” The Boston Herald. July 16, 2012.

William Meehan, MD, found multiple mild concussions have a cumulative and lasting effect. WCVB-TV Channel 5. July 16, 2012.

Mary Ellen Avery, MD, discovered surfactant, a lifesaving medicine that saves babies struggling to breathe. Avery's legacy is passed down in the medical field and featured in this piece. Voice of America. July 15, 2012.

Boston Children's Hospital signed onto the alternative contract this year with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. The Boston Globe (subscription required). July 13, 2012.

Boston Children’s patient Cameron Ledin who has Eosinophilic esophagitis, a disease where the white blood cells attack the throat when he eats, damaging his esophagus. John Lee, MD, explains the symptoms Cameron was initially experiencing. WCVB-TV Channel 5. July 13, 2012.

Naomi Fried, PhD, provides a deeper meaning of the term “innovation” both for what it is and what it isn’t. Videos about the Boston Children’s Innovestment Grant are also shared. MedCity News. July 11, 2012.

Norman Spack, MD, provides insight into gender identity disorder and transgender youths. NBC Dateline. July 10, 2012.

ASciencemagazine article published last week by three Boston ethicists – including Robert Troug, MD - explores the question of whether or not family members should benefit when a loved one’s cells are bought and sold to aid in drug development. The Boston Globe. July 10, 2012.

In an effort to develop new ways of diagnosing and treating diseases, scientists are increasingly tracking the various patterns by which the body senses and reacts to stimuli. The article includes new research from Frank Duffy, MD, and Heidelise Als, PhD, that used electroencephalography (EEG) to identify autism in children as young as two. The Wall Street Journal. July 5, 2012.

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, has a discussion with co-host Erica Hill about calories, on a special Google+ Hangout. CBS “This Morning”. July 2, 2012.

Donald Bae, MD, explains Arthrogryposis, a condition that causes limited range of motion in children’s joints and affects one in 3,000 infants. CNN’s “The Chart” blog. July 2, 2012.

John Kheir, MD, found an infusion of microparticles into animals with low blood oxygen levels restored blood oxygen saturation to near-normal levels, within seconds.Fox News and The Scientist. July 2, 2012.

Matthew Warman, MD, and colleagues identifies the genetic basis for CLOVES syndrome, a rare congenital malformation and overgrowth disorder. Neuroscience News. July 2, 2012.

Nelson, PhD, is interviewed about his research on babies and early memories.NECN’s morning show. July 2, 2012.




David Ludwig, MD,PhD, and Cara Ebbeling, PhD, suggest that low glycemic diets are best for maintaining weight loss, and shares Boston Children’s Michael Rogers’ journey as a participant in the study. WCVB-TV Channel 5 shares a shopping list of low glycemic foodsThe Los Angeles Times’ “Booster Shots” blogMSNBC’s “HEALTH” blog and SELF. June 29, 2012.

John Kheir, MD, found an infusion of microparticles into animals with low blood oxygen levels restored blood oxygen saturation to near-normal levels, within seconds.The AtlanticPopular Science, Scientific American, Technology Review, andGizmodo. June 29, 2012.

Frank Duffy, MD, and Heidelise Als, PhD, used electroencephalography to identify autism in children as young as two. The New Scientist,,, TopNews New Zealand. E! Science News.,United Press International(UPI),,,,,, ,The Tenessean, London Free Press, Toronto Sun, Daily Star Online,, Fox News, Medical Xpress, London Free Press, Toronto Sun, Boston Magazine,, WebMD, Medical News June 29, 2012.

An 8-month-old Chinese baby is recovering after a 12-hour operation to reattach her hands and Brian Labow, MD, explains what goes into this type of detailed July 29, 2012.

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, and Cara Ebbeling, PhD, published a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, that challenges the notion that a calorie is a calorie and suggests that low glycemic diets are best for maintaining weight loss. The New York Times, ABC News, CBS This Morning, The Wall Street Journal,USA Today,Bloomberg News, The Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, Time’s “Healthland” blog, HealthDay News,MSNBCLos Angeles Times,The Boston Globe’s “Daily dose” blog,The Boston Herald’s “The Edge” blog, The Boston Business Journal,WebMD, HealthDay News,, BBC News, The Daily Mail,andScienceDaily. July 27, 2012.

Whileno one knows how many American children have gender identity disorder, increasing numbers are being treated for the condition long ignored or denied. Norman Spack, MD, adds that everyone is seeing more cases than ever before. The Chicago Tribune. July 27, 2012.

W. Hardy Hendren III, MD, has received the 2012 Jacobson Innovation Award of the American College of Surgeons for his pioneering work in developing urinary undiversion surgical techniques. Modern Medicine. June 26, 2012.

Boston Children's Hospital and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center will receive an $800,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop and use informatics infrastructure to mine pediatric data stored in electronic medical records housed in both institutions. Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD, explains how the partnership will work. GenomeWeb. June 25, 2012.

William Meehan, MD, is interviewed on the topic at Boston Children’s 9th Annual Sports-Related Conference on Concussion and Spine Injury. WBUR’s “It’s Only A Game”. June 25, 2012.

Sevenorganizations whom have announced changes to their name, logo or brand within the past month, including Boston Children’s, are reported. Becker’s Hospital Review. June 22, 2012

The results of a survey and focus group released by Boston Children’s Hospital, were released which found that half of public employers and about one-third of private companies now offer health plans that limit their workers’ access to certain hospitals and doctors, and many are confused about how these plans work. The results were released at a forum featuring Boston Children’s President and Chief Operating Officer Sandra Fenwick, James Roosevelt, President and Chief Executive Officer, Tufts Health Plan and Philip Edmundson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, William Gallagher Associates. The Boston Globe. June 22, 2012.

Dennis Rosen, MD, discusses ADHD in kids and speaks about the effects ADHD medications sometimes have on sleep patterns. U.S.News & World Report (via Yahoo News). June 20, 2012.

The New England Journal of Medicine is celebrating its 200thanniversary with commemorative articles, an interactive website and a symposium Friday exploring the evolution of medicine over two centuries. Sydney Farber, MD, and Judah Folkman, MD, are remembered for their commitment and historical milestones in pediatric care.The Boston Globe. June 18, 2012.

