Boston Children’s Hospital is on a journey to become a High Reliability Organization—one where zero preventable harm impacts our patients, families, staff and visitors.

We are committed to providing the safest care to you and your child, and as an essential part to your child’s care team, we need your help to prevent errors before they happen.

Here’s how:

Speak up for safety1. SPEAK UP FOR SAFETY

Whether you’re cross-checking a member of your care team to ensure that all information is correct or escalating concerns in order to make sure they’re addressed quickly, parents and family members know their children better than anyone, so your care team will always encourage a questioning attitude. You and your child are encouraged to question the answers you receive if the information you hear does not sound right or make sense to you.

Communicate clearly2. COMMUNICATE CLEARLY

Information about your child’s care needs to be clear, complete and accurate for all involved, which is why your care team will use structured handoffs and may repeat back information. Any question you have regarding your child’s care is important, so use the phrase “Let me ask a clarifying question” so that your care team knows that you need clarification until you have the information you need.

Pay attention to detail3. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL

Your child’s care team uses a method called STAR (Stop, Think Act, Review) to prevent errors by helping pay attention to detail and focus on the task they are about to complete. During certain high-risk situations that are critical to keeping your child safe, care teams need to focus and may ask you not to interrupt them—please honor these “distraction free zones.”

To learn more about Boston Children’s commitment to providing the safest, highest quality care, download the Every Moment Matters brochure, or look for it in the Hale Family Center for Families upon your arrival at Boston Children’s. 

* Coming soon: The Speak Up for Safety brochure will be available in Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin this fall.