News Clips from 2010



A team from the Critical Care Transport Unit traveled to Martha's Vineyard to assist in the delivery of a baby. The Martha's Vineyard Times. December 29, 2010.

Brian Fligor, ScD, CCC-A, discusses how loud music or noise must be to damage a person's hearing. The Boston Globe. December 27, 2010 

After undergoing treatment for brain cancer at Children's as a teenager, Rachel Mardola is designing jewelry to raise money for the hospital. The Today Show. December 24, 2010.

Leukemia patient Madi McLaughlin spent Christmas with her family after battling life-threatening pneumonia. The Brockton Enterprise. December 24, 2010.

Three-year old Will Gray suffered a blood clot in his brain after falling down the stairs and underwent emergency brain surgery to fix to clot. WCVB-TV (ABC Affiliate). December 23, 2010.

John Knight, MD, offers commentary about why parents shouldn't permit their adolescent children to drink alcohol. The Patrior Ledger. December 23, 2010.

Cancer survivor Joey Sameron started Project Smiles, which provides backpacks full of toys, crayons and little surprises for children undergoing cancer treatment. The Boston Globe. December 23, 2010.

 A virtual Santa brings the holidays to sick children. Reuters. December 22, 2010.

Teen rock band One Step Away is one of four finalists in the Generation Cures Battle of the Bands to benefit research at Children's. The Wilmington Advocate. December 22, 2010.

Players from the Boston Bruins visited patients at Children's Hospital Boston. The Boston Herald. December 22, 2010.

Joey McIntyre of the New Kids on the Block visited Children's Hospital Bostonand performed with Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops. December 21, 2010.

Children's Hospital Boston among the leading health institutions in terms of technology transfer-based revenue in 2009. Mass High Tech. December 21, 2010.

Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD, talks about a new study he led that found the physical distance between collaborating researchers matters for productivity and impact.Healthland Blog on December 20, 2010.

Wayne Tworetzky, MD, discusses what it is like to operate on a fetal heart. National Public Radio. December 13, 2010

David Urion, MD, discusses the complex cognitive phenomenons ADHD and attention disorder. The New York Times. December 13, 2010.

A study by Fabienne Bourgeois, MD, MPH, and Kenneth Mandl, MD, MPH, discovered a host of dangerous and costly problems when full patient information isn't sharedbetween healthcare institutions. Kaiser Health News. ecember 13, 2010.

Lyle Micheli, MD, offers some safety tips for children and parents when visiting an indoor trampoline park. December 10, 2010.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, talks about the Facebook ranking trend among adolscent girls and says parents need to address this issue with their children immediately. WBZ-TV Channel 4. December 9, 2010.

Research led by Hannah Kinney, MD, found that babies who die of SIDS tend to have significantly lower amounts of serotonin than babies who die of other causes. Businessweek (via HealthDay News). December 8, 2010.

Celtics star Shaquille O'Neal and coach Doc Rivers visit Children's to hang out with patients and join them for a game of bingo. The Boston Globe. December 7, 2010.

Joshua Greenberg, JD, explains an unintended consequence of the new healthcare law would impact Children's ability to treat the sickest children with the most complex healthcare needs. The New York Times. December 7, 2010.

Brian Skotko, MD, MPP, discusses his work with Henry Gustav Molaison, the most studied patient in the history of brain science after 1953. The New York Times. December 6, 2010.

Ben Majewski, a 20-year-old Newton resident and Children's Hospital Boston volunteer, who has down syndrome and hearing problems is attending college at Massachusetts Bay Community College, despite his disability. The Boston Globe. December 5, 2010.

The Center for Media and Child Health at Children's Hospital Boston is a great resource for parents navigating technology use by kids. The Chicago Tribune. December 5, 2010.

Some of the proceeds of the Boston Tip-Off Classic will benefit the Children's Hospital Boston Playground Project. The Boston Globe. December 5, 2010.  

A study led by John Brownstein, PhD, found that surveillance efforts are getting better at identifying new infectious disease outbreaks. Voice of America. December 3, 2010.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, weighs in on the controversy surrounding the winner of "America's Next Top Model" and what young girls take away from seeing such a thin girl win. New England Cable News. December 3, 2010.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, discusses the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and how the ultra-thin models may provide young women with unrealistic ideals. CBS News. December 2, 2010.

Lisa Scherber, director of patient and family programs at the Dana-Farber Children's Hospital Cancer Center in Boston, and her team were selected as the first USA Today's Holiday Heroes. USA Today. December 1, 2010.  

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, comments on the $4.5 billion child nutrition bill that wouldban greasy food and sugary soft drinks from schools. ABC News. December 1, 2010.




Lyle Micheli, MD, discusses how he doesn't see any advantages of exposing infants to sports training programs. The New York Times. November 30, 2010.  

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, comments on the growing trend of pediatricians encouraging parents to abadnon white rice cereals in favor of more nutritious options. USA Today. November 30, 2010.