Claire McCarthy, MD, shares how parents can teach safety and responsibility with technology to their kids. Boston Magazine’s “Boston Daily”. June 15, 2012.

Tobias Loddenkemper, MD, was the recipient of the 2012 Dreifuss-Penry Epilepsy Award, for his work in connecting diurnal rhythms to seizure patterns. The American Academy of Neurology’s “Neurology Today”. June 15, 2012.

U.S. News & World Report’s notes that Boston Children’s Hospital has the top ranking on the Honor Roll. June 15, 2012.

Charles Nelson, PhD, discusses the topic of children’s memories and notes that while memories can form very early in childhood, retrieval of memories comes later in a child’s life. The New York Times blog “18 and Under”. June 12, 2012.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, supports lifting the age restrictions because of the increased involvement parents would have in their children’s social media. The Boston Globe(subscription required). June 11, 2012.

Tajinder Singh, MD, found that Hispanic patients in need of a heart transplant are 50 percent more likely to die before they get one than white patients. CNBC (via Reuters). June 8, 2012.

Ahmet Uluer, MD, discusses the cystic fibrosis. June 8, 2012.

Claire McCarthy, MD, is interviewed about a dangerous new game that middle school students are playing, known as California Knock-Out. Fox 25. June 7, 2012.

Boston Children’s Hospital ranks first in the Honor Roll and in the top four of every evaluated specialty for “Best Children's Hospitals 2012-13”. The Boston Globe, USA Today, The New York Daily News, The Indianapolis Star, Yahoo! News and The Boston Business Journal. June 6, 2012.

Alison Field, ScD, notes that everyone would agree that people need to be active and while exercise is not sufficient on its own to prevent weight gain, it is a really important part of the equation. Reuters. June 6, 2012.

Umakanth Khatwa, MD, MD, and Eliot Katz, MD, explains sleep apnea in kids. The Boston Globe (subscription required). June 4, 2012.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, talks about the increase in kids using social media and the panic parents face. Boston Magazine. June 4, 2012.

Matthew Warman, MD, and colleagues that identifies the genetic basis for CLOVES syndrome, a rare congenital malformation and overgrowth disorder. Boston Children’s patient Riley Cerabona is living with CLOVES and her mother provides insight into what this research breakthrough means for Riley and her family. WBUR’s “CommonHealth” blog, The Boston Business Journal, Mass High Tech, ScienceCodex, Medical News,, Yahoo! News and June 1, 2012.

Southcoast Hospitals Group will discontinue inpatient pediatric services at Tobey Hospital as part of a plan to create an enhanced regional pediatric program. Boston Children's Hospital and its physicians will collaborate with local physicians to provide hospital-based pediatrics for Southcoast, including 24/7 telephone Emergency Department consultations at Tobey for emergent care. June 1, 2012.




Beth Stevens, PhD, and Dori Schafer, PhD, explain how immune cells in the brain target and remove unused connections between brain cells during normal development. Nature. May 31, 2012.

Ina letter published in the May 31 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, Arin Greene, MD, MMSc, and colleagues reported on 15 obese individuals with swelling in both legs. They diagnosed five of these individuals with leg lymphedema and the cause of the condition was obesity. U.S.News & World Report (via HealthDay). May 31, 2012.

Samuel Nurko, MD, MPH, explains that Miralax is very effective and has a good safety profile. The New York Times and The Worcester TelegramMay 30, 2012.

Susanna Huh, MD, MPH, found babies delivered by caesarean section may have an increased risk for obesity in childhood. Time Magazine’s “HealthLand” blog, The New York Post, Voice of America, International Business Times, Madeformums.comand The Herald Sun. May 30, 2012.

14-month-old Boston Children’s patient Sergio O’Connor, is being treated for esophageal atresia and had surgery to successfully rejoin both ends of his incomplete esophagus. The Irish Examiner. May 30, 2012.

At The Ninth Annual Sports-Related Conference on Concussion and Spine Injury hosted by Boston Children’s Hospital, Mark Proctor, MD, speaks about the importance of educating the sports community – including coaches, trainers, nurses and parents - about concussions. NESN. May 25, 2012.

Dennis Wigandt, PharmD, RPh, CSPI, talks about the concerns about new detergent packs and their appeal to toddlers and young children. WHDH-TV Channel 7. May 25, 2012.

Beth Stevens, PhD, and Dori Schafer, PhD, explain how immune cells in the brain target and remove unused connections between brain cells during normal development. This research sheds light on how brain activity influences brain development and highlights the newly found importance of the immune system in how the brain is wired, as well as how the brain forms new connections throughout life in response to change. ScienceDaily,, ScienceCodex May 24, 2012.

Larry Benowitz, PhD, found a three-pronged intervention that not only got optic nerve fibers to grow the full length of the visual pathway (from retina to the visual areas of the brain), but also restored some basic elements of vision in live mice. Medscape(subscription required),, International Business Times andDiscover Magazine. May 24, 2012.

Joanne Cox, MD, notes that early intervention services can really make a difference in kids who are at risk for developmental delay. Reuters. May 23, 2012.


Michael Rich, MD, MPH, says an iPad gives children encouragement to keep playing by enhancing their dopamine levels. Rich will also take part in a live chat online to address questions on the topic. The Wall Street Journal. May 22, 2012.

Norman Spack, MD, provides inside on transgender youth. The Washington Post. May 21, 2012.

FormerNew England Patriots player Ted Johnson was at Boston Children’s 9thSports-Related Conference on Concussion and Spine Injury. The Washington Post (via the Associated Press), The Boston Globe, The Patriot Ledger, The Providence Journal,,, andThe Boston Herald. May 21, 2012.

Sharon Levy, MD, MPH, explains that high-risk behaviors in teens certainly run together. Reuters. May 21, 2012.

Boston Children’s patient Elie Madden, who has returned home to Ireland after her successful treatment for a rare medical condition called esophageal May 21, 2012.

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Margaret Coughlin, explains the gradual rollout of officially changing Children’s Hospital Boston’s name to Boston Children’s Hospital.. New England Cable News, The Portland Press Herald and also report on the name change.

Dennis Rosen, MD, writes an op-ed that focuses on the Obama administration’s announcement that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services would make much greater use of competitive bidding to buy medical equipment for Medicare patients. The New York Times. May 16, 2012.

