Interpreters and Translation Services

We provide interpreters and translation services for patient-related communication to any family that requests it. The staff at our Interpreter Services Department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (including holidays). In addition to face-to-face interpreter services, we use technology like the dual-phone system and videoconferencing.

We employ full-time interpreters for Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, and American Sign Language, and we serve dozens of additional languages from a pool of over 100 professional freelance interpreters who come to the hospital by prior arrangement. In a recent year, we provided translation services in 63 languages for nearly 150,000 interactions in all areas of the hospital.

In order for us to better meet your family's needs, please let us know before your arrival if you'll need interpreter support during your visit.

For more information on interpreters and translation services, contact the International Center at 1-617-355-5209 or