Children's broke ground on a 10-story building that will significantly expand clinical operations in the Longwood Medical Area. The Boston Globe. November 30, 2010.

Researchers are experimenting with new channels to deliver drugs directly to areas of the body where they can be most effective. Daniel Kohane, MD, PhD, discusses his work in this field. The Boston Globe. November 29, 2010.

George Daley, MD, PhD, discusses stem cell biology, embryonic stem biology, embryonic stem cells and iPS cells and their role in research. November 29, 2010.

Gwen Lorimier underwent a multi-organ transplant a little more than a year ago. Heung Bae Kim, MD describes her diagnosis and complex transplant surgery. WCVB-TV Channel 5. November 26, 2010.

Joshua Greenberg, JD, speaks about Children's outreach to Senators Kerry and Brown to ensure continued access to a program that offers below-market prices on medicines for rare, life-threatening conditions. The Boston Globe. November 25, 2010.

Christopher Landrigan, MD, MPH, discusses the importance of hospitals implementing proven safety measures. Bloomberg Businessweek. November 24, 2010.

An editorial written by David Ludwig, MD, PhD, and Cara Ebbeling, PhD, states a diet that could effectively prevent weight regain over the long term would have major public health significance. 

Scott Pomeroy, MD, PhD, led a study which identified six subtypes of medulloblastoma, one of the most common malignant brain tumors in children. ReutersU.S. News & World Report (via HealthDay). November 24, 2010.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, disucsses a speech he recently delivered entitled, "Finding Huck Finn: Reclaiming Childhood from the River of Electronic Screens." The New York Times. November 21, 2010.

Frances Jensen, MD, speaks about the resiliency of the teen brain. USA Today. November 19, 2010.  

Dennis Rosen, MD, and Denise Anderson, RN, discuss their recent trip to Haiti as part of a 12-person team from Children's that worked in collaboration with Project Medishare. WBUR-FM. November 19, 2010.

Researchers studied whether training parents and pediatricians' office staff intechniques to reduce children's pain and anxiety made immunizations less stressful. U.S. News & World Report. November 17, 2010.  

New England Patriots Brian Hoyer, Ron Brace, Julian Edelman and Matthew Slater visited patients at Children's as part of their "Kick Cancer" initiative. New England Cable News. November 16, 2010.

John Brownstein, PhD, and his team study local populations becoming engaged in public health and plotting points of an unfolding health emergency, violent outbreak or natural disaster or an onlinemap. November 16, 2010.

Alan Leichtner, MD, FAAP, discusses cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS), a little known and poorly understood disorder that can range from mild to debilitating. The Washington Post. November 15, 2010.

Frances Jensen, MD, discusses why teenagers are actually more vulnerable than adults to the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain. November 15, 2010.

The government is deliberating whether to issue a recommendation that boys and men be vaccinated with Gardasil. Michael Rich, MD, MPH, says that so far, demand for the HPV vaccine by young men is not high. U.S. News & World Report. November 12, 2010.

New research from Clifford Woolf, MD, BCh, PhD looks at a human pain gene that appears to play a role in the differences in susceptibility to acute heat pain and chronic back pain. Voice of America. November 11, 2010. 

John Brownstein, PhD, and John Pearson of the Children's Hospital Informatics Program, found a strong link between air pollution and diabetes. Parade Magazine. November 7, 2010.

Richard Ferber, MD, discusses his work at the Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders and the misconceptions around his recommended treatment styles for getting a child to sleep. November 1, 2010.




HealthMap, created by John Brownstein, PhD, and Clark Freifeld, which has added functionality to its web site to map cholera treatment centers, health facilities, and safe water installations is profiled. CNN. October 29, 2010.  

A report on TED MED 2010 presentations by Frances Jensen, MD, Pierre Dupont, PhD, John Brownstein, PhD, and Clark Freifeld. Scientific American "Observations". October 28, 2010.

The latest updates to the "Outbreaks Near Me" mobile phone application developed by John Brownstein, PhD, and Clarak Freifeld. USA Today's "Science Fair". October 25, 2010.

Fish oil supplements no help in pregnancy, says Mandy Belfort, MD, MPH. Boston Globe "White Coats". October 25, 2010.

Brian Fligor, ScD, CCC-A, is interviewed about hearing loss that can occur as a result of MP3 players. Woman's Day. October 16, 2010.

George Daley, MD, PhD, comments on a medical milestone - the first embryonic stem-cell treatment on a human. ABC World News. October 11, 2010.

P. Ellen Grant, MD, discusses the Human Connectome Project. The Boston Globe. October 11, 2010.

Leslie Lehmann, MD, is interviewed about juvenile myelomoncytic leukemia. CBS Sunday Morning. October 10, 2010. 

Joshua Greenberg named vice president of Government Relations. Boston Business Journal. October 8, 2010. 

A new study by John Brownstein, PhD, strongly links adult diabetes to air pollution.USA Today's Green House blog. October 5, 2010.