Dr. Farzad Mostashari, the national coordinator for health information technology, explains five things government can do to foster innovation. Included in Mostashari’s examples is the Boston Children’s SMART Project, developed by Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD, and Kenneth Mandl, MD, MPH. The Boston Globe. May 16, 2012.

HBO’s four-part documentary, “The Weight of the Nation,” focuses on the obesity epidemic in the U.S. and began airing last night. Elsie Taveras, MD, MPH, is featured in a portion of the documentary and explains that the advice she gives her patients can be very difficult for them to follow after they head back home. The Boston Globe’s“Daily dose” blog. May 15, 2012.

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, provides insight into tracking body mass index as if it were a vital sign at medical checkupsm which is among a new set of strategies recommended for battling obesity, a concern that some experts predict will affect 42 percent of adults by 2030. Kaiser Health News and The Washington PostMay 14, 2012.

Grace Lee, MD, MPH, that finds the 2008 “no-pay” rule adopted by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to encourage hospitals to stop medical complications has led to consistently funded infection control departments, more collaboration with physicians and other front-line staff and higher compliance with evidence-based guidelines. American Medical News. May 14, 2012

Jeffrey Burns, MD, MPH, presented OPENPediatrics at the IBM Center for Social Business in Cambridge. Boston Business Journal. May 14, 2012.

The sixth and final installment in a series highlights nine-year-old Boston Children’s patient, Riley Cerabona, who was born with CLOVES syndrome. WBUR’s “CommonHealth” blog. May 11, 2012.

Rebekah Mannix, MD, MPH, Vincent Chiang, MD, and Anne Stack, MD, found children with public insurance or who had no coverage are at least 22 percent less likely than those with private insurance to receive testing or to undergo procedures when they visit hospital emergency departments. The Kaiser Health News“Capsules” blog. May 10, 2012.

Jean Anne Connor, RN, DNSc, CPNP, was awarded a $50,000 Impact Research Grant by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and is to be inducted into AACN’s Circle of Excellence Society.’s “Nursing Spectrum”. May 9, 2012.

ThreeBoston organizations will receive $11.6 million from the federal government to expand programs focused on keeping sick seniors out of the hospital, improving the health of children with asthma and connecting people who are homeless with better medical care. The Boston Children’s Community Asthma Initiative is included. The Boston Globe’s “White Coat Notes” blog. May 9, 2012.

Henry Dorkin, MD, director of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the investigator for Vertex’s clinical trial is very encouraged by the results of a clinical trial for cystic fibrosis patients thus far. The Boston Globe (subscription required). May 8, 2012.

Partners HealthCare ran a full-page advertisement touting its efforts to control costs in which is one in a series that were launched last month, which also highlight the system’s research and health care quality efforts. The blog also mentions Boston Children’s Hospital’s “The Value of Children’s” website, which explains the hospital’s efforts to enhance quality and reduce cost. The Boston Globe’s “White Coat Notes”. May 8, 2012.

The10thAnniversary 2012 ‘Salute to Nurses,’ honoring nurses whose actions speak the language of compassion honors Boston Children's Hospital's nurses included on the list. Nomination letters on behalf of Jay Hartford, CCRN, and Colleen Gerrity, RN, are also featured. The Boston Globe. May 7, 2012.

Research published in the journal, Pediatrics, from Florence Bourgeois, MD, MPH, found four of every five kids hospitalized in the United States are treated with drugs that have never been tested in them. CNN Health. May 7, 2012.

Claire McCarthy, MD, talks about how adolescents routinely take on things that are new and unfamiliar, without any guarantee of success. The Boston Globe(subscription required). May 7, 2012.

Hans Oettgen, MD, PhD, is the first incumbent of the Children’s Hospital Boston Professorship in Pediatric Immunology. Harvard Medical School News. May 7, 2012.

The fifth installment in a series highlights nine-year-old Boston Children’s patient, Riley Cerabona, who was born with CLOVES syndrome. In this update, Riley shares some of her favorite things and explains how she responds when people ask her about CLOVES Syndrome. WBUR’s “CommonHealth” blog. May 4, 2012.

Sergio O’Connor, a 1-year-old Boston Children’s patient from Ireland, is receiving treatment for esophageal atresia, a rare condition that John Foker, MD, is treating him for at the Esophageal Advanced Treatment (EAT) Center. WCVB-TV Channel 5. May 2, 2012.

Sunday’s New York Times article examines how a recent "flattening out" trend in health spending may be the result of a change in behavior by both providers and consumers, noting that Boston Children’s has implemented more than 100 reforms, saving millions of dollars, in the past four years. Kaiser Health News. May 1, 2012.

Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD, explains what it will look like when a doctor has a patient's full set of DNA in hand. Forbes “Techonomy” blog. May 1, 2012.

Amy Starmer, MD, MPH, and colleagues developed I-PASS, which can reduce medical errors by as much as 40 percent. Ten pediatric training programs in North America are testing the model. Fierce Healthcare. May 1, 2012.




Elsie Taveras, MD, MPH, is featured in Part 3: Children in Crisis of HBO's "The Weight of the Nation" which goes deep into the obesity epidemic and includes interviews with several Boston-area doctors for a better understanding. Associated Press (via The Boston Herald). April 20, 2012.

Ahmad Alomari, MD, MSc, FSIR, explains CLOVES syndrome. WBUR’s “CommonHealth” blog. April 20, 2012.

Michelle Bosquet Enlow, PhD, finds suffering emotional trauma such as witnessing domestic violence or being abused early in life may inhibit children's intellectual development. MSNBC. April 20, 2012. 

Southcoast Hospitals Group says its Tobey Hospital will no longer offer inpatient pediatric services, as part of a plan to create a consolidated regional pediatric program. Boston Business Journal. April 18, 2012.

Peter Raffalli, MD, comments on the problem of bullying in childhood and shares some reasons why it is happening. The Boston Globe’s “Daily dose” blog. April 17, 2012.

