Inside Boston Childrens

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September's Employee of the Month is Ryan O'Donnell

Ryan ODonnell

For the members of Boston Children’s Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders, the definition of the phrase “team player” starts and ends with Ryan O’Donnell. In the short time she has served the Center, Ryan has worn many hats in management, support, patient scheduling and data collection and analysis. But Ryan spends just as much time thinking about and improving patient care and access in order to deliver the best possible service. More often than not, she’s among the last to leave the office—usually because she is working talking with a family about their child’s sleep issues and the services the Center can provide them.


August's Employee of the Month is Jean Eddy Calixte

EoM Jean Eddy Calixte

The way his manager describes it, Jean Eddy Calixte walked into Boston Children’s Hospital as a new Patient Service Assistant (PSA) in 1996 with a smile on his face and hasn’t stopped smiling in the 18 years since then. Eddy, as his colleagues throughout the institution know him, plays an integral role in the Medical Surgical ICU by stocking supplies and ensuring that they are ready for patient use.


Food Services teams up with Community Health to take on Obesity

Food Services and Community Health teach a smart cooking class

To help Boston families learn some new skills in the kitchen, the Office of Community Health joined forces with experts in our Food Services Department. Together, the departments developed "Smart Cooking" as part of Boston Children's Fitness in the City Program, a partnership between the Office of Community Health and 10 community health centers to address the issue of obesity in Boston neighborhoods.


July's Employee of the Month is Maria Morrissey

EoM Maria Morrissey

Ask the staff at Boston Children's Hospital at Lexington how they manage to operate so smoothly and you're likely to hear one name come up a lot: Maria Morrissey, RN, BSN. Maria, who is this July's Employee of the Month, is a charge nurse at Lexington, though according to her colleagues, that title does little to capture all that she does for the satellite.


Memories of a nurse on the front lines

Sister Fish with her roommate at Dammes Camiers, Sister Gates

It didn't take Sarah Fish long to realize that she preferred night duty at the hospital - at least during the air raids. On those nights, she and other on-duty nurses would extinguish the ward's lights and don long coats and shrapnel hats, lest the white of their nursing uniforms catch the eye of an enemy pilot passing overhead. Accustomed as she was to the raids - by then she could tell Allied and German planes apart by sound alone - she had no desire to spend any more time in the trenches dug between the hospital's wards than she absolutely had to....


Boston Children's Got Milk 100 years ago

The father of modern pediatrics

If you travelled 100 years back in time and visited Boston Children's Hospital's current site on Longwood Avenue, you would see a brand new building, less than a week away from its official opening, though likely already bustling with activity. You would see open farm land all around the hospital - that's what most of the Fenway was in 1914, along with plenty of marsh. You would see one other thing, too: cows. Lots of them.


The future of pediatrics will be forged by thinking differently, breaking paradigms and joining together in a shared vision of tackling the toughest challenges before us.”
- Sandra L. Fenwick, President and CEO