Allison Scobie-Carroll, LICSW, MBA, and Celeste Wilson, MD, submitted comments about a controversial opinion column on shaken baby syndrome. BUR Radio CommonHealth blog. October 4, 2010.

Joanne Cox, MD, comments on a new study about teens' sexual activity and the use of contraception. New England Cable News. October 4, 2010.

Frances Jensen, MD, talks about teen brain development and the role brain maturation may have played in a Rutgers student's shocking suicide. Good Morning America. October 2, 2010.




Children's scientists led by Derrick J. Rossi have developed a techinque that can create safe human embryonic stem cell alternatives. The Washington 30, 2010.  

A new study by John Brownstein, PhD, finds a strong correlation between adult diabetes and smog. USA Today. September 30, 2010.  

Ben Reis, PhD, is one of the winners in the First Lady's Apps for Healthy Kids competition. USA Today. September 30, 2010.  

Lois Lee, MD, MPH, concurs with a Government warning about the dangers of infant sleep positioners. WBZ Radio. September 29, 2010. 

Charles Nelson, PhD, comments on the impact contrasting clothes may have on a baby's IQ. The Boston Herald. September 29, 2010.

Dennis Rosen, MD, writes about the difficult lives of babies in Haiti. The New York Times. September 28, 2010.

Dr. David Ludwig, MD, PhD, speaks about an innovative anti-obesity program in Somerville, MA. Need To Know on PBS. September 27, 2010.

Leonard Zon, MD, is interviewed about the legal uncertainty around the use of federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. The Boston Globe. September 27, 2010.

Nevil Sethna, MD, says that growing up, boys and girls show comparable patterns of pain. The Boston Globe. September 27, 2010.

Lyle MIcheli, MD, is interviewed about the high price schools pay to keep student athletes safe. The Boston Herald. September 26, 2010.

Highlights of Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett's "Beckett Bowl," which was recently held to benefit Children's. New England Cable News. September 26, 2010.

Thomas Sandora, MD, MPH, is interviewed on the recent flu and vaccine recommendations. WBUR CommonHealth blog. September 16, 2010.

David Williams, MD, comments on a new gene therapy study that has found promising results for those suffering with deadly blood disorders. The Wall Street Journal. September 16, 2010.  

George Daley, MD, PhD, goes to Washington, DC to testify in support of stem cell research reform. The Chicago Tribune. September 14, 2010.  

Sharon Levy, MD, MPH, addresses the serious health risks to teens using cold medicine to get high. The Today Show. September 14, 2010.

Leonard Zon, MD, pens an opinion piece on the federal ruling to halt federally funded embryonic stem cell research. September 14, 2010.  

Lyle Micheli, MD, responds to a report that finds the number of head injuries involved with youth basketball is soaring. U.S. News & World Report. September 13, 2010.

Fran Damian, MD, RN and Denise Downey, RN, MSN are quoted regarding the pediatric ED guidelines that stress specialized emergency care including a family presence in the ED. Nursing Spectrum. September 13, 2010.  

Children's Hospital is mentioned in this news program featuring the lives of three young girls with Progeria. ABC News 20/20. September 10, 2010.

A federal appeals court has temporarily allowed federal funding for stem cells to resume, George Daley, MD, PhD, is interviewed. The Boston Globe. September 10, 2010.  

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, responds to the state Department of Public Health report onyouth obesity in Massachusetts. The Boston Globe. September 9, 2010.

Lois Lee, MD, MPH, comments on a new report from the Insurance Institute naming the 21 safest booster seats. September 8, 2010.  

Abby Fleisch, MD, discusses the dangers of dental sealants. NBC Nightly News. September 7, 2010.

Abby Fleisch, MD, was interviewed about a study she co-authored that found dental sealants expose kids to small amounts of BPA. USA Today. September 7, 2010.

Weight problems may begin in the womb according to a recent study co-authored by David Ludwig, MD, PhD. The New York Times. September 7, 2010.

3-D technology can be a sore sight for eyes, according to Children's Ophthalmologist-in-Chief David Hunter, MD, PhD. The Boston Globe. September 4, 2010.  

Michael Young, MD, offers his opinion on whether or not people are over-reacting when it comes to banning peanuts or having peanut-free zones at ball parks and football stadiums. Fox 25 News. September 1, 2010

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, offers helpful tips for parents trying to balance their child's media consumption. New England Cable News. September 1, 2010.




Janet Soul, MD, comments on a new study that finds infants born slightly premature are at a higher risk for developing cerebral palsy. National Public Radio. August 31, 2010.

John Knight, MD, discusses the Massachusetts social host law. The Boston Globe. August 30, 2010.  

In a recent profile, Florence Bourgeois, MD, MPH, was interviewed about a study she co-authored that found industry-funded drug trials produce more favorable results.The Boston Globe. August 30, 2010.

David Hunter, MD, PhD, talks about his new research that shows routine school eye exams may miss certain eye conditions. WCVB-TV. August 30, 2010.