Sarah Spence, MD, PhD, notes that doctors are looking not simply at the whole brain but at the "wiring" between brain regions and the spaces between cells, where chemical messages are sent, regarding autism research. USA Today. April 10, 2012

An opinion piece from President and COO, Sandra Fenwick, focuses on lowering health care costs. Fenwick believes focusing on unit costs alone will not solve the cost problem, rather, innovations in care delivery, improving quality and optimizing utilization offer the greatest opportunities to reduce costs over time. Boston Business Journal. April 6, 2012

Nine-year-old Riley Cerabona was born with CLOVES syndrome. Cerabona is in a new clinical trial that involves a new drug treatment for people with similar malformation syndromes as Riley's.  Steven Fishman, MD,operated on Riley when she was an infant and explains the complications of Riley's case. WBUR’s “Common Health”blog. April 6, 2012

Thomas Palmer, a young boy from Nevada who was on vacation on the Cape a few years ago and became extremely ill. David Fulton, MD, ultimately diagnosed the boy with Kawasaki disease. Impressed with the level of care his son received and the Boston-area overall, Thomas’s father decided to move his family and company to Boston permanently. The Boston Globe. April 6, 2012

“Shoe + Tell: An Evening of Style and Science,” a benefit that took place Wednesday at the Stuart Weitzman Showroom in New York City. Guests mingled and visited “innovation stations” that explained research being performed atBoston Children's.The Boston Globe’s “The Names” blog. April 6, 2012

Diane Stafford, MD, talks about precocious puberty. WBUR’s “Common Health” blog. April 5, 2012

The gay rights movement and how far it’s come is discussed. Heather Corliss, MPH, PhD, discusses her recent research that finds approximately 25 percent of gay and lesbian teens and 15 percent of those who said they were bisexual are homeless.WCVB-TV Channel 5’s Chronicle. April 5, 2012

The Boston Children’s Running Program, spearheaded by Pierre d’Hemecourt. MD is profiled. The Harvard Gazette. April 5, 2012

Debra Adam-Curran, RN, writes a letter thanking all who chose to participate in the Memorial Blood Drive for Melrose Schools. Melrose Free Press. April 5, 2012

Michelle Bosquet Enlow, PhD, and colleagues finds children exposed early in life to interpersonal trauma have lower IQ-related scores at 2,5 and 8 years of also reporters on the research. Fox 9 News. April 5, 2012

The diagnosis, dangers and results of Lyme disease in children are reported and John Brownstein, PhD,and his team explain their use of climate change forecasts to project where Lyme might appear next. The Huffington Post. April 4, 2012

The U.S.maker of the famous Barbie franchise will release a doll next year that is bald in support of children who have cancer and lose their hair in treatment. Cor Liptak, PhD, of Dana-Farber/Children's Hospital Cancer Center applauds this development and hopes it can be a way for pediatric cancer patients to express their emotions during treatment. Yahoo! News. April 4, 2012

Leonard Zon, MD, talks about the ways scientists are turning to zebrafish to find new ways to treat conditions like cancer, muscular dystrophy and blood diseases. WGBHGreater Boston. April 4, 2012

PatientAlannahShevenell who received a multivisceral organ transplant late last yearis living a healthier life and looking forward to school in the fall. WCVB-TVChannel. April 4, 2012

Reports on new research from Jonathan Mansbach, MD, finds infants who are hospitalized for severe bronchiolitis may carry viruses that can lengthen their hospital stay and be infectious to other children. Medscape (login required). April 3, 2012

Patient, Sydney Pardi, has osteogenesis imperfect and is treated by Samantha Spencer, MD. Dr. Spencer inserted telescopic rods into Sydney’s legs to help support her brittle bones and give her a better quality of life. Ivanhoe Broadcast News. April 3, 2012

Dante is a patient who is being treated for esophageal atresia. The article highlights the Esophageal Atresia Treatment Program and includes insight from Laura Jaweed, DPT, PT, MS, and Natalia Abreu, PT, MS, who explain the benefits of these patients receiving physical therapy during treatment. ADVANCE for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine. April 3, 2012

Diane Stafford, MD, is interviewed about precocious puberty in girls. Fox 25 Boston. April 3, 2012

Cardiologist Gerald Marx, MD, will be presented with the American Heart Association’s Paul Dudley White Award at the Boston Heart Ball on Saturday, April 28, 2012, at the Westin Copley Place Hotel. The Dover-Sherborn Patch. April 3, 2012

Lyle Micheli, MD, director of the Division of Sports Medicine, suggests players avoid pitching in ways that will put more stress on their elbows and recommends they avoid throwing a curveball until at least 14-years-old. The Boston Globe (subscription required). April 2, 2012

An op-ed column was published that shares a mother's experience obsessing over her daughter's weight. David Ludwig, MD, PhD, expresses the importance of family dynamic in treating obesity and the crucial need for slowing weight gain and eating in moderation. The Boston Globe (subscription required). April 2, 2012

 Amanda Murphy, a patient fighting cystic fibrosis, and her brother Zach, born prematurely at Brigham and Women's, can see each other’s rooms from their windows, both on the ninth floor of their respective hospitals. Amanda and her new brother share messages to each other on the windows. Boston Herald. April 2, 2012

Christine Kelleher-Ross of Natick who is running the Boston Marathon for Boston Children’s Hospital is profiled. The MetroWest Daily News. April 2, 2012




A Supreme Court ruling against President Obama’s landmark health care law could prompt challenges to the Massachusetts law that inspired it. James Mandell, MD, CEO notes that for kids, the difference between coverage state to state across the state Medicaid programs could be incredibly problematic. The Boston Globe. March 30, 2012

Children’s has a fast-track program where children ages two or younger flagged by their pediatrician for suspected autism can receive an extensive evaluation. William Barbaresi, MD, explains that the hospital has worked hard to reduce wait times to get an evaluation appointment. The Boston Globe’s “Daily dose”. March 30, 2012

An essay from Mark Schuster, MD, PhD, was presented at the GLBT & Friends Celebration in June, 2010, and has just been published in the journal Academic Pediatrics. WBUR’s “CommonHealth”. March 30, 2012

The Ivy League’s Concussion Committee will recommend a number of policy changes to the league presidents to protect student-athletes playing men’s and women’s hockey, lacrosse, and soccer. Michael O'Brien, MD, feels on-the-field diagnosis of head injuries could be helpful. The Harvard CrimsonMarch 30, 2012

The right actions for parents to take when they are told their child has a weight problem. David Ludwig, MD, PhD, emphasizes that parents may need to teach a child to distinguish true biological hunger from eating out of habit or boredom. The Boston Globe’s “Daily dose”. March 29, 2012

