Boston Children’s Hospital’s Advanced Fetal Care Center (AFCC) understands your concerns and is here to help.

Prenatal hydronephrosis is the most common urinary tract condition we deal with.

Our Advanced Fetal Care physicians, nurses and radiologists are trained in pediatric urology and are dedicated to providing compassionate and unsurpassed care to you and your unborn baby.

Click here to learn more or call AFCC at 888-905-6693 to make an appointment or receive a second opinion. A member of our staff is available to answer your questions and guide you through the scheduling process.

Boston Children’s is with you throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

About 50 percent of children diagnosed with prenatal hydronephrosis spontaneously outgrow the condition at the time of birth or soon after.

With this in mind, our AFCC prenatal team works with a pediatric urologist, provides ongoing screenings, answers your questions and follows you and your baby throughout your pregnancy.

Once your baby is born, our specialist will monitor your child’s progress and create a postnatal (after birth) plan when necessary.

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