Lab Services

Lab Services

The Phlebotomy service at theMartha Eliot Health Center strives to provide a safe and convenient blood draw service with an emphasis on patient satisfaction.  Under the management of Laboratory Medicine at Children’s Hospital Boston, the Phlebotomy service combines a dedication to quality with kind and compassionate service. Our partnership with Laboratory Medicine allows us to support research, education, and public service programs that enrich the quality of life of our patients and support the mission of the department.

Our staff is the embodiment of commitment to providing excellence in patient care. The staff is composed of carefully trained individuals with extensive experience drawing all ages, from newborn to geriatric patients.  Our staff members are experts in comforting both body and mind as they ease patients’ anxiety while performing the venipuncture procedure as painlessly as possible.

Our Mission:

To provide all patients with access to the best blood draw experience possible.  We strive to alleviate apprehension while collecting the minimum volume of blood necessary to perform testing crucial to a patient’s treatment.  Our phlebotomists work to obtain the highest quality specimens possible with the fewest number of sticks needed.  Our goal is achieved by our dedication to continuing training and ensured by regular review of quality data.

Our hours:

Hours of Operation: Inpatient Phlebotomy
8:30 am to 3:30 pm - Daily


Contact us:

Tamara Johnson, PBT (ASCP)
Senior Phlebotomist
Tel. No. (617) 919-7826


Loida Estrella, PBT (ASCP)
Tel. No. (617) 355-6425


Minda Sumera, PBT (ASCP)
Technical Supervisor
Tel. No. (617) 355-5850


Maureen Samson, BS, MLS (ASCP)
Tel. No. (617) 355-3764