World famous women's shoe designer Stuart Weitzman is raising money to support Marsha Moses, PhD, research efforts. The Wall Street August 30, 2010.

New research from Ben Reis, PhD, and John Brownstein, PhD, finds more searches for the word "abortion" in states and countries with more restrictive abortion policies. Boston Herald. August 25, 2010.  

George Daley, MD, PhD, and Leonard Zon, MD, spoke to a number of media outlets about the federal courts decision to halt federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. The New York Times. August 23, 2010.

A new video game prototype designed by Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich, MD, Jason Kahn, PhD, and Peter Ducharme, LICSW, helps children develop anger control skills. The Boston Globe. August 23, 2010.

Gerard Berry, MD, explains the complex treatment he provides for a patient with a rare metabolic disorder. WBZ-TV. August 20, 2010.

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, comments on a new discount food stamp initiative that encourages low-income families to buy more fruits and vegetables. The Boston Globe. August 19, 2010.

Brian Fligor, ScD,CCC-A, concurs with a recent study that says teen hearing loss is on the rise. USA Today. August 18, 2010.

Phaedra Thomas, RN, BSN, and cofounder of the Center for Young Women's Health, stresses the importance of an open communication between teens and their health care providers. The Boston Globe. August 16, 2010.  

David Mooney, MD, MPH, comments on the miraculous recovery of a local teen after a near fatal car accident. Boston Globe - West edition. August 15, 2010.

Dennis Rosen, MD, notes that not getting enough sleep can affect a child's cognitive abilitly. USA Today. August 12, 2010

Sarah Pitts, MD, speaks about a new study that suggests that young girls are increasingly reaching puberty earlier. TIME. August 9, 2010.  

A new study from Zhigang He, PhD, BM, demonstrates that voluntary movement can be reestablished in mice with spinal cord damage after removing a common enzyme that regulates the neuronal cell growth. Scientific American. August 8, 2010.  

Andres Trevino speaks about Children's "Milagros Para Ninos" fundraising campaign and a special gala event that is being held in September in Boston. WBZ-TV Channel 4 "Centro". August 7, 2010.

A new study from David Ludwig, MD, PhD, finds that mothers who gain more weight during pregnancy tend to give birth to heavier infants who are at higher risk for obesity later in life. The Wall Street Journal. August 5, 2010.

Patrick Taylor, Esq., speaks about a commentary he co-authored that focuses on the obligation of researchers to return genetic results to participants in genome studies. The Scientist. August 3, 2010.

A new study by Florence Bourgeois, MD, MPH, and Kenneth Mandl, MD, MPH, finds that drug trials funded by the pharmaceutical industry usually have positive outcomes and are more likely to report findings that favor their August 2, 2010.  

Enrico Mezzacappa, MD, is interviewed about the effect of poverty on the developing brain. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. August 1, 2010.




Ben Reis, PhD, and colleagues developed "Food Hero", a new, free app that is part of a contest initiated by Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign. The Boston Globe's "White Coat Notes". July 28, 2010.

A study led by Susan Rudders, MD, finds the number of food-induced allergic reactions treated in the ER more than doubled over six years. Reuters. July 27, 2010. 

George Daley, MD, PhD, is featured in a story about foreign stem cell clinics that sell unproven treatments at a high price. NPR's Morning Edition. NPR's Morning Edition.   

Cancer researcher Mark Kieran, MD, PhD, says that the USDA's decision to revoke the approval of Avastin has limited implications. Boston July 23, 2010.  

Dennis Rosen, MD, has written a timely Op-Ed on the growing shortage of pediatric subspecialists. The New York Times. July 23, 2010.

Brian Fligor, ScD, CCC-A, speaks about a new teen fad called "i-dosing". BBC. July 21, 2010.

Children's patient stays strong despite amputations. WHDH-TV Channel 7. July 21, 2010.

David Ludwig, MD,PhD, describes the role food marketing plays in the country's childhood obesity epidemic. Boston Globe. July 16, 2010.

A follow-up story on Children's heart patient Sara Dumas, who was highlighted on "Boston Med". WCVB-TV Channel 5. July 16, 2010.

Surgeon Francis Fynn-Thompson, MD, talks about his experience being filmed for the primetime program Boston Med. ABC News NOW. July 16, 2010.  

Children's researchers have launched a new gene-therapy study for kids with the rare disease known as "bubble boy syndrome". The Wall Street Journal. July 7, 2010.  

Mark Waltzman, MD, comments on the rise in pediatric emergency room visits due to near-drownings. WCVB-TV. July 2, 2010.




Michael Rich, MD, MPH, talks about the use of cartoon characters to market foods to kids. CBS Early Show. June 23, 2010.

John Gillespie, a Northborough 7th-grader who traveled to Washington, D.C., forFamily Advocacy Day is profiled. MetroWest Daily News. June 23, 2010.