Griffin Lincoln, a fourth-grader at the Kennedy School in Canton, plans to raise $3,000 to help kids beat cancer. The Canton Journal. March 29, 2012

Hall of OddAnimals, an exhibit of imaginary animals created by artist Jef Czekaj and patients, is now on display daily at the Boston Children’s Museum from 10 5 p.m. The Boston Globe. March 29, 2012

An international stem cell conference scheduled to take place next month at the Vatican has been cancelled, and the Catholic News Agency reported that the choice of speakers, which included George Daley, MD, PhD, was a factor. The Boston Globe’s “White Coat Notes”. March 28, 2012

Leo Westebbe will run in the Boston Marathon this year after finding his calling in long distance running. The Newton Tab. March 28, 2012

Patriots quarterback Brian Hoyer and Harlem Globetrotters forward Slick Willie Shaw visited patients yesterday. NESN also reports on this story. March 28, 2012

The earlier start to allergy season because of the unseasonably warm winter. Ari J. Fried, MD, explains what residents can anticipate from this year’s allergy season. The Topsfield Tri-Town Transcript. March 28, 2012

Andrew MacGinnitie, MD, PhD, comments about allergy season and notes that an early start to allergy season doesn’t mean the allergy season will end earlier. The Patriot Ledger. March 27, 2012

The risk of injury among the youth figure skating population. Brian FitzGerald, certified athletic trainer, discusses the injuries he has seen among figure skaters and why it can be a dangerous sport. ADVANCE for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine.March 27, 2012

Health professionals and local school systems are warning parents that the practice of the "cinnamon challenge" can cause health problems including respiratory distress and choking. Michele Burns Ewald, MD says she has not seen any cases. The Boston Globe. March 26, 2012

A 52-year-old MRI technician was at a park Friday night with his children, when he was distracted by a man and woman quarreling nearby at the intersection. He called 911 and chased the suspect. The Boston Herald. March 26, 2012

Some parents fear ‘The Hunger Games’ will be too violent for their children to see, however young kids are still determined to see it. Michael Rich, MD, MPH, explains the importance of parents knowing their child and then deciding if watching this movie is appropriate. WBZ-TV Channel 4. March 26, 2012

Patient Emily Hatch was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 14 after experiencing intense and increasing abdominal pain. Marc Laufer, MD, explains the painful and difficult disease and describes how he diagnosed Emily after performing laparoscopic surgery. WBUR’s “CommonHealth.” March 23, 2012

9-year-old patient Alannah Shevenell was honored by the legislature Thursday when they approved a joint order recognizing the youngster's courage and determination to overcome a devastating illness, after undergoing a multivisceral organ transplant, receiving the first ever transplanted esophagus and the most ever transplanted organs in the New England region. WCSH-TV. March 23, 2012

New research around the “hygiene hypothesis” that finds as people grow up in cleaner and more sterile environments, allergies, asthma and other inflammatory diseases increase. Dale Umetsu, MD, PhD, notes that the hygiene hypothesis remains a hypothesis. The Boston Globe’s “White Coat Notes”. March 23, 2012

Patients and families got to see the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup championship banner and the Celtics 2008 banner hanging in the hospital’s main lobby yesterday. The Boston Herald’s “Inside Track”. March 23, 2012

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, comments about ‘The Hunger Game’ and explains how kids perceive violence when they read it in a book versus seeing it in a movie and notes that parents simply need to know their child to know if they can handle the film. The Boston Globe also reports on this topic. The Chicago Tribune. March 21, 2012

The “Think Out Loud” radio show discusses Down syndrome and what it means to parents to raise a child with Down syndrome. Brian Skotko, MD, MPP, provides insight from three surveys he recently published. Oregon Public Broadcasting. March 22, 2012

The Green Streets Initiative’s (GSI) Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge, a seven-month competition to encourage active, sustainable commutes and Boston Children’s Hospital is taking part in the challenge. The Boston Globe. March 22, 2012

Andrew MacGinnitie, MD, associate clinical director of Division of Immunology, speaks about the early onset of spring allergies and how to know the difference between allergies and colds. WBUR’s “CommonHealth.”  March 20, 2012

Kate Gamache is running the Boston Marathon in honor of her kids, all three who have received care here. Northborough Patch. March 20, 2012

The hospital lobby's famous Bippity Boppity Balls sculpture was built in 1997 and continues to welcome patients with awe and wonder. The Boston Globe. March 19, 2012

Tepha Inc. raised $11.3 million in equity funding from 38 unnamed investors and was developed as a spinoff of a collaboration between Metabolix Inc. and Boston Children’s Hospital. Mass High Tech. March 19, 2012

Senior vice president and Chief Innovation Officer spoke at the eHealth Innovation.Health Imagining. March 19, 2012

The Robert Duffy Direct Impact Fund held as a special Saint Patrick's Day fundraiser to raise money for the Dana Farber Jimmy Fund Clinic and the Brain Tumor Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital. March 19, 2012

Sisters Isabel and Olivia Haglund hosted their second annual Teddy Bear Tea in honor of their aunt Maureen Mink who passed away from pancreatic cancer several years ago. March 19, 2012

Tuukka Rask, Boston Bruin's goalie visited the hospital and decorated pots o’ gold with patients. NESN and NHL Network also reports on the visit. The Boston Herald’s “Inside Track”. March 16, 2012

Connor Daley, a second-grade patient, has organized an effort to collect toys, books and games for children like him who suffer from immune deficiencies. The Patriot Ledger.  March 16, 2012

Spliceman is software that is already being used to understand the unexplained genetic conditions of clinical patients in the CLARITY Challenge. The Brown Daily Herald. March 16, 2012

TempleGrandin, a renowned autism advocate gave a lecture and discussed similarities between the neurological expression of human and animal emotions and her personal struggles with autism. She shares her experience as a patient here. The Brown Daily Herald. March 16, 2012

In collaboration with the Museum of Fine Arts, Children’s Hospital Boston hosted an art event to help patients and their visitors have some fun and get creative. Jessica Finch, art program manager at Children’s, notes that it’s important to provide a positive distraction for patients. The New York Times. March 15, 2012

