November 2014

November's Employee of the Month is Amanda Burns

Amanda Burns, PNP

Clinicians often, and deservedly, receive many accolades for heroic efforts and saved lives. But just as often, it’s the small efforts and acts of kindness that make a huge difference in the lives of patient families. One Massachusetts family got some first hand experience with that when a normally cautious young daughter badly sprained her ankle on the eve of a last minute trip to Cape Cod and ended up meeting Amanda Burns, PNP, nurse practitioner in Boston Children’s Department of Orthopedics and this month’s Employee of the Month.


Veterans in Profile Hannah Calkins

The Calkins in Tunisia

At a height of three stories, the United States embassy building in Dublin, Ireland most closely resembles a truncated concrete honeycomb. Grey beams cut across large swaths of glass to create haphazard and dizzying hexagonal formations, while the flat roof gives the impression that someone has expertly employed a machete to separate the structure from the rest of the honeycomb. "It's possibly the ugliest building you will ever see in your life," Hannah Calkins, MLIS, says.


Veterans in Profile Peter Hopkins

Home on leave

Though the young boy had already carried out his orders from the Taliban militants, a dangerous combination of curiosity and childhood daring compelled him to return to the site of the crime. With the battery he had installed, he knew that it all came down to applying just the right amount of pressure. Nearby, at their company outpost, or COP, Peter Hopkins, clinical assistant on 8 East, and other members of the platoon watched their screens disbelievingly.


Veterans in Profile Shawn Anderson

with mom

The Boeing Apache is one of the most advanced airborne weapons systems ever developed. Weighing almost 12,000 pounds, it's capable flying up to 182 miles per hour and it can be operated in some of the most adverse weather imaginable. Shawn Anderson, clinical assistant on Fegan 5, knew all of this when he arrived in Iraq in July 2004 for an yearlong deployment. But the thing that sticks out in his mind today is just how quickly the entire vehicle can burn down to nothing.