The the Da Vinci surgical robot is featured in a photo slide show of a bladder operation performed by Hiep Nguyen, MD. MIT Technology Review. June 21, 2010.

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, discusses weight-loss surgery for obese kids. Chicago Daily Herald. January 21, 2010.

Children's Jan Cady is elected president of the Boston Club. The Boston Globe. June 22, 2010.

Children's work with asthma is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency.The Boston Business Journal. June 21, 2010.

Ellen Pompeo is photographed at the 2010 NStar Walk for Children's Hospital Boston. US Weekly. June 15, 2010.

The Gene Partnership at Children's is featured as a pioneering effort to engage patients and families in DNA research. The Wall Street Journal. June 10, 2010.

Mininder Kocher, MD, MPH, is interviewed about sports-related injuries in kids. New Hampshire Public Radio. June 9, 2010.

Dale Umetsu, MD, PhD, joins Stephen Smith of the Boston Globe in a discussion about the prevalence and diagnosis of food allergies. WBUR's "Radio Boston". June 7, 2010.

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, co-authored an article that suggests bringing home economics back into the school curriculum could help reverse the epidemic of youth obesity. The Epoch Times. June 7, 2010.

A Children's patient is featured as being chosen as one of seven 'Mile Marker Kids' for the NSTAR Walk this Sunday. The Eagle-Tribune. June 7, 2010.

George Daley, MD, PhD, praises California's commitment to stem cell research.Los Angeles Times. June 7, 2010.

Dale Umetsu, MD, PhD, discusses food allergies and a family seen at Children's is featured for their experience with food allergies, as well as their participation in a Children's research study. The Boston Globe. June 7, 2010.

Children's ranks atop the best pediatric hospitals in the country. US News & World Report. June 4, 2010.

Children's Lisa Albers-Prock, MD, MPH, discusses international adoption. The Dr. Phil Show. June 2, 2010.

Mininder Kocher, MD, of the division of Sports Medicine, talks to about overuse injuries in young athletes. The Boston Globe. June 1, 2010.




Beth Stevens, PhD, talks about forming a "glia group" to bring together researchers interested in area of neuroscience. The Boston Globe. May 31, 2010.

Children's patients named by the Children's Miracle Network and Walmart as Champions for Mass. are featured. The Boston Globe. May 30, 2010.

The story of a Children's patient who was brought to the hospital after acquiring a viral infection in April is featured. The Worcester-Telegram Gazette. May 29, 2010.  

Recommendations from Children's doctors regarding safeguards for windows are highlighted. WBZ-TV Channel 4. May 28, 2010.

Children's David Hunter, MD, PhD, talks about 3D glasses and any possible harm they can cause to eyesight. The Boston Globe 'White Coat Notes'. May 27, 2010.

Hans Oettgen, MD, PhD, speaks about a new report that finds the frequency of food allergies to be less than perceived. WBZ-TV Channel 4. May 12, 2010.

A new paper by David Ludwig, MD, PhD, suggests home economics could be an ideal vehicle for teaching one of the basic skills needed to ward off obesity - preparing healthful meals at home. Los Angeles Times "Booster Shots". May 11, 2010

Elsie Taveras, MD, comments on findings from the White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity. The Boston Globe "White Coat Notes". May 11, 2010.

New England Patriots President Jonathan Kraft talks about Children's new stem cell website. Fox Business. May 10, 2010. 

Leonard Zon, MD, discusses the launch of the Stem Cell Program's new Web site.The Boston Herald. May 10, 2010.

In an article about medication compliance, Michael Somers, MD, speaks aboutadolescent transplant patients who do not take their medications as directed. The Boston Globe. May 10, 2010.

John Brownstein, PhD, talks about Healthmap's H1N1 surveillance efforts. MIT Technology Review. May 6, 2010.

Children's Lois Lee, MD, MPH, discusses a new CDC report that found nearly half of all deaths among teens are accidental, and the majority of which are from car related. CNN's "Paging Dr. Gupta". May 5, 2010.

Children's Michael Rich, MD, MPH, talks about a study that linked watching TV as a toddler to poor academic achievement, psychosocial behavior, and physical well-being. The Boston Globe "White Coat Notes". May 4, 2010. 

Children's Scott Leibowitz, MD, and Norman Spack, MD, are referenced in a report onnew resources for parents raising transgender children. The Huffington Post. May 4, 2010.

Alice Newton, MD, of the Child Protection Team, discusses a study that says the rate of shaken baby syndrome nearly doubled since the economy collapsed. USA Today. May 3, 2010.  

Children's David Ludwig, MD, PhD, talks about the misleading messages on food labels. TIME Magazine. May 2, 2010. 

A study showing the success of Children's asthma medical home is highlighted. US News & World Report. May 1, 2010.

Daniel Nigrin, MD, MS, and Marvin Harper, MD, are interviewed about challenges and opportunities around IT implementation in the pediatric setting. Healthcare Informatics. May 2010.