Researchers have used social media to track the spread of diseases such as influenza, and are attempting to use such technologies to tackle the spread of misinformation. John Brownstein, PhD, explains how he’s created a tracking systems for flu based on Google results and used Twitter to trace the spread of cholera through Haiti. Fox News. March 15, 2012

The Ecology Center and The Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow have released a study showing more than half of inexpensive jewelry they tested from stores like Claire's, Walmart, Target and Forever 21 may contain dangerous levels of cancer-causing chemicals like cadmium. Lois Lee, MD, MPH, adds that the after effects of chemical exposure can be startling. New England Cable News. March 14, 2012

Research from Children’s found higher amounts of vitamin D in the diet are associated with a lower risk for bone fractures in teenage girls. Kendrin R. Sonneville says the study doesn’t find conclusively that the intake of Vitamin D is going to prevent stress fractures, but believes Vitamin D definitely helps reduce stress fractures. The New York Times “Vital Signs” Column March 13, 2012

Ellen Painter Dollar suffers from brittle bone disease and recently wrote a book titled “No Easy Choice.” Dollar discusses how technology is impacting the choices women make when they are pregnant. Bryan Skotko, MD, MPP, comments on the ethical issues prenatal testing raises. The Hartford Courant. March 13, 2012

One year old patient underwent a kidney after being born with one kidney that was failing before she turned a year old. William Harmon, MD, chief of the division of nephrology, explained how rare it is for children less than a year old to need a kidney transplant. The Boston Globe. March 12, 2012

A patient born with spina bifida and recently underwent surgery dreams of meeting singer Bruce Springsteen. The “Make-A-Wish Foundation" will make this dream come true at Springsteen’s concert in Boston on March 26th. WCVB-TV Channel 5. WHDH-TV Channel 7 and the Canton Journal also reported on the story. March 12, 2012

A 9-year-old patient who underwent a multivisceral transplant in October of 2011 is followed up. The Portland Press Herald. WHDH-TV Channel 7 also reports on this story. March 12, 2012

A new study from Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School and Tufts Medical Center suggests electrocardiograms (EKG) screenings could help identify heart problems in children earlier and potentially save lives. U.S.News & World Report (via HealthDay News). March 12, 2012

Jennifer LeBovidge, PhD, will host a talk for parents about how to understand and help children manage the feelings and behaviors associated with having food allergies. The Lexington Minuteman. March 12, 2012

A progeria patient has surpassed the average lifespan of someone with this rare diseaseand shares her experience in her book titled, Old Before My Time. ABC News. March 9, 2012

A patient is recovering after undergoing a heart transplant to treat his dilated cardiomyopathy, a rare genetic heart condition that causes a weakened and enlarged heart. His brother also underwent a heart transplant at Children’s last year. WCAX-TV. March 9, 2012

California State Senator Fran Pavley introduced a bill to remove the word "retarded" from California's law books on Wednesday, calling the word outdated and demeaning. Brian Skotko, MD, MPP, hailed Pavley's legislation, and said getting rid of the word gives people with intellectual disabilities the respect that they deserve. The Huffington Post. March 8, 2012

Kids are increasingly asking their parents to put down their mobile devices and spend less time online. Michael Rich, MD, MPH, explains that he’s starting to see kids who are cutting back on screen time after witnessing their parents’ behavior. The Boston Globe’s “G” section. March 8, 2012

Andrew MacGinnitie, MD, PhD, is interviewed about cold season and allergies in kids.Fox 25 Boston. March 7, 2012

A recent sturdy that finds young children who snore a lot or have other breathing problems at night may have a heightened risk of behavioral and emotional problems later on in life. Sanjeev Kothare, MD, who is not involved in the study, agrees that parents should talk to their pediatrician if they notice their child is snoring and has other tell-tale symptoms. Reuters. March 7, 2012

The  MIX 104.1 ninth annual “MIX Cares for Kids” two-day radiothon raised $625,000 — one of the highest totals ever — for Boston Children's Hospital. The Boston Herald’s “Inside Track”. March 6, 2012

Pediatrics survey of physicians and nurses at intensive care units (ICUs) and oncology wards at Boston Children's Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute points to the top 3 barriers for Advanced Care Discussions (ACD) regarding children. Amy Durall, MD, and colleagues recommend that an education curriculum be developed for providers on how to have these discussions with pediatric patients and their families. Medpage Today (log-in required). March 6, 2012

Gender identity disorder is reported and Scott Leibowitz, MD, speaks about the psychiatric impact gender identity has on kids. CBC’s “The Current” radio show. March 6, 2012

Research published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine that finds adolescent girls who got more vitamin D through their diet were less likely to get a stress fracture than adolescents who didn’t get as much vitamin D.  Kendrin Sonneville, ScD, RD, LDN, one of the lead researchers believes the study adds more evidence to the existing school of thought that adolescents and women should be cognizant of how much vitamin D they are getting in their diets. Reuters News Service. WHDH-TV, Medpage Today, The LA Times , and International Business Times also covered the story. March 6, 2012

Man Wai Ng, DDS, MPH, has started a disease management program to educate parents on preventative measures and reduce the number of pediatric dental surgeries required. The New York Times and CNBC also reported on the story. March 6, 2012

Mark Proctor, MD, speaks about plagiocephaly and what causes it. The Boston Globe. March 5, 2012

An article written by Neil Schechter, MD, titled “Pediatric Office Pain: Crying for Attention” is published in the online version of Pediatrics. March 5, 2012

The miraculous story of a Children's patient who received a heart transplant after waiting since 2001 when his condition was labeled as"end-stage heart failure" is reported. The Press Republican. March 2, 2012

Jason Varitek announces his retirement from the Red Sox and Chairman Tom Werner mentions the impact Varitek had on patients and fans from Boston Children's Hospital with his Tek’s 33s program. March 2, 2012

Gregg Daniels, "Fast" Freddy and Sue Brady from MIX 104.1 are broadcasting from the station's Cares for Kids Radiothon at Boston Children's Hospital. The Boston Herald’s “Inside Track”. March 2, 2012

Children’s will collaborate with Southcoast Health System to provide access to high-quality pediatric care to children and families in the South Coast region beginning this summer. The Boston Globe, The Fall River Herald and also reports on the collaboration. March 1, 2012

