Effective scoliosis treatment requires teamwork among primary care providers, orthopedists, nurses and orthotists. The multidisciplinary team at Boston Children’s Hospital’s Orthopedic Center’s Spinal Program would like to partner with you to offer patients with scoliosis effective, innovative, patient-centered care.  


Many patients with scoliosis are monitored by an orthopedist and don’t require additional treatment. However, if the curve progresses, bracing may be recommended.

Brace compliance—wearing the brace for the prescribed number of daily hours—is key to successful non-operative scoliosis management. Boston Children’s Spinal Program employs a comprehensive approach to brace compliance. To learn more about non-operative treatment click here.

Operative Treatment—If surgery is necessary to treat scoliosis, Boston Children’s uses the most advanced surgical methods. To learn more about operative treatment click here.

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Questions? Call our Orthopedic Center's Spinal Program at 888-913-6054 or email scoliosis@childrens.harvard.edu

Our spinal team provides scoliosis care at Massachusetts locations: Boston, Lexington, Peabody and Waltham. Together we can help patients achieve the highest level of success.

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