John Frieda's HAIRaising Tour which will be raising money for Children'sthroughout the month of May is highlighted. Vanity Fair. April 30, 2010.

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, discusses the debate over high fructose corn syrup. The New York Times. April 30, 2010.

Peter Weinstock, MD, PhD, and Tyler Hartman, MD, provide commentary in a feature on Children's simulation course for medical workers in Haiti. WBUR. April 30, 2010.

An article on national health reform highlights the Children's Community Asthma Initiative as an effective means of reducing patient hospitalizations and costs.State Magazine. April 29, 2010.

Children's Sion Harris, PhD, of the Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research, talks about the dangers of teen drinking. New England Cable News. April 28, 2010.

Lois Lee, MD, of the injury prevention program, talks about how the danger shallow water poses to infants and young children. WBZ-TV Channel 4. April 26, 2010.

Children's Susan Sommer, RN, and a parent in the Children's Community Asthma Initiative are interviewed. WBZ-TV Channel 4. April 26, 2010.

William Barbaresi, MD, talks about a new device from BioBehavioral Diagnostics designed to help doctors diagnose ADHD. The Boston Globe. April 26, 2010.

Children's Charles Nelson, MD, PhD, and Lisa Albers, MD, are quoted in an article reporting on the ongoing problems among orphanages in Russia. Washington Post. April 26, 2010.  

The Gene Partnership at Children's is referenced as a pioneering project designed to engage patients and families in research. The New York Times. April 25, 2010.

Elizabeth Woods, MD, MPH, talks about Children's commitment to curbing asthma in Boston, and the success of the hospital's Community Asthma Initiative.  

Children's George Daley, MD, PhD, talks about the use of adult stem cells as an alternative to embryonic stem cells. April 23, 2010.

Head Chef Jim Boyd talks about cooking for children who are ill, as well as at home with his daughters. Chef Jim's recipe for oven-baked chicken parmesan is also featured. The Boston Globe. April 21, 2010.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, of the Center on Media and Child Health, talks to aboutmedia use among kids and teens. CNN American Morning. April 21, 2010.

Pierre d'Hemecourt, MD, discusses the pain and injury that can come along with running the Boston Marathon. The Boston Globe. April 19, 2010.

The bond between siblings, where one sibling has Down syndrome, is featured. Brian Skotko, MD, MPP, provides his insight. The Daytona Beach News-Journal. April 19, 2010.

"Here and Now" reports on the Boston Marathon and interviews race director, Dave McGillivray, who talks about his personal experiences with Children's. WBUR. April 18, 2010.

On Sunday, April 25, salons up and down Newbury Street will be hosting a cut-a-thon to benefit Children's as part of HAIRraising, a charity program launched by John Frieda and business partner Gail Federici. The Boston Globe. April 15, 2010.

Sandra Fenwick, president, COO, is featured in this article describing the price cuts and rate reductions that Children's has implemented over the past six months which extend to all consumers. The Boston Globe. April 15, 2010.

Children's Community Asthma Initiative - a program that works with children and their families to help manage kids' asthma - is featured. April 13, 2010.

Olympian Alicia Sacramone visits Children's and participates in an art show and party promoting, a child product line whose proceeds benefit the hospital.The Boston Herald. April 13, 2010.

Jayne Singer, PhD, comments on a new study published in Pediatrics that suggests a link between aggressive behavior and children who are punished by spanking.TIME Magazine. April 12, 2010.

Aaron Bernstein, MD, MPH, is interviewed about the link between our health and the health of the planet. National Radio (Australia). April 12, 2010.

Dennis Rosen, MD, writes an op-ed about what the declining number of children born with Down syndrome means to today's doctors. Boston Herald. April 10, 2010.

Researchers at Children's will lead the efforts of a $15 million grant from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Mass High Tech. April 8, 2010.

Lois Lee, MD, MPH, is interviewed about ATV-related injuries in kids and a Massachusetts bill that would regulate ATV use by anyone under the age of 14.WCVB-TV Channel 5. April 7, 2010.

Boston Marathon Director Dave McGillivray, an avid fundraiser for Children's and the Jimmy Fund, whose nine-month old daughter was recently treated at Children's for an impaired kidney is featured. WBZ-TV Channel 4. April 6, 2010.




Children's is listed as one of the original backers of a new magazine aimed at fighting childhood obesity. The Boston Globe. March 23, 2010.

Research from Children's that found traces of lead in Indian spices and powders is featured. The New York Times. March 23, 2010.

Children's research suggests lower-income and minority heart transplant recipients may have a poorer long-term outlook than white or more-affluent patients is featured. Reuters. March 22, 2010.

Research from Susan Rudders, MD, and colleagues regarding epinephrine shots for children with a history of food-induced allergic reactions is featured.Reuters. March 22, 2010.

Research from Children's and other institutions links lead poisoning in four local children to imported Indian powders and food spices. The Boston Globe. March 20, 2010.

Children's Michael Pistiner, MD, talks about the severity of food allergies. The Cape Cod Times. March 19, 2010.