The story of a patient who was transported to Boston Children’s Hospital after she was born via emergency c-section at 26 weeks when her mother collapsed from a blood clot and had a heart attack is reported. The Boston Globe. March 1, 2012




New England Patriots players Jerod Mayo, Julian Edelman and Kevin Faulk visited patients and served up pancakes as part of the team’s “Celebrate Volunteerism’’ campaign. The Boston Globe. The Boston Herald also reported on the visit. February 29, 2012

Laurie Cammisa, Esq., Vice President of Child Advocacy, spoke with Robert Woods Foundation’s blog about Children’s Community Asthma Initiative and its benefits.  “NewPublicHealth” blog. February 29, 2012

The “Teddy Bear Clinic” was co-sponsored by Children’s Hospital Boston and Winchester Hospital at the Burlington Mall and designed to help children experience less anxiety when they visit a doctor’s office or hospital. The Burlington Union.February 27, 2012

Newly available tests for detecting Down syndrome prenatally are reported and a mother whose daughter is a patient at Children’s speaks about her daughter’s experience. Brian Skotko, MD, MPP, provides insight from three surveys he recently published which suggest that the experience of Down syndrome is a positive one for most parents, siblings and people with the condition. Time Magazine (subscription required)February 22, 2012

Bryn Austin, ScD, found children who don’t conform to expected gender stereotypes, even before age 11, are at significantly greater risk for physical, sexual and psychological abuse during childhood and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in young adulthood. A study from Norman Spack, MD, and Scott Leibowitz, MD, documents significant mental health risks as children struggle with strong feelings of being born “in the wrong body.” Reuters, HealthDay News and CBS also report on these studies. February 22, 2012

The recent Globe story highlights the Children’s Hospital Boston Community Asthma Initiative and the new research that finds hospitalizations for asthma have been dramatically cut because the program helps families reduce the conditions that trigger attacks. The Boston Globe’s “White Coat Notes” blog. HealthDay and Nurse.comalso reports on this. February 22, 2012

A Children’s study from the journal Pediatrics documents significant mental health risks as children struggle with gender identity disorder – or strong feelings of being born “in the wrong body.” Children’s Norman Spack, MD, notes that by some estimates, 1 in 10,000 children have the disorder. The Washington Post (via the Associated Press).,, and LiveScience.comalso reported on the study. February 21, 2012

First ever Innovation Day at Children’s Hospital Boston featured over a dozen presentations regarding novel clinical products, processes and technologies which are making healthcare safer, better and less expensive. February 15, 2012

Children’s Al Patterson, PharmD, testified before the state Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health about the effects of the growing problem of drug shortages linked to manufacturing problems and the rise of what the speakers described as the “grey market,” in which drug suppliers stockpile medications, then sell them at inflated prices. CBS News (via Associated Press). The Boston Globe’s“White Coat Notes” blog also reported on the news. February 14, 2012

Children’s patient recently had surgery to repair his esophageal atresia – and his surgeon, Russell Jennings, MD, explains the extremely detailed process to treat esophageal atresia and Dori Gallagher, RN, adds that the patient is doing very well.Buffalo News. February 6, 2012

Children’s patient is home three months after undergoing a 6-organ transplant. Heung Bae Kim, MD, led the 14-hour procedure, which is thought to be the first ever transplant of an esophagus and the largest number of organs transplanted at one time in New England. ABC News (via the Associated Press). New York Daily News also covered the story. February 3, 2012

Hiep Nguyen, MD, is sending some patients home with VGo robots to monitor their healing process at home. Fast Company. also reports this story. February 3, 2012

Young patients at Children’s had a surprise visit from former New England Patriots player Joe Andruzzi and other players to ring in Super Bowl spirit. WHDH-TV Channel 7. February 3, 2012

Food and Drug Administration approved a cystic fibrosis treatment drug called Kalydeco, which was developed by Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. Ahmet Uluer, DO, director of Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program and principal investigator at Kalydeco clinical trials, explains how this drug will benefit patients. The New York Times.  The Boston Globe and Fox 25 Boston also covered the news. February 1, 2012

Front-page story reports on a 9-year-old Maine girl who left Children’s today, three months after Heung Bae Kim, MD, performed surgery to replace five of her abdominal organs (the liver, stomach, spleen, pancreas and small intestine) and her esophagus to save her from a rare and aggressive form of cancer. The Boston Globe. WCVB-TV Channel 5, WBZ-TV Channel 4, WHDH-TV Channel 7, New England Cable News, and Fox 25 also covered Alannah’s story. February 1, 2012

Janet Soul, MD, and Anne Hansen, MD, MPH, carefully orchestrate the intricate process of a Children’s patient who underwent induced hypothermia with the use of a cooling blanket to care for insufficient oxygen flow after birth due to collapsed lungs.WBUR’s “CommonHealth” blog. February 1, 2012




New research from Stephen Brown, MD, and colleagues explains the importance of radiologists being prepared to disclose radiological errors to patients. CMIO. January 31, 2012

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, notes that simplest explanation is that more obese women require c-sections than lean women regarding research that finds children born by c-section are no more likely to become obese than if they are born vaginally. Reuters. January 30, 2012

The shift from fee-for-service patients to “global payments” in an effort to control the rising costs of healthcare. The article notes that Children’s recently signed onto a global payments plan, agreeing to a three-year contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. The Boston Globe. January 30, 2012

Richard Malley, MD, assures readers there is no need to panic over the findings of a study that found vaccine effectiveness can be reduced by environmental “White Notes” Blog. January 27, 2012

Nadine Gaab, PhD, and Nora Raschle, PhD, finds dyslexia may be detectable even before children learn to read by studying MRIs to see how their brains are working.U.S. News & World Report (via HealthDay News). Inside Science News and The Huffington Post UK edition also reported on the news. January 25, 2012

Children’s Physicians’ Organization and the Pediatric Physician Organization at Children’s has agreed to a three-year contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.  This marks the first pediatric or specialty hospital to sign onto the Alternative Quality Contract. The Boston Globe (subscription required). WBUR’sCommonHealth blog also covers the agreement and features a Q&A with Children’s President and COO, Sandra Fenwick on the new contract.  January 24, 2012

