Your child deserves the best care for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

When your family comes to our center, you’re partnering with a team of pediatric IBD experts to create a custom treatment plan for your child. We want what’s best for your child and your family, and are ready to work with you and your local doctors whether that is your pediatrician or your gastroenterologist at home. We’re available to take the lead on your child’s care—or coordinate follow-up care with your local doctors—to make sure your child is feeling better as soon as possible. 


Making the decision to travel for your child’s IBD treatment isn’t easy—there’s insurance to coordinate, travel plans to be made and lots of “what if” questions to be answered. That’s why we have a full-time care coordinator dedicated to helping our new patients navigate their insurance coverage, find the best places to stay when visiting Boston and coordinate appointments with other specialists if necessary.


We see over 100 second-opinion cases every year, working with families from all over the country to improve their child’s diagnosis or treatment. We’ll provide you with tools to better manage your child’s IBD while at school, home or in social situations. 


Our pediatric gastroenterologists, nurses, surgeons, dietitians, psychologists, social workers and child life specialists are all available to you and your family to enhance every aspect of your child’s care and answer any question you may have. 


Once an IBD expert has examined your child and reviewed their history, you’ll receive a thorough explanation of all the treatment options available. These may include improved medical management, new medication regimens or, in some cases, surgery. As a parent, you have an active role in the decision-making process any time new treatment options are discussed. 

For more information visit Boston Children’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center.

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