A simulation course held at Children's designed to prepare medical workers planning to volunteer in Haiti is featured. WBUR. March 18, 2010. 

Children's Colleen Longfellow addresses a growing trend of local teens taking massive amounts of cough medicine simply to get high. WCVB-TV Channel 5. March 17, 2010.

Research from Children's Shoshana Greenberger, MD, PhD, and Joyce Bischoff, PhD, that identified why a longstanding treatment for hemangioma works is featured.HealthDay News. March 17, 2010.

A new study from Children's and the Autism Consortium that found that a potentially better genetic test for autism is featured. ABC News - Online. March 15, 2010.

William Beardslee, MD, talks about a report he co-authored for that says the effects of parental depression can be reversed. Los Angeles Times. March 15, 2010.

Children's David Ludwig, MD, PhD, talks about the ongoing obesity problem in America. Newsweek. March 14, 2010.

An editorial references Children's Healthmap and Outbreaks Near Me as innovations that are trying to pinpoint the rapid dissemination of diseases. Scientific American. March 13, 2010.

Children's David Ludwig, MD, PhD, talks about the use of gastric band surgery in children. Bloomberg News (via BusinessWeek). March 12, 2010.

Children's clinical geneticist Jonathan Picker, MD, provides insight on common health problems associated with VACTERL. Cape Code Times. March 11, 2010.

Children's Michael Rich, MD, MPH about the pros and cons of children playing with phone applications. Parents Magazine. March 2010.

A feature on the obesity epidemic references Children's Suzanne Rostler, MS, RD, LDN and the Optimal Weight for Life (OWL) program. The Boston Globe. March 10, 2010.

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, talks about a new study that shows positive results in areas where a soda tax has been implemented. The Philadelphia Inquirer. March 8, 2010.

Children's Ellis Neufeld, MD, PhD, talks about a rare genetic disorder afflicting the child of a Boston Red Sox pitcher. The Boston Globe. March 7, 2010.

The story of Valiant Ming-Santucci, a Children's patient from Bermuda who returned to the hospital 10 years after he received life-saving cardiac care as an infant, a featured.WBZ-TV Channel 4. March 2, 2010.

The story of an HIV-positive Haitian child and Children's patient who was recently adopted by a Vermont family is featured. New England Cable News. March 2, 2010.

A new study from Children's Joanne Wolfe, MD, MPH, regarding how parents of children with a fatal illness weigh hastening their child's death. TIME Magazine. March 2, 2010.

Audiologist Brian Fligor, ScD, CCC-A, talks about how protecting a child's ears from loud sounds is critical to their long term hearing. The New York Times. March 2, 2010.

An article in JAMA by Children's David Ludwig, MD, PhD, concerning the obesity epidemic is highlighted. The New York Times. March 1, 2010.

Research from Elsie Taveras, MD, MPH, and colleagues on childhood obesity is featured. US News & World Report (via HealthDay). March 1, 2010.

The story of how neuroscientist Frances Jensen, MD, became interested inresearching the teenage brain is featured. National Public Radio "Morning Edition".March 1, 2010.

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, is quoted in an article about Wellspring Academy, a residential obesity-treatment center that is aimed at helping kids lose weight and get healthy. TIME. March 1, 2010.




In a feature regarding treatment for cleft lip and palate, the work of Children's surgeon John Mulliken, MD, is referenced. The New York Times Parenting "Blog". February 25, 2010.

Children's William Meehan, MD, director of the Sports Concussion Clinic, discusses research that found Wii video games to be helpful in treating stroke patients. US News & World Report (via Healthday). February 25, 2010

A new research collaboration led by John Brownstein, PhD, to study mass gatherings including the Winter Olympics and risks of infectious disease threats is featured. The Globe and Mail. February 24, 2010.

Mickey Cassella, PT, director of the department of physical therapy and occupational therapy services is quoted in a blog about the Free2BeMeDance program, which was started when its founder head about the adaptive dance program. The Huffington Post. February 19, 2010.

A story about a patient who has been treated at Children's since he was born eight months ago for an undiagnosed disorder is featured. The Worcester Telegram.February 19, 2010.

Children's blog, Thrive, is featured for documenting the hospital's work in Haiti since the earthquake that devastated the country in January. The Boston Haitian Reporter. February 19, 2010.

Claire McCarthy, MD, is interviewed for a story about a new iPhone application that claims it can help parents figure out why their baby is crying. WBZ-TV Channel 4. February 18, 2010.

New research from George Daley, MD, PhD, and colleagues reports that, in working with an engineered type of stem cell, researchers were able to reverse the aging process in a rare genetic disease. ABC News Online (via Reuters). February 17, 2010.

Frances Jensen, MD, and a patient are interviewed regarding the neurological effects of repeat concussions. National Public Radio. February 16, 2010.

"Outbreaks Near Me," the iPhone application developed by researchers in the Children's Hospital Informatics Program, is featured. Associated Press. February 15, 2010.