Children’s announces the CLARITY Challenge, a $25,000 competition to encourage scientific teams to develop standards for analyzing, interpreting and reporting relevant genomic findings to physicians and patients. Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD, says that genome analysis is an exciting technology and has come into practical fruition in the last couple of years, but a lot of work needs to be done to make it usable in a clinically responsible fashion. The Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog. Bio-IT World also reports on CLARITY and speaks with Kohane about the goals behind the competition. Mass High Tech and GenomeWeb also cover the story. January 24, 2012

Children’s Nadine Gaab, PhD, and Nora Raschle, PhD, finds dyslexia may be detectable even before children pick up their first book by studying MRIs to see how their brains are working. and Ivanhoe Broadcast News Service also reported on the study. January 24, 2012

The first study to be published involving the use of embryonic stem cells in humans appeared online in The Lancet. Children’s George Daley, MD, PhD, notes that researchers are enthusiastic to see actual trials of cells based on human embryonic stem cells, but it is far too preliminary to conclude anything other than that more studies are warranted. The Boston Globe’s “White Coat Notes” blog. January 24, 2012

Janice Ware, PhD, is interviewed live in-studio on the possible changes of the definition of autism that soon may be changing as proposed revisions would change the current diagnostic criteria and that could mean thousands who are currently labeled autistic may not be anymore. FOX 25. January 24, 2012

Two Rockland sisters are recovering at Children’s after one donated her bone marrow to the other. FOX 25. January 23, 2012

Bruins’ Marc Savard invited Children’s head trauma and depression patients to attend every home game this season and next and sit in a private suite at the Garden. The Boston Herald.  WHDH-TV Channel 7,,, The Washington Post (via the Associated Press), and Taunton Daily Gazette also report on the story. January 23, 2012

An obituary on the legacy of Mary Ellen Avery, MD, the first female physician-in-chief at Children’s, whose groundbreaking research about the underdeveloped lungs of premature babies was credited with saving hundreds of thousands of newborn lives.The Washington Post. January 20, 2012

Children’s patient from Ireland is doing well after undergoing several surgeries to treat her esophageal atresia. The Irish Times. Irish Voice Reporter also covered the story. January 20, 2012

Dick Hoyt and his son Rick, who has cerebral palsy, will run their 30th Boston Marathon this year to raise money for the Hoyt Foundation. The father-son team has contributed $25,000 to the Augmentative Communication Department at Children’s Hospital Boston. The North Reading Patch. January 20, 2012

Brian Skotko, MD, MPP, suggests prioritizing communication with your child by using sign language and picture communication to decrease frustration and behavioral problems for a child with Down syndrome. January 19, 2012

J. Kevin Nugent, PhD, of the The Brazelton Institute discusses new research that found people learn to lip read as infants and the linguistic abilities of infants. Fox 25’s Morning News Show. January 19, 2012

One-year-old Children’s patient will receive bone marrow from her two-year-old sister to keep her acute lymphoblastic leukemia in remission. WBZ-TV Channel 4 also reported on this story. FOX 25. January 19, 2012

A study led by Jay Berry, MD, MPH, found children with neurological impairments are more inclined to need the specialty services of pediatric specialty January 19, 2012

The Centers for Disease Control reported on obesity rates in the United States and David Ludwig, MD, PhD, comments that obesity rates are plateauing at an unacceptably high prevalence rate. (via the Associated Press). January 17, 2012

5 year-old patient was hit by a car and while walking along a city crosswalk and a group of strangers came to his rescue, lifting the car and pulling him out from underneath it. The Boston Herald also reports on his story. WHDH-TV Channel 7. January 16, 2012

Cancer treatment centers including links to prestigious hospitals are springing up in suburban communities around the state, including Boston Children's Hospital at Waltham. The Boston Globe. January 16, 2012

New research from Donald Ingber, MD, PhD, and Kaustabh Ghosh, PhD, found a way to deliver drugs specifically to pancreatic cells – a method they believe could support Type 1 diabetes treatments. The Boston Business Journal. Drug Discovery & Development also covers the research.January 16, 2012

11 nurses from Children's presented at the 2011 Association of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Nurses (APHON) 35th Annual National Conference held in California. Advance for Nurses. January 13, 2012

Zebrafish research at Children’s Hospital Boston is highlighted with Leonard Zon, MD, Louis Kunkel, PhD, and Christian Lawrence sharing their expertise in working with and studying the fish. The iSpawn is also featured. Wall Street Journal. January 13, 2012

Boston Bruins player Marc Savard – who suffered from a debilitating concussion in 2009 and has yet to return full-time to the team – donated a TD Garden luxury suite to patients at Children's suffering from the effects of head trauma from both a medical and psychological standpoint., The Boston GlobeThe Boston Heraldand ComcastSportsnet also reported on the suite donation. January 12, 2012

The obituary of Mary Ellen Avery, MD, is featured. Frederick Lovejoy, MD, and Stella Kourembanas, MD, reflect on Dr. Avery’s work and their experiences working with her.The Boston Globe (subscription required). Harvard Magazine also memorialized Dr. Avery for her ground-breaking work. January 11, 2012

The first clinical trial involving embryonic stem cells was ended shortly after it began, leaving patients who were treated as part of the trial with no next steps. George Daley, MD, PhD, notes that the unexpected completion of the trial is disappointing in a field that has been hard to sustain momentum because of controversy and lack of funding.The Chicago Tribune. January 11, 2012

The ADHD drug shortage is reported and Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich, MD, speaks about what issues this presents for patients and their parents.’s “White Coat Notes”. January 10, 2012

John Brownstein, PhD, founder of, believes analyzing information from social media tools such as twitter, will help health officials respond quickly and appropriately to public health crises. January 10, 2012

Former Children’s patient is winning his battle versus leukemia and assists the Boston College men’s basketball team.His position with the team is thanks to Team January 9, 2012

Iron workers working on the “Skinny Binney” expansion project are giving inspiration to patients by spray painting their names on steel beams, which patients can see from their hospital room windows. FOX 25. January 9, 2012

Howard Shane, PhD, testified in several facilitated communication sex abuse cases and discusses facilitated communication and why it is an ineffective tool in helping autistic children speak and communicate. ABC. January 9, 2012.

Children's patient received a kidney donation from her uncle shortly before the holidays. FOX 25. January 4, 2012