Dance-related injuries are on the rise. Intense training at younger ages has led to an increasing number of significant injuries. Minimizing injury risk can be very challenging for dance instructors and those caring for young dancers.

The Sports Medicine Division at Boston Children’s Hospital provides world-renowned clinical programs in sports and dance medicine.

The mission of our Dance Medicine Section is to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care to meet dancers’ unique needs and goals. We are dedicated to caring for dancers by focusing on nutrition, bone and endocrine health, podiatry and sports psychology.

To schedule an appointment with our Dance Medicine Section, please contact our Dance Medicine coordinator at 866-898-6934. To learn more about how to refer, visit here.

Dance Symposium

Our second annual Dance Symposium—The Evaluation, Treatment and Rehabilitation of the Dancer with an Injury to the Foot/Ankle—was held in Boston in June 2014.

This symposium focused on foot/ankle injury patterns unique to dancers, research-based prevention and rehabilitation strategies.

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