Michael Pistiner, MD, talks about new regulations that will require Mass. restaurantstaff and menus to address diners' food allergies. The Boston Globe. February 11, 2010.

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, discusses new research that shows obese children to be more likely to die prematurely than their healthy-weight peers. USA Today. February 11, 2010.

Research from Catherine Gordon, MD, and Kirsten Ecklund, MD, found anorexics to have an excess of fat in their bone marrow. US News & World Report (via HealthDay). February 10, 2010.

In a report about the new "Lets Move" campaign, David Ludwig, MD, PhD, talks about the significance of the issue being addressed at the highest levels of government. The New York Times. February 10, 2010.

A letter to the editor from Ming Na Ng, MD, chief of the Children's department of Dentistry, suggests that tooth brushing should be a staple in day-care. The Boston Globe. February 10, 2010.

Mark Proctor, MD, talks about the plagiocephaly and how it is treated at Children's.ABC News--Online. February 9, 2010.

Children's David Ludwig, MD, PhD, and Judith Palfrey, MD, provide insight on theFirst Lady's new "Let's Move" program. USA Today. February 9, 2010.

New groundbreaking research on SIDS from Hannah Kinney, MD, and colleagues is featured. The New York Times. February 9, 2010.

Leslie Lehmann, MD, speaks about a Children's patient with Fanconi anemia who recently received a bone marrow transplant. ABC News--Online. February 8, 2010.

Children's David Ludwig, MD, PhD, praises a new study that found simple lifestyle changes to be effective in treating childhood obesity. Time. February 7, 2010.

Research from Daniel Kohane, MD, PhD, finds the potential to create a long-lasting nerve block that eliminates pain sensation while not affecting motor function. Los Angeles Times "Booster Shots". February 5, 2010.

Brian Skotko, MD, MPP, interviews for a segment about the evolution of the word "retarded" and the impact it has on people with disabilities and their families. ABC World News Tonight. February 3, 2010.

Mark Proctor, MD, of the department of Neurosurgery, talks about sports-related spinal injuries. WCVB-TV Channel 5. February 3, 2010.

Groundbreaking research from Hannah Kinney, MD, that identified a potential cause for SIDS is featured. NBC Nightly News. February 2, 2010.

Shannon Manzi, PharmD, is one of a trio of Massachusetts medical volunteers to participate in a discussion about their recent medical missions to Haiti. Greater Boston. February 2, 2010.

Leonard Rappaport, MD, comments on a retracted study that claimed to have found a link between vaccines and autism. WBZ-TV Channel 4. February 2, 2010.

Daniel Nigrin, MD, MS, CIO, talks about about the hospital's past/present interest in having clinicians use smartphones. Healthcare Informatics. February 1, 2010.

David Mooney, MD, discusses being part of a disaster response team in Haiti. WBUR. February 1, 2010.




The new Boston Children's North location in Peabody is unveiled with children'ss James Mandell, MD, CEO, and Sandra Fenwick, president, COO, in attendance. The Salem News. January 29, 2010.

In her "Health Advice" column, Judith Palfrey, MD, discusses gastrointestinal problems in children with autism with Children's William Barbaresi, MD. US News & World Report. January 29, 2010.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, of the Center on Media and Child Health, writes of the health implications media consumption has on kids. The New York Times. January 28, 2010.

David Mooney, MD, discusses some of the challenges doctors are facing in Haiti.The Boston Globe. January 21, 2010.

Michael Rich, MD, MPH, talks about a new study that reports kids between the ages of 8 and 18 devote almost 8 hours a day to a smart phone, computer, television, video game or other electronic device. NBC Nightly News. January 20, 2010.

Mark Waltzman, MD, talks about the range of new health challenges facing survivors of the Haiti earthquake. USA Today. January 19, 2010.

Gary Fleisher, MD, part of the Children's medical team deployed to Haiti, talks about Massachusetts' relief efforts. The Boston Globe. January 19, 2010.

In the wake of Mass. public schools starting to calculate and report BMI, Allison Lauretti, PhD, provides advice for parents on how to talk to their children. The Boston Globe. January 18, 2010.

David Ludwig, MD, PhD, provides insight regarding new data that suggests obesity rates may have peaked. The New York Times. January 14, 2010.

Glenn Saxe, MD, talks about a new study in that found morphine administered shortly after a trauma may prevent post-traumatic stress disorder. The New York Times. January 13, 2010.

Claire McCarthy, MD, discusses the value of a team-based approach to the parent-pediatrician relationship. WFXT-TV Fox 25. January 13, 2009.

Research from Mustafa Sahin, MD, that looks at the looking at tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) is highlighted. HealthDay News. January 11, 2009.

Michel Gordon-Seemore discusses what job candidates can do to help themselves get hired. The Boston Globe. January 10, 2010.

The story of a Children's patient in need of a bone marrow transplant is featured.WHDH-TV Channel 7. January 7, 2009.