Practice Liaison Program and Family Advisory Council collaborate to Improve Access

Practice Liaison Program

As part of Boston Children's Hospital's ongoing effort to improve access to the care that we provide, the Practice Liaisons Program is continuing to expand in both numbers and the hours when its services are available. During this expansion, the Practice Liaison Program completed four design sessions, with the goal of developing an agreed upon quality assurance process, determining the need for a full-time triage nurse resource to support the Liaisons, and providing the necessary guidance to create detailed Service Level Agreements (SLA) between the Liaisons and the departments. Each session drew an average attendance of more than 55 people from across 18 areas. Yokaira Landron, (below) a member of the Family Advisory Council, was sought out to actively participate in these design sessions and help to further the patient and family centered focus of this team.

Founded in 1980, Boston Children’s Family Advisory Council (FAC)—consisting of 20 parents of Boston Children's patients, multiple staff members, and always co-chaired by a staff member and a parent—was established to give a voice to patients and families in hospital decisions that impact patient care, including quality, safety and service. Parents on the FAC meet once a month and provide feedback to the hospital as needed, serve as family representatives on strategically significant hospital committees, spearhead projects as a group to improve the patient and family experience, and collaborate with hospital departments and staff in directing priority initiatives.

As a parent of a 9-year-old Boston Children's patient who is seen by 20 different clinics at any given time, Yokaira was especially motivated to help the project team look at things from the family point of view. She describes having one phone number and one person who can help her and her family book all of her child’s appointments as "a dream come true." In addition to volunteering as a parent on the FAC and specialized committees and projects such as this one, Yokaira is also a staff member at Boston Children's, She just transitioned from the Primary Care Center to her new role as the Family Housing Operations Coordinator. From her perspective as an employee, a seasoned family advisor, and a parent, Yokaira said that she was especially impressed by how much the Practice Liaison Program took the voice of the families into consideration.


With a clear vision, eleven new Practice Liaisons (19 total), the team is looking to continue growing and working to improve the coordination of patient care. In an effort to be available to families when they're most often home—during the dinner hour—the Practice Liaisons now offer scheduling support until 8 p.m. for eight departments: AudiologyClinical NutritionEndocrineGeneral SurgeryOtolaryngology and Communication EnhancementOphthalmologyPlastics (Plagiocephaly Clinic), and Pulmonary.

Currently, there is a need for a Telephony Program Nurse/Patient Access Center Coordinator to work with the Practice Liaisons. Ideally, this individual would already be a part of the Boston Children's family and could begin working with the team